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May 28, 2019 – Beyond Transition: Non-transitioning and post-transition trans employees (Virtual Summit Series)
12:00pm PST | 3:00pm EST

Many companies have been implementing trans-supportive policies and benefits for 15 years or more to make their workplaces more welcoming and supportive for transgender employees. The focus of many efforts is on the pre-transition and transitioning employee, and the unique needs/situations that can occur during a gender transition. It is working. However, many companies never consider: Now what? What about those same employees 5, 10, or more years down the road? Many realize that they have unique needs that have never been considered before that may not be covered by existing benefits and support. What about non-transitioning employees, who may not identify with the traditional gender binary? By 2025, 75% of the American workforce will be millennials, and a significant percentage of that group consider themselves non-binary. How can workplaces support them?

This webinar will focus on those trans employees and how a transition-focused approach to trans inclusion isn’t enough. If your company is looking to expand its understanding of trans-supportive benefits beyond transition, this webinar is for you.

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June 5, 2019 – Post-Section 377 Workplaces in India: Progress and Future Goals (Global Webinar Series)
9:00am EST | 6:30pm IST

Leading up to the one-year mark after Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was read down by the Supreme Court, we check in with our local partners to see what’s changed, what hasn’t, and what the goals are moving forward when it comes to LGBTQ workplace inclusion. We will hear perspectives from two multinational companies and a local NGO paving the way towards more welcoming workplaces in India.

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