There are three sessions on Wednesday. Click on a session to view the workshops in each.

 Session 4 (Early Bird) | 9:00AM – 10:00AM

Session 5 | 11:00AM – 12:30PM

Session 6 | 3:30PM – 5:00PM

Session 4 (Early Bird) | 9:00AM – 10:00AM 

Participants will choose one workshop in this time slot to attend. 


Letting Go: Passing the Torch of ERG Leadership | Track: Advanced ERG/BRG

It can be difficult to let go of an initiative you started, as centric to your identity as an ERG. It is also essential. ERGs are opportunities for growth, leadership development, and require that sometimes we step down, so that others may step up. Come hear leaders from Indeed, Google, and Lyft discuss how they empower new leaders to take authentic action in their ERGs. Passing the torch can be difficult, but can increase diversity of thought, intersectionality, and employee engagement.


Speakers: Donna DeBerry (Indeed), Dan Hart (Indeed), Monica Marquez (Google), Tommy Hayes (Lyft)


Outforce India: A Case Study for International Expansion | Track: Global; D&I Expert

Globalization is on everyone’s minds, especially when it comes to expanding ERG/BRG coverage and support outside “headquarters.” In India, 41% of LGBTQ workers are completely in the closet in the workplace, resulting in negative outcomes for both the employee as well as the employer. This session will cover the launch of Salesforce’s LGBTQ ERG (Outforce) in India, where Salesforce has 1,000 employees (and no out employees at the time of the launch). In this session, attendees will learn the step-by-step process that Outforce took to plan and successfully launch Outforce India as well as the resulting progress.


Speakers: Hrishi Kulkarni (Salesforce), Jeffrey Huang (Salesforce/Outforce), Nikita Chandok (Salesforce)


The LGBT Generational Divide by Northrop Grumman | Track: General

The workforce is shaped by the differences in ages, experiences, and opinions. Throughout the generations, LGBT+ employees have faced different challenges based on the environment of their workforce. Northrop Grumman Corporation brings together LGBT+ employees from the various generations to discuss their experiences and opinions on the cultural changes at the workplace.


Speakers: Michael Bosse (Northrop Grumman), Matthew McCary (Northrop Grumman), Austin Penna (Northrop Grumman), Jack Warbus (Northrop Grumman), Amanda Rose Shields Northrop Grumman)


12th LGBTQ Community Survey: Key findings, marketing insights and outreach | Track: LGBTQ Marketing

CMI’s LGBTQ Community Survey is the longest-running (12 years), largest (40,000+ participants), most representative (130+ countries) and diverse (LGBTQ++) study of its kind. Gain practical insights about the demographics, purchases, interests and motivations of the community, across the spectrum of LGBTQ demographics.


Speakers: Thomas Roth, MBA (Community Marketing & Insights), David Paisley, B.S. (Community Marketing & Insights)


LGBTQ-BXB: Engaging Employees Across Generations | Track: Intersectionality; First-Timer

Many organizations have LGBTQ-focused employee resource groups. However, those who actively participate, and benefit, tend to be more junior in their careers. To provide more holistic support for the LGBTQ community, organizations should expand their approach (Educate/Share/Practice) to reach professionals at all career levels.  This session will discuss strategies to sustain engagement and active participation throughout the tenure of professionals’ careers.


Speakers: Michael Davids (Deloitte Consulting LLP), Avinash Raizada (Deloitte Consulting LLP)


Bridging Business, Philanthropy and Intersectionality: Our Pauli Murray Story | Track: ERG

This session considers how alignment between external corporate giving and internal inclusion and diversity goals advance LGBTQ equality. The Rev. Dr. Pauli Murray was a 20th century African American human rights activist, historian, attorney, author and faith leader. With Iron Mountain’s support, her childhood home in North Carolina was recently designated a National Historic Landmark, the first in the US focused on an LGBTQ black woman. This partnership helped preserve Murray’s legacy: a marriage of business interests; D&I goals; philanthropy; employee and community engagement. Attendees will hear about the successes and challenges from the Pauli Murray Center, from Iron Mountain’s inclusion and diversity and philanthropy teams, and how employees are inspired to bring their full, authentic selves to work.


