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Keep the Summit Magic Alive!

Posted 2018-10-10 THANK YOU! To all 6,000 attendees, presenters, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors who helped make the 2018 Out & Equal Workplace Summit the largest gathering of LGBTQ and ally professionals in history. We couldn't have made Summit possible without your ideas, engagement, and commitment to this… read full post

Comprehensive Approach: Transgender Inclusive Workplaces in India

Posted 2018-10-09 On September 19th, Out & Equal hosted a webinar entitled, “Comprehensive Approach: Transgender Inclusive Workplaces in India” as part of our bimonthly global webinar series. The presenting panel featured Anubhuti Banerjee, a transgender employee and LGBT+ Employee Resource Group leader at… read full post

AlixPartners and Out & Equal announce joint initiative to build awareness and exchange best practices in collection and protection of LGBTQ Self-ID data

Posted 2018-10-01 SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK (October 1, 2018) – AlixPartners, the global consulting firm, and Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, the world’s premier nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving LGBTQ workplace equality, today announced plans to launch “Out & Equal’s… read full post