Out & Equal Workplace Advocates has developed a list of tools and best practices to create equality in the workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees. These 20 Steps have helped many employers create more equitable workplace environments where everyone can be both “out” and “equal” at work.


  1. Include sexual orientation and gender identity and expression in global nondiscrimination and anti-harassment policies.
  2. Recognize same-sex couples and their families with full, equal access to all company benefits globally, including domestic partner and marriage benefits.
  3. Ensure that global health coverage includes complete health benefits for transgender employees without exclusions.
  4. Ensure that supplier codes of conduct include sexual orientation and gender identity in nondiscrimination policies.


  1. Establish and support LGBT & Ally employee resource groups.
  2. Recruit, hire, and offer mentoring to LGBT employees through tools such as LGBTCareerLink 2.0.
  3. Provide leadership and professional development experiences specifically for LGBT & Ally employees.
  4. Track recruitment and career development metrics for LGBT employees who choose to self-identify.


  1. Provide LGBT-specific diversity training through Out & Equal University.
  2. Use climate surveys to measure effectiveness of LGBT diversity policies and programs.
  3. Include LGBT diversity objectives in management performance goals.
  4. Communicate routinely to all employees how the organization supports its LGBT workforce.


  1. Support nonprofit groups working for LGBT equality.
  2. Sponsor and encourage visible participation in LGBT cultural events.
  3. Develop and implement LGBT-inclusive marketing and advertising strategies.
  4. Include LGBT-owned businesses in supplier diversity program objectives.


  1. Be a visible role model for LGBT workplace equality in the community.
  2. Support public policy efforts that protect LGBT workplace equality.
  3. Actively oppose any attempts that would limit or restrict LGBT workplace equality.
  4. Share leading practices on LGBT workplace equality by supporting the Out & Equal Workplace Summit.