Speakers: Alisha Perdue (Iron Mountain), Bryce Tache (Iron Mountain), Shannyn Burch (Iron Mountain), Cullen Hoffmann (Iron Mountain), Barbara Lau (Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice)


Bank of America: When gender doesn’t fit in a box | Track: Transgender & Gender-Expansive

Do you have employees whose gender expression and/or gender identity doesn’t fit neatly into a binary box, presenting challenges for them at work? Is your ERG equipped to advocate, educate or even accept these teammates with open arms? What about the day-to-day challenges such as pronouns, systems, bathrooms, general courtesy and dress guidelines? While we don’t pretend to have everything figured out, we are diving into these topics using our employees’ experiences as our guide.  Building on our global non-discrimination policies and LGBT Training Program, we have developed new internal training focused on gender expression in the workplace. We will walk participants through the development of the training content, seek feedback and dialogue during and after the session and summit.


Speakers: Crystal Howard-Doliber (Bank of America), Haley Blaska (Bank of America)


How To Gather Data And Use It To Drive Change | Track: Allies

Got Ally stickers up everywhere but not sure if it’s really helping or what to do next? That’s just where we were a year ago. Come hear how we partnered with HR to survey the company and get a fact based measure of where we really stood. Then how the results energized us to close the empathy gap by publishing Coming Out Stories v1, recording Coming Out Stories podcasts and taking all senior management and others through LGBTQ101.


Speakers: Chris Hilton (Altria), Julia Marshel (Altria), Kate Wenger (Altria), Jay Williams (Altria)


Mastering Authentic Communication at Work and Beyond | Track: Professional Development

The foundation of an open and inclusive workplace is authenticity.  The data is clear on the time, money and energy wasted when people cannot be their true self at work.  How can we get our employees to fully embrace authenticity as a cultural standard in our workplace and an inextricable of their personal brand? In this energetic and spirited talk, Ash will navigate participants down the path of living more authentically both at work and beyond.  Through funny stories, live polling and audience participation, attendees will walk away with a roadmap to living more authentically – simply being at peace with who we actually are and existing in a way that is genuine, real and true.


Speakers: Ash Beckham (Accidental Activist, Ash Beckham)


What they don’t tell you about becoming an LGBTQ parent | Track: Law, Policy & Benefits

With the rapidly growing number of LGBTQ parents in the work-place, the ‘typical’ corporate benefits package still leaves gaps for LGBTQ parenting.   In this session we will explore some of the benefits that Intel has offered to help employees create their famiies including adoption and surrogacy benefits.   We will tell our personal stories on how we created our familiess and discuss unique experiences for LGBTQ families.


Speakers: Adri Platt (Intel Corporation), Brad Buland (Intel Corporation), Michael DeAngelis (Intel Corporation), Dana Vandecoevering (Intel Corporation)


The Day After: How companies can effectively leverage BRG’s to help deal with tragedy | Track: General; D&I Expert

As social media has benefited so many people around the world, it has also made everyone more aware of tragedies as they happen. So, what happens the day after when people go back to work? Why do some employees appear un-phased while others end up suffering in silence? As an employee directly impacted by the recent Pulse tragedy, I will explain from my own personal experience how I dealt with the situation. I will also discuss how companies and their leadership teams can effectively leverage BRG’s to provide culturally appropriate responses in times of a crisis. I will provide examples from The Boeing Company and will open up the discussion with attendees around what works and what does not work.


Speakers: Richard Javier Cross (The Boeing Company)


Spies on Inclusion –  Policies, Programs and Pamphlets | Track: General

Learn how the US Intelligence Community (IC) has taken non-discrimination policies to action through guidelines, training, and multi-media. Discover our newest success story – how we shaped EEO policy guidelines for trans* employees. Get an overview of our different training programs: LGBTQ+ Ally Training; Trans 101: For Security Professionals; and Trans 101: Enabling Policy. See how we used personal stories in our Count on Your Community campaign, and our new series of videos focusing on terminology – starting with Queer. We will explain and provide to you our Ally Engagement handouts – Chart of Terminology: a mechanism for using appropriate language; Protections at Work: a guide for understanding policy; Conversations at Work: a unique discussion tool for any ally (regardless of their expertise).


