There are three sessions on Wednesday. Click on a session to view the workshops in each.


SESSION 3: 11 – 12:30 PM

SESSION 4: 3:30 – 5 PM


Bridging the Gap for LGBTQ Youth through REACH! | Track: ERG/BRG | Level: Advanced

The “Bridging the Gap” program is designed to connect business and community resources to support the journey of LGBTQ youth as they transition to become contributing adult community members. The strategy focuses on 5 pillars with the acronym REACH!

R: Respect (Non-Profit – LGBTQ Support Organizations such as GLSEN, GLAAD, PFLAG etc.)

E: Educate (University/College – LGBTQ Student Support Organizations such as Trevor Project, Tyler Clementi Foundation, etc.)

A: Advocate (Local High School Gay Straight Student Alliance (GSA) Faculty Advisor or Teacher)

C: Career (Industry BRG/ERG)

H: Health (Hospital or Health Department System BRG/ERG)

Each of these 5 pillars is collectively engaged to solve local issues of LGBTQ youth through relevant presentations, active working breakout sessions and open dialogue. The outcomes of these sessions are then available to both the participating GSA advisors and interested non-participants via the participating LGBTQ Non-Profit to provide access to these materials for LGBTQ students and their families.

Speakers: Carol Watchler (GLSEN), Daryl Presgraves (GLSEN), Gail Bowsher (West Orange High School), Jackie Baras (Robert Wood Johnson Barnabus University Hospital System), Laure Larkin (Johnson & Johnson), Maren Greathouse (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey), Sally Sharp (Middlesex High School (New Jersey)), Shane Lacy (Johnson & Johnson), Simona Lieberman (West Orange High School), Darren Lacy (Darren Lacy Photography), Anita Matson (DePuySynthes)

Digital Lifelines: How Internet Access Can Empower LGBT Youth | Track: General | Level: Introductory

Should someone be cut off from a world of opportunities and knowledge just because they aren’t connected to the internet? Despite the ever-increasing role and importance of connectivity in our lives, 25% of American households still do not a high-speed internet connection. This harsh reality, known as the digital divide, disproportionally affects low-income and underserved individuals, especially LGBT youth, who are often the ones who stand to benefit the most from this transformative technology. Join Karima Zedan, VP for Digital Inclusion & Internet Essentials at Comcast Cable, along with community and education leaders (TBD) for an interactive workshop that will provide you with concrete steps you can take to help close the digital divide in your community.

Speakers: Karima Zedan (Comcast), Chris Wood (LGBT Technology Partnership & Institute), Amit Paley (The Trevor Project)

Making a difference with purpose – EY teaming with Trevor Project | Track: General | Level: Introductory

Does your organization find it challenging to focus its community impact? Learn how EY strategically identified and teams with a non-profit partner, The Trevor Project, which supports EY’s purpose of building a better working world, to collaborate for long-term shared impact. Learn how you can approach this kind of teaming to encourage skill building, coordinate nationally with multiple locations, volunteer virtually, and provide leadership experience. EY will share an in-depth view of the advantages of a substantial and integrated approach designed to deliver social good by drawing on what’s special about our people, services and competencies while focused on increasing the social impact of The Trevor Project by making a difference in the lives of LGBT+ youth.

Speakers: Angela Milano (EY), Enrique Perez Grovas (EY), Kayla Agran (EY), Marc Pucciarelli (EY), Ralph Furlo (EY), Jonathan Foulk (The Trevor Project)

Planning for Parenthood: Checklist for LGBT Couples, Singles and Others | Track: Intersectionality | Level: Introductory

Gay couples don’t get pregnant by mistake, and single people also have to plan for parenthood. Marriage equality and other legal reforms make having kids more of an option for more people but parenthood still requires ingenuity and creativity.   Three experts – from law and medicine – provide basic information about routes to parenthood from forms of reproductive technology like alternative insemination and surrogacy to adoption.   Participants will learn about the unexpected role of contracts in making sure that everyone you think of as “family” is regarded as such by that law, basic financial steps to expand your family and provide for them, and logistical information about both the medical and legal hurdles to creating a family through reproductive technologies and adoption.

