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An Open Letter To My Children On Being An Ally

Posted 2018-04-19 My beautiful children, your world is a magnificent playground of all kinds of people - of cultures, and music, and food, and cities with lights. The world is shrinking too, as we share our cultures much more intimately, thanks to social media and travel being much easier than ever before. You have… read full post

Webinar Summary: U.N. Initiatives to Engage the Private Sector in LGBTQ Equality

Posted 2018-04-16   The United Nations (U.N.) serves as one of the premier advocates for LGBTI human rights around the world through both research of abuses and guidance for businesses and governments to adopt better practices, including around employment. To help our partners better understand existing… read full post

Indonesian Legislators Debate Amending Country's Criminal Code to Outlaw All Same-sex and Extramarital Relations

Posted 2018-04-04   In recent years, attitudes towards Indonesia’s LGBTQ population have become increasingly hostile as support for conservative Islamist forces has grown. In 2008, the country passed a national Anti-Pornography Law that classifies same-sex relations as “deviant behavior” and since… read full post