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Q&A: LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion Initiatives in East and Southeast Asia

Posted 2019-05-13 On April 10, 2019, Out & Equal hosted the webinar, “LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion Initiatives in East and Southeast Asia” as part of our bimonthly global webinar series. The presenting panel featured Ivy Wong, Programme Manager with ShanghaiPRIDE (Mainland China), Rath Chien-Chi Wang,… read full post

IBM, Civil Society Groups Push for Greater LGBT+ Inclusion in Three Latin American Hubs

Posted 2019-05-09   May 9, 2019   Businesses in Latin America are eager to demonstrate their openness to LGBT+ individuals.   Hundreds of corporate leaders at three key South American business hubs – Lima, Bogota, and Buenos Aires – will take part in a series of conferences starting tomorrow… read full post

Broadening the Lens Beyond the Bubble

Posted 2019-05-01 In D&I we talk a lot about privilege. And that when we are in a position of privilege we have a duty to be an active ally to those less privileged and fortunate around us. I am a white and cisgender man. I also live in London, one of the most LGBT+ Inclusive cities of the world. As a gay man,… read full post