Speakers: Mackensey B. (US Intelligence Community), Elizabeth P. (US Intelligence Community), Maria H. (US Intelligence Community), Lee M. (US Intelligence Community)


LGBTQ Inclusion–Why It’s Important to Tell Our Story | Track: General

Panelists from I’m From Driftwood, the Lesbian Herstory Archives, and SAGE will discuss the importance of storytelling as a way of preserving our history, engaging across generations, activating ERGs, and creating a safe and welcoming environment to work and live.  Each panelist will bring their own perspective to this discussion based on their organization’s mission, constituency, and history.  The panel will be moderated by a Willis Towers Watson colleague connected with our own company’s inclusion & diversity work, and will allow ample time for audience questions.


Speakers: Stephen Parahus (Willis Towers Watson), Elise Colomer (Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Elders (SAGE)), Nathan Manske (I’m From Driftwood)


The Southern States Strategy: When LGBTQ Workplace Equality Goes South | Track: General

More than a third of the LGBTQ population resides in the South, a region ranked by The Williams Institute as the “worst social climate for LGBTQ people in the nation.” The South lacks any state-level employment non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ individuals and often serves as the breeding ground for many of the vitriolic anti-LGBTQ policies in existence today.

Recognizing the additional obstacles Southern LGBTQ employees face in the workplace, Out & Equal is launching a critical new initiative to tackle LGBTQ workplace equality issues in the Southern states. Through this strategy, Out & Equal aims to connect and engage Southern businesses and their leaders in efforts further progress in LGBTQ equality in an area with high resistance. In this premiere workshop, Out & Equal Research Manager, Madelyn Gelpi, will review the latest LGBTQ research on the Southern States, strategies for engagement, and how companies can get involved in O&E’s Southern States Strategy.


Speakers: Madelyn Gelpi (Out & Equal)


Bisexual Community Roundtable (Bisexual Participants Only) | Track: Bi+ / Queer

This roundtable will provide a space for bisexual and all non-monosexual attendees at Summit to discuss the specific challenges they face in the workplace. This session is open only to bisexual and non-monosexual individuals.


Session 5 | 11:00AM – 12:30PM 

Participants will choose one workshop in this time slot to attend. 

Creating Global Engagement with Pride | Track: Advanced ERG/BRG; First-Timer

Developing global programs for Pride ERG’s can always be a challenge, but when you develop a global platform of priorities, the problem becomes less complex.  Learn how to develop a key platform of initiatives and programs to create an equitable and inclusive culture where every employee can reach their fullest potential.


Speakers: Bradford Pollard (Citi and Citi Global Diversity)


Activating Allies:  Engaging Your Workforce Regardless of Size | Track: Allies

Your company has an LGBTQ employee resource group in place. The network has identified allies who are ready to act. Now what? Come join three corporate leaders in the D&I space, as they share their distinct yet highly effective – and easily applicable – models to activating existing allies while also inspiring others to join the cause. ERGs/ TMNs are powerful groups full of passion, energy and a commitment to shifting the needle on diversity and inclusion. There are many ways to tap into this energy to support difference within your corporate culture and your external community, while also providing development opportunities for these engaged individuals. In this session, Salesforce, Target, and Wells Fargo will share the secrets of their success, and provide the necessary tools and inspiration to activate your ally base.


Speakers: Norine Daniel (Wells Fargo), Jeffrey P. Wolff (Wells Fargo), Alexis Kantor (Target Corporation), Brigid Warmerdam (Salesforce), Venkat Kosuri (Salesforce)


An Intimate Conversation with Black/African American LGBTQ+ Women & Allies | Track: Intersectionality

This year’s annual panel discussion (with new panelists) will feature an all-Black/African American panel of women who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, allies, &/or create LGBTQ+ strategy at their companies.  The audience will learn about their experiences in the workplace, the intersectionality of being Black, a woman and LGBTQ++ plus strategies and initiatives impacting LGBTQ+ employees.  The intended audience for this intimate & candid discussion wants to learn about the personal experiences of “out” individuals as they navigate the corporate world as well as hear from those who support true authenticity in the workplace.  The discussion will be led by an ally woman of color who is responsible for LGBTQ+ corporate strategy at AT&T.


