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LGBTQ+ People of Color Community Engagement Group

Out & Equal exists to help LGBTQ people thrive at work and to support organizations in creating better workplace culture where everyone feels like they belong. Leveraging the historical power of in-person Summit round-table discussions and ongoing, dynamic virtual connection during the global health pandemic, these new Out & Equal Community Engagement groups will provide an important mechanism for people to maintain and grow connections and relationships with professionals of like-identities, share common challenges and strategies, and inspire each other through individual stories.  

Our LGBTQ+ People of Color Community Engagement Group meets quarterly and are open to partner companies who register with their company email addresses. Out and Equal will host these conversations with expert co-hosts who will further bolster the dialogue within these communities.  

Out & Equal has curated a list of our best resources and stories to support greater visibility and awareness of the BIPOC community.  

Thank you all for joining the 2022 LGBTQ+ People of Color Community Engagement Groups! Stay tuned for the 2023 sessions!

Out & EQual resources

Out & Equal has created BIPOC inclusive resources and guides for employers and curated stories from the BIPOC community.

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GLOBAL hub resources

These resources come from community organizations that partner with Out & Equal to provide additional information, research and education. 

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Out and Equal Resources:  

The Global Hub Resources  

The Global Hub’s resources are exclusive to Out & Equal partner companies. For more information about how your company can come an Out & Equal partner, please contact partnerships@outandequal.org.


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