Speakers: Elizabeth Schwartz (Elizabeth F. Schwartz, PA), Jacqueline Guttman (Reproductive Medicine Associates of Philadelphia), Martha Ertman (University of Maryland Law School)

SESSION 3 | 11 – 12:30 PM

Branding Lab: Branding Your ERG/BRG to Drive Value | Track: ERG/BRG 

Apple. Bravo. Starbucks. The LGBT community loves brands! How can your ERG create a brand that works to meet your goals and drive engagement? In this interactive workshop, use a brand marketer’s toolkit to build your own winning brand for your ERG/BRG, key initiatives/programs, or even yourself as an LGBT leader. Apply techniques that major brands, corporations and non-profit organizations use to stand out from the crowd and break through the noise. Learn how to identify the target audience you serve, design a brand foundation of who you are or what you want to be known for, define key attributes that you want to be described as, and develop a filter to execute everything from a visual identity to written communications to live events.

Speakers: Jayzen Patria

Engaging Middle Managers to Drive LGBT Inclusion | Track: General | Level: Advanced

The best employers have learned that to institutionalize the importance of diversity, they must develop tools that help middle managers understand how diverse talent can enhance performance. Middle management must be committed to the principles of diversity, model the desired behaviours, and actively encourage others to do the same. But how can employers help middle managers do this? This interactive workshop will recap JPMorgan Chase’s journey of engaging the ‘frozen’ middle and the lessons learned along the way. After a brief panel discussion, this workshop will dive into an interactive discussion where the audience will work together to come up with a play book of strategies that they can use to successfully engage middle managers to foster diversity and create an inclusive workplace.

Speakers: Therese Bechet Blake (JPMorgan Chase), Vignesh Ashok (JPMorgan Chase), Violeta Dudova (JPMorgan Chase)

ESPN EQUAL @ The World Wide Leader in Sports: How an ERG is changing the game | Track: ERG/BRG | Level: Intermediate

ESPN’s Employee Resource Group focused on the LGBTQA community – ESPN EQUAL— has become an essential part of the business of Sports Broadcasting! From Michael Sam to Caitlyn Jenner and beyond, ESPN EQUAL is helping to change the way sports stories are told. ESPN’s content producers often partner with ESPN EQUAL to review ESPN stories related to LGBTQ athletes — across all platforms, including TV, digital, audio and print – to help ensure that our stories are told in a respectful and appropriate manner. Join ESPN EQUAL’s Leadership team and ESPN Content Executives as we share our success in partnering together to help build LGBTQ fan-loyalty and drive our bottom line.

**Possible video piece that highlights EQUALs impact across all platforms***

Speakers: Courtney Pollack (ESPN), Hillary London (ESPN), Sara Johnson (ESPN)

Featured Panel: Global

The topic for this year’s Global Feature Panel is Corporate Advocacy on LGBT Issues in the Global Arena.  International advocacy on LGBT issues is an especially nuanced and sensitive effort, and has a delicate and fluid set of variables that require considerable thought and skill to navigate. Our panel of senior corporate leaders will share insights about their experience and the evolution of their company’s philosophy and activity in this space.

How to Make Your Workplace More HIV Friendly | Track: Intersectionality | Level: Introductory

Whether a company wide fundraiser or a water-cooler chat, the letters “H-I-V” can stir up deep emotions. With a Friendly proactive approach, you can ensure that coworkers living with and affected by HIV feel supported. Come join this fun, interactive workshop that explores a Friendly approach to alleviate HIV stigma in your workplace. We will discuss the latest advancements in HIV science to debunk common myths, explore ways to educate without adding to stigma, and learn creative and Friendly ways to message on World AIDS Day or other HIV-related events.