Speakers: Chavonne Hodges (AT&T), Erica Monique Evans (Wells Fargo), Janet Marzett (Mercedes), Jazmine Williams (Quicken Loans), Deneen L. Garrett, MSA (AT&T)


Neuroscience & Implicit Bias: How Civic Engagement Changes the Brain | Track: General

While many companies have engaged executive (C-Suite) leaders and D&I professionals that fully support diversity and inclusion initiatives within their organizations, there remains a pervasive problem with effectively/consistently reaching middle management (the “frozen middle”), successfully embedding inclusion into all aspects of an organization and with addressing external advocacy. During this session, senior ally leaders outside of traditional D&I roles from multiple companies will share stories of how they have successfully motivated other leaders and managers to embrace and enhance inclusion, as well as advocated within their organizations for greater external engagement. Guidance will be provided about how to approach known allies to deepen and broaden their engagement to help enhance management support throughout all levels of an organization.


Speakers: Angela Parker (Realized Worth), Chris Jarvis (Realized Worth)


Creating action together: solving LGBT+ workplace challenges across industries | Track: General

BlackRock will host a workshop to designed create action on three LGBT+ issues common to Fortune 1000 firms today: 1) engaging LGBT+ people and allies in the ‘frozen middle’; 2) including LGBT+ in talent programs that were historically focused ‘visible diversity’; and 3) creating LGBT+ ‘embassies’ in multinational companies with operations in markets where LGBT+ is not recognized. Following a short introductory panel, each roundtable will experience a BlackRock designed workshop on one of the three topics. After workshopping the challenges and opportunities, attendees will be invited to share and debate their ideas with the whole room. After the summit, all attendees will receive a report from BlackRock that outlines key takeaways that can be shared with their organizations.


Speakers: Rebecca Szeto (BlackRock), Joe Crowley (BlackRock), Julie Hatch (BlackRock), Mark Schissler (BlackRock), Robert Ronneberger (BlackRock)


Bridging the Gap -Effective ERG Community Outreach for all Ages | Track: ERG

The “Bridging the Gap” program is designed to connect business and Non Profit resources to support the journey of LGBTQA Community members  across the age spectrum.
Each program uses a 5-pillar approach to collectively engage local issue solutions for LGBTQA community members through relevant presentations, active working breakout sessions and open dialogue.  The sessions outcomes are available to  participating attendees. The participating LGBTQA Non-Profits provide long term access to materials for  LGBTQA community members.

The senior strategy focuses on 5 pillars with the acronym FLASH!
F: Financial Planning & Security
L: Legal & Policy
A: Advocacy
S: Support
H: Health

The youth strategy focuses on 5 pillars with the acronym REACH!
R: Respect
E: Educate
A: Advocate
C: Career
H: Health


Speakers: Anita “Lynette” Matson (Johnson & Johnson), Gordon Sauer (GLSEN-The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network), Jackie J Baras (Robert Wood Johnson Barnabus University Hospital System), Bianca Mayes (Garden State Equality), Mr Shane Lacy (Johnson & Johnson)


Global Corporate Leadership in Public Policy | Track: Law, Policy & Benefits

This workshop is intended to outline how a global company can play a pivotal role in shaping outside the US policy.  Similar to engaging in policy in the US we will share a unique perspective on how this is managed on the global stage.  Unlike the US engagement each international geography has many unique governments, cultures and struggles.  While some international countries have come to adopt supportive LGBT legislation, others have not and even turned discriminatory.


