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2020 Summit Career Breakthrough Series

Out & Equal is proud to offer a virtual Career Breakthrough Series at this year’s Summit that brings attendees together to connect, learn, and grow. Join us for three, fun and highly interactive virtual labs specially designed for LGBTQ and ally leaders and professionals looking to take their careers to the next level. Join personal branding expert and LGBTQ advocate Jayzen Patria to double-down on your work performance, build your professional image, and increase your exposure to help drive your next career breakthrough. 

The Career Breakthrough Series will be highly interactive so come prepared to participate and share with other Summit attendees. Look for these sessions at this year’s Summit. We hope to see you at all three sessions!  

Monday, October 5th 4-5:30pm ET  – Career Breakthrough Series: Own Your Career 

Tuesday, October 6th  2-3:30pm ET – Career Breakthrough Series: Lead With Your Brand 

Wednesday, October 7th 2-3:30pm ET – Career Breakthrough Series: Build Your Network 

Session 1: Own Your Career – Careers today are not ladders. Instead, they are journeys, and you want to be in the driver’s seat! Diagnose your career and set a path for moving to the next level. Examine how you measure up to your company’s values and leadership expectations while you evaluate opportunities and make smart choices and trade-offs. Identify where you are today, dream about where you are going, and build a plan to get to the next step of your career. 

Session 2: Lead With Your Brand™ – Apple, Starbucks, & Nike. We all love brands. Build your winning, super-premium, personal brand using a real marketer’s toolkit. Roll-up your sleeves and identify your career’s target audience, define your value proposition, and determine how to thoughtfully “package” yourself. Build a plan to stand out from the crowd by turning up the volume on your authentic self. By the end, you’ll be declaring, “I am NOT just coffee! I’m Starbucks!” 

Session 3: Build Your Network – Great performance and a great brand only work if people take notice. Take a systems approach to diagnosing and building your professional network. Identify who is in your network, how they are adding value to your career, and how you are helping them meet their goals. Figure out who your super-connectors are and build a plan to super-serve them. Practice quick and easy techniques to build and maintain your relationships both in-person and online while networking with other Summit attendees. 


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