Speakers: Chris Rice (Mr Friendly), Dave Watt (CARES & Mr Friendly), Tim Buszka (Whirlpool)

Leveraging Intersectionality – 5 Ways to Drive ERG Participation | Track: ERG/BRG; Intersectionality | Level: Intermediate

What the business wants, the business gets! And what the business wants is results. ERGs operate more efficiently and effectively for the business when they are aligned. That notwithstanding, ERGs often struggle to get participation outside of the members and individuals who identify as a part of the demographic. This workshop will feature a panel-discussion around Whirlpool Pride’s 5-point strategy toward driving ERG participation and success. This seminar will leave individuals with tangible ways to increase participation, engagement, and success of ERGs. The panelists will discuss examples of techniques that have been successful as it relates to membership engagement and cross-ERG integration. Additionally, as we work to leverage intersectionality – we know success only comes when everyone is included.

Speakers: Chris Forbes (Whirlpool Corporation), Erin Brown (Whirlpool Corporation), Greg Fulmer (Whirlpool Corporation), Randy Maples (Whirlpool Corporation)

Leveraging your ERGs in Times of Tragedy and Uncertainty | Track: ERG/BRG | Level: Intermediate

We live in a current climate of continuous change, uncertainty and, unfortunately, tragedy. Companies often times do not know how to respond or what to say when things are moving fast and emotions are heightened. Through this workshop, the audience will learn how TI has leveraged our ERGs to get a pulse on the organization and to reinforce unity and inclusion in times of uncertainty or sorrow.

Speakers: Fran Dillard (Texas Instruments), Paul Von Wupperfeld (Texas Instruments), Amna Hasnain (Texas Instruments), Leah Templeton (Texas Instruments)

Making it real globally – practical and proven steps in various local geographies | Track: Global | Level: Intermediate

Is your company considering or trying to manage LGBT+ inclusiveness initiatives in various geographies? Join us for an interactive discussion about practical steps, success factors and lessons on “making it real globally!” While many companies have global policies advancing LGBT+ workplace inclusion and nondiscrimination, the hard part is tackling cultural and other sensitivities in various geographies. EY began roundtable discussions years ago to work with other companies on how, after getting to 100% on the HRC CEI, we then make it real. Thought leadership, leading practices, leveraging B/ERGs and collaborative opportunities, with real examples from within the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Latin-America and EMEA, will be shared and leveraged on how we can continue the collaboration to make LGBT+ inclusion real globally.

Speakers: Adlai Goldberg (EY), Enrique Perez Grovas (EY), Jamie Hofberger (EY), Rath Wang (EY), C Moulee L U (Symantec), Cass Averill (Symantec)

Stakeholder engagement in today’s polarized environment: Knowing how to respond | Track: General | Level: Advanced

In today’s shifting political environment, an organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is being judged against how/when they respond to external events impacting underrepresented communities. The LGBTQ community is concerned that reversal of legal protections for transgender people may indicate other rights are at risk – including those enacted by employers. Lately, leadership teams are being asked from multiple stakeholders to publicly state their commitment to workplace equity/inclusion. Being prepared to respond in a timely way is key to protecting your reputation as a best place to work. This session will use real case studies that demonstrate what’s at stake and provide tips on how to respond effectively while balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders.

Speakers: Apoorva Gandhi (Marriott International), Bob Witeck (Witeck Communications), John Burchett (Google), Wesley Combs (Combs Advisory Services)

The Importance of Being Counted: Progress on Collecting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data in the Federal Government | Track: General | Level: Introductory

In order to effectively implement equal employment opportunity and foster a diverse and inclusive workforce, it is imperative for the federal government to have accurate, reliable workforce demographic data. Federal agencies collect demographic data for employees and applicants on race, national origin, sex, and disability status on a voluntary basis, but there was previously no system to gather workforce data based on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has led the way to address this major gap in demographic data by piloting the collection of voluntary, self-disclosed SOGI workforce data. EPA successfully launched the pilot in 2016 and will report out progress to date, sharing success stories and challenges as a follow up to the 2016 Out and Equal presentation.

