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Major Companies Respond to Alarming Effort to Erase Transgender People From Legal Protections

Posted 2018-11-01   Responding to a rising tide of legislative and administrative attempts to further marginalize transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex people — including a recent report by the New York Times on administrative efforts to erase transgender non-discrimination protections… read full post

2018 Workplace Summit: Trip Report

Posted 2018-10-23 The Summit Trip Report is designed to provide you with an outline for constructing an account of your experience at Summit, to inform management, fellow ERG members and other employees about the impact and benefits of attending the 2018 workplace summit and Leadership day. The Trip Report… read full post

#WontBeErased: How Businesses Can Take A Stand For The Trans Community

Posted 2018-10-22 Over the weekend, the New York Times released a draft memo from the Trump Administration that proposes an adjustment to HHS definition of ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ that is so narrow it would eradicate the basic civil rights of all transgender and gender-diverse people in the US. Individually, I… read full post