Speakers: Mike Burt (The Dow Chemical Company), Alex Papastrat (The Dow Chemical Company), Janet C. Boyd (The Dow Chemical Company)


Shifting Leader Behavior: From the Board Room to Plant Floor | Track: Professional Development

The Frito Lay Diversity & Inclusion Team in partnership with EQUAL ERG Leaders developed a key course to enable business leaders to become champions of inclusion by understanding the D&I business case, walking in the shoes of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees and building inclusive leadership skills through immersive application activities. This program focusing on unconscious bias was designed to accelerate culture change from the Executive Committee to Front Line Managers. This session will provide an overview of the training along with key concepts and participation in some of the featured exercises.


Speakers: Lisa Amoroso (PepsiCo / Frito-Lay), Laura Corkery (PepsiCo / Frito-Lay)


Diversity of LGBT in India | Track: Global

LGBTQ individuals are not a monolithic demography. There are pockets of privileges or lack of it based on our social groups, caste, language, class, education, ethnicity and so on. Given that India is a diverse country and it only makes the LGBTQ community in India more diverse even within a single demography. The understanding of India is singluar and the conversation around LGBT follows the same suit. This session will talk about the diversity within the LGBTQ community in India.


Speakers: C Moulee (Symantec India ltd)


Manila’s journey that bridged people and community (Chevron PRIDE Network) | Track: Global

Establishing a LGBT employee network in a country where deep religious beliefs and lack of anti-discrimination laws prevail can present unique and enormous challenges. Chevron’s own journey in starting a LGBT network in the Philippines is one such case. In a pre-dominantly Catholic country where LGBT members are often seen as “social deviants”, silent aversion to the PRIDE Network in Manila resulted in low-turnout for membership drives, poor-participated events and zero-advocacy driven activities. Thanks to a proactive three-year strategic action plan, the network increased membership by 150% and reached significant milestones – securing same sex partner benefits and establishment of gender-neutral bathrooms. Join Jomaleen E. Andal, Chevron’s PRIDE Manila Chapter Lead, and find out how the network “put pride in PRIDE”.


Speakers: Jomaleen Enriquez Andal (Chevron Holdings, Inc.), Arvin Gorgonia (Chevron Holdings, Inc.), Gian Karlo Mendoza (Chevron Holdings, Inc.), Kathy Brenneman (Chevron North America Upstream Exploration)


The LGBTQ Workplace and Workspace Evolution in Commercial Real Estate | Track: General

Leaders from competing firms in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry come together to share their journeys to LGBTQ workplace equality – including how these industry giants are effecting your everyday work lives without you even realizing. Learn how they achieved awareness, secured executive sponsorship and overcame obstacles as they strove to achieve perfect scores on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. Discover the power of the physical workspace to impact the lives of the LGBTQ community and how these service providers are helping companies to create inclusive environments for their employees and customers alike.


Speakers: Patricia Raicht (JLL), Adam Stanley (Cushman & Wakefield), Karen Ellzey (CBRE)


Power of Intersectionality – How Business Resource Groups (BRGs) Can Partner to Drive Change | Track: Intersectionality

You are more than how you identify and the color of your skin. We all have different aspects of our identities and different sides of ourselves. Intersectionality is about addressing the issues faced by the most marginalized communities at work and in society. In this session, associates from Capital One will discuss how you can unlock the hidden power to drive real changes for both members of the BRGs and allies through intersectional events. Capital One has held intersectional activities with astonishing turnouts across BRGs, driving impactful engagement from both members and allies.


Speakers: Kuong Lam (Capital One), Patrick Coleburn (Capital One), Jennifer Phillips (Capital One)


What about the B? Better engage the “B” in LGBTQ | Track: Bi+ / Queer

How can you better engage bisexuals in your company? Have you dedicated time and resources to the “B” in your LGBTQ+ group? This workshop will share strategies and best practices to better engage the bisexuals in your organization. Guest presenters will share how to set up a Bi-101 toolbox, how to implement inclusive bi-related language to avoid bi-phobia and bi-erasure, and how to specifically create space for the “b” in your LGBTQ+ group. This is an opportunity to engage with presenters and materials, ask questions, share ideas, and leave with tangible actions and resources you can leverage in your organization.


Speakers: Kelly Thompson (AlixPartners), Stacy Kelly (Bank of America)


How LGBTQ Advocacy Impacts Marketing Strategy | Track: LGBTQ Marketing

From the start, MassMutual has had a single purpose: to help people secure their future and protect the ones they love. Since 1998 when Domestic Partnership benefits were added to our HR policies, MassMutual has created inclusive employee programs and pushed for LGBTQ equality through legal activities and sponsorship of LGBTQ organizations. We also help to improve the financial future of the LGBTQ community through holistic protection and investment solutions. Learn about MassMutual’s journey of LGBTQ advocacy, how we leverage our Pride BRG to better understand the needs of the LGBTQ community, and what we are doing to help our Financial Advisors connect with the community. This session includes interactive roundtable discussions for attendees to share LGBTQ advocacy marketing strategies.


Speakers: Stephen Brokaski, MBA (MassMutual), Cathie Cannon (MassMutual), Lisa St. Germain (MassMutual), Bernadette Harrigan (MassMutual)


Beyond Transition: Non-Transitioning and Post-Transition Trans Employees | Track: Transgender & Gender-Expansive; D&I Expert

From the start, MassMutual has had a single purpose: to help people secure their future and protect the ones they love. Since 1998 when Domestic Partnership benefits were added to our HR policies, MassMutual has created inclusive employee programs and pushed for LGBTQ equality through legal activities and sponsorship of LGBTQ organizations. We also help to improve the financial future of the LGBTQ community through holistic protection and investment solutions. Learn about MassMutual’s journey of LGBTQ advocacy, how we leverage our Pride BRG to better understand the needs of the LGBTQ community, and what we are doing to help our Financial Advisors connect with the community. This session includes interactive roundtable discussions for attendees to share LGBTQ advocacy marketing strategies.


Speakers: Donna Rose (American Airlines), Jamison Green (Transgender Strategies Consulting, LLC)


Southern States Roundtable: Addressing Needs and Driving Change | Track: General



Speakers: Madelyn Gelpi (Out & Equal)


Featured Panel: Corporate Activism and Advocacy | Track: Advanced ERG/BRG

This panel will focus on the ways in which companies engage in public activist and advocacy efforts to show their support for LGBTQ inclusion in the face of adversity, through efforts ranging from issuing public statements to disinvesting from company sites in particular regions. Hear from industry leaders on how these efforts can have great impact on government and corporate decisions regarding LGBTQ issues.


Speakers: TBA


Session 6 | 3:30PM – 5PM

Participants will choose one workshop in this time slot to attend. 

Companies ERG/BRG Impacting Communities: Why, How and What? | Track: ERG

We are experiencing an evolution from ERG to be a BRG based on engagement, business driven partnerships and using  groups as a  way to attract and retain tallent. In Mexico, companies as Dow and CBRE among others, are using these groups to contribute also to communities as Mexico City and Querétaro.  We will review cases about how companies association as Pride Connection can influence and create awareness to other companies, government and universities with a regional year based summit, how we can contribute to education of IDAHOT with Government in conservative cities as Querétaro but also how we can build with education a more incusive new generation with an innovative science and super heroes based Workshop for  Children.


Speakers: Luis A. Altuzar (CBRE), José Alberto (The Dow Chemical Company)


Moving a mountain:  You CAN expand gender-related healthcare | Track: Law, Policy & Benefits; Transgender & Gender-Expansive

Kristine Lessard, Oracle Corp and Mason Dunn, Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition
Transgender people have unique needs for healthcare treatments related to their identity and well-being.  Insurance plans often create barriers to covering several different procedures and medications.  It has even occurred within a company that scores 100 on the HRC index!
It is extremely frustrating and time-consuming for a transgender employee, or the covered parent or family member who is trying to access the surgery or hormones needed to align their physical presentation with their gender identity.  This workshop will explain how to identify barriers to coverage and work within a large and bureaucratic company, using allies and the HR hierarchy to expand gender-related care.


Speakers: Kristine Lessard (Oracle), Mattie Mooney (Ingersoll Gender Center), Kate Fisher (Oracle), Ron Crawford, FSA, MAAA (Starbucks Coffee Corp)


The Future of Business: Creating a Culture Where Everyone Thrives | Track: General

HP has always been a leader in LGBTQ inclusion and they are more committed to this now than ever. HP has been reinventing the standard for diversity and inclusion, by embedding D&I into programs across the company. Come learn about some of the strategies and initiatives being deployed to create the support and structure necessary to drive a truly inclusive work environment. HP employees will share best practices in how they’ve leveraged leadership, policies, culture, development programs, Business Impact Networks and more to cultivate an inclusive culture. You will leave with concrete examples of programs and practices that make a different in creating an inclusive culture.


Speakers: Christopher McCormick (HP Inc.), Beth Miller (HP Inc.), Nikki Rivera (HP, Inc.)


Inclusion through action: Best Practices from India from 5 ERGs | Track: ERG

Best practices which yeild result & have been tried and tested on the ground. We bring journeys of 5 ERGs from 3 industies: IT/ITeS, Manufacturing, Financial services; from 5 organizations Intel, Cisco, Cummins, Barclays & Akamai.
There is no “one size fits all” solution to creating an inclusive workplace—each organization must find its own way. With diffence in employee base, organization size, work pattern, culture of organization, geographic location, the industry of work – the solutions for inclusion vary.

Influence the influencers – Awareness, Sensitization, advocacy and ally-ship
Role Modeling and leading the change
ERGs, an integral vehicle to drive LGBT Inclusion


Speakers: Achint Patel (VMware), Ramkrishna Sinha (Intel Corporation), Srini Ramaswami (Cisco), Amita Karadkhedkar (Barclays), Sameer Samudra (Cummins Inc.)


Next Generation Customers:  Exploring Gen Z and the expanding “Q” in LGBTQ | Track: LGBTQ Marketing

Our session will explore what the mindset of Gen Z is as it relates to sexuality, gender expression, their desire for inclusivity and ultimately how that impacts them as consumers. The goal is to arm ERGs with current information to be positioned as a key resource. Research shows that only 48% of Gen Z identify as strictly heterosexual.  Still only 7% as gay or lesbian, which means there is a rapidly growing population of “sexually fluid”/”Q.”  In addition, the number of self-identified allies in this segment continiues to grow.  Knowing that this generation is the most diverse and tend to spend with their values, there is a clear shift in what motivates consumer purchase and what inclusive marketing looks like.


Speakers: Joseph Keenan (imre), John Lake (Wells Fargo), Justin Leach (Toyota)


Providing Leadership for Diversity & Inclusion at a Small Site | Track: ERG / BRG; Professional Development

The Boeing Site in Heath Ohio has approximately 450 employees, with a strong drive to improve diversity and inclusion at the site through active Business resource Groups (BRGs). This was not always the case however, this presentation will cover the two year journey the site has been on to become an example of implementing D&I initiatives.


Speakers: Michael W. Murasky (The Boeing Company), Mark E. Dunaway (The Boeing Company), Pamela (Rae) Stuart (The Boeing Company)


I’m game……are you? Bank of America is winning with allies! | Track: Allies; First Timer

Do you have an Ally Program? How well is your current Ally Program working? Are your allies and OAW employees feeling engaged and empowered. Are your allies visible but asking what else can I do.? Leaders of the Bank of America LGBT Pride Ally Program will share keys to a successfully using technology, game thinking and a splash of creativity to increase visibility, engagement and education across the globe for both allies and OAW employees.


Speakers: Shy Goldstein (Bank of America), Jill Butler (Bank of America), Daniel Docherty (Bank of America Merrill Lynch), Crystal Howard-Doliber (Bank of America), Haley Blaska (Bank of America)


Is there a place for me in #MeToo?” How Inclusive Employers are Effectively Navigating the Legal Terrain of #MeToo for LGBT Employees | Track: Law, Policy & Benefits; D&I Expert

The  employment lawyers at Jackson Lewis are guiding employers and employees alike with updated employment policies and  investigation protocols that speak to this community, while workplace diversity and inclusion specialists like the Jennifer Brown Consulting  team are leveraging this moment to reinforce how toxic environments embolden perpetrators, and how employers can invest now in harassment-free workplaces to avoid similar crises.     This session will provide real-world examples and scenarios  that illustrate how #MeToo intimidation, harassment, and exclusion happens at work, engaging participants through role  play and audience participation to illustrate how best to handle the sometimes competing demands of the LGBT community and allies, employers and the general public.


Speakers: Chris Repole (Jackson Lewis), Michelle Phillips, Esq. (Jackson Lewis PC), Jennifer Brown (Jennifer Brown Consulting)


Ready. Set. Go. – Being Prepared for Your Transgender Employee | Track: Transgender & Gender-Expansive

When Florida Blue’s ERG and HR heard stories about how transgender employees were mistreated, or at a minimum struggled to have leaders that were respectful while transitioning in the workplace, we decided to take action and prevent similar circumstances at our companies.  In 2016 we developed guidelines and then released those in 2016, then we followed up with training for our leaders in 2017.  To date, over 175 managers and HR professionals have attended a session and the feedback received via post-session surveys is overwhelmingly positive.  During this session we will share this journey, our final training presentation and the very humbling and enlightening experience when our transgender employees began to share their stories.


Speakers: Angela Pracher (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida), Jason Zellers (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida)


Intersectionality – Is your BRG getting you there? | Track: Intersectionality

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) have a unique role to create community, foster learning, and mentor others. Do BRGs inadvertently set-up a microcosm by creating a homogenous group within themselves? Are we leaving valuable connections on the table by not intersecting our BRGs? After-all, there is no single “group” experience.   In this workshop, take an assessment to evaluate the intersectionality of your BRG, discuss best practices in creating intersectional groups (e.g.  Inclusion Councils), and create an action plan to increase opportunities for greater intersections in your organization.


Speakers: Reginald Benbow (Deloitte Consulting), Jessica Vesey (Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, LLP), Dawn Boutelle (Deloitte), Mikaela Rodkin (Deloitte Consulting)


Implementing and Leveraging Self- ID | Track: General; D&I Expert

Join EY and Johnson & Johnson explore the power LGBT+ self identification (self ID) can have as a method for driving change. Using best practice examples from both sides of the Atlantic, it will provide insight into not just the impact and benefits LGBT+ self ID can have, but also the practical approaches to and challenges of introducing LGBT+ self ID in the current climate.  We will explore ways to self-ID, wording of questions, access to information, use of data and examples for overcoming challenges.  Bring your challenges for an interactive discussion about breaking down barriers, including efforts that doubled response rates in the last year.


Speakers: Chris Crespo (EY), Jeanne Bennett (Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies), Sharon Fronabarger (Johnson & Johnson), Nick Cernese (EY)


Collecting LGBTQ Self-Identification Data: Best Practices and Principles | Track: General

Self-ID data allows companies to better understand their workforce, attract, recruit, and retain talent, tailor benefits to be inclusive and more beneficial to employees, and observe the impact of LGBTQ diversity and inclusiveness initiatives. However, legal, logistical, and security concerns often dissuade businesses from implementing procedures to collect this critical information. In a premiere workshop, AlixPartners Director and cybersecurity expert, Gretchen Ruck, and Out & Equal Research Manager, Madelyn Gelpi, review key steps and areas of concern in the Self-ID data collection process.

Topics of Discussion
• Question Framing
• Methodology
• Cybersecurity: Where to store the data?
• Legal Concerns
• Making the Business Case


Speakers: TBA


Bisexual Allyship Roundtable (Open to All) | Track: Bi+ / Queer

This roundtable will provide a space for all attendees discuss the specific challenges that bisexual and non-monosexual employees face in the workplace, as well as ways in which we can work to overcome these challenges. This session is open to all Summit attendees.


Featured Panel: Global Leadership in LGBTQ Inclusion) | Track: Global

Speakers: TBA