Speakers: Kevin Minoli (EPA), Mahri Monson (EPA)

The Resistance Is In Your Back Yard: Working to Effect Social Change. | Track: Law, Policy & Benefits | Level: Intermediate

The Louisville, KY chapter of MMC’s LGBTA resource group (“RG”) has strengthened the Kentucky Competitive Workforce Coalition (developed to support pro-LGBT legislation), worked on local and state fairness initiatives, and met with elected officials to advocate for LGBT-inclusive policies at local and state levels. Although many companies are realizing the benefits of intra-organizational RG collaboration, and some have begun working with RGs from outside their organization, this group is a step ahead. Their collaboration with Brown-Forman’s LGBTA RG (one of the first to be established in Louisville), has resulted in a level of positive social change not seen by any other RG in the city. And it all happened in the course of 12 months! This workshop tells their story, outlines the specific steps they took, and facilitates an interactive discussion about how each workshop participant can effect similar change.

Speakers: Enrique Zuniga (Marsh & McLennan Companies), Hannah (Beaver) Roy (Mercer)

TransCanWorkTM – A Model For Transgender/Non-Conforming Inclusivity in the Workplace | Track: Trans

California’s transgender/non-conforming community – nearly a quarter-million strong and proud – is pool of talented and highly motivated workers that can make a good business even better. Yet it remains one of the populations most underserved and discriminated against in the workplace. We will show businesses that inclusion of the TGNC community translates into better staffing, bigger profits and fewer lawsuits.

Speakers: Michaela Mendelsohn (TransCanWork), Drian Juarez (LA LGBT Center)

Using game thinking to up your Ally Game | Track: Allies | Level: Intermediate

Are you looking for better ways to engage your allies and also encourage LGBT teammates to be out at work? Do you have an Ally Program that feels like it’s in a rut? Are your allies visible but are asking what’s next or what else can I do.? Leaders of the Bank of America LGBT Pride Ally Program will share keys to a successful ally program and how we use game thinking to increase visibility, engagement and education across the globe.

Speakers: Aimee Broadhurst (Bank of America), Shy Goldstein (Bank of America)

Who’s Looking Out for LGBT Rural America? — Corporate-Community Partnerships | Track: General | Level: Intermediate

LGBT small town/rural populations face unique challenges in employment and community life. These disbursed regions often present areas of isolation, traditional community beliefs, and strong religious foundations. With less organized support and donated resources, they struggle – often in the closet –enduring negative attitudes.

Speakers: Beth Sibray (The Dow Chemical Company), Chris Lauckner (Perceptions), Elaine Lyon (State of Michigan, Department of Health and Human Services), Greg Gwaltney (The Dow Chemical Company), Trevor Ewers (The Dow Chemical Company)

SESSION 4 | 3:30 – 5 PM

Chevron and Ingalls: South Mississippi’s Industrial Champions of LGBTQ ERGs | Track: ERG/BRG | Level: Intermediate

In 2016 Chevron Pascagoula Refinery and Ingalls Shipbuilding started their LGBTQ ERGs. Chevron had a strong corporate business plan tailored to Pascagoula’s needs and was willing to share. Ingalls, still new to the LGBTQ initiative, reached out to companies with strong ERGs and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) for support. By working together, both have developed successful and purposeful LGBTQ ERG’s. Leaning on each other during the development phase, Chevron and Ingalls established an enhanced line of communication, developed relationships, improved community engagement and plan to support local PRIDE Parades and volunteer events. Workshop discussions will include strategies, challenges and unique opportunities for implementing an LGBTQ ERG Network in the Deep South. Additional topics will be lessons learned, recruiting, retention and engagement strategies.

Speakers: Elyssa Okkelberg (Chevron Refinery), Jordan Diaz Ledesma (Chevron Refinery), Leah Biggs (Ingalls Shipbuilding), Robin Decker (Ingalls Shipbuilding), Vickie Garner (Chevron Refinery)

ERG Recipes for Success: Partnering with Business | Track: General; ERG/BRG | Level: Introductory

Since GLAAD began tracking the inclusion of LGBTQ characters on television 21 years ago, much has changed. In 1995 there were only a handful of LGBTQ characters on television, and today, according to GLAAD’s annual Where We Are on TV LGBTQ inclusion is improving (although not necessarily keeping pace with consumer demand). Comcast NBCUniversal has been working with programmers, content creators and LGBTQ community, including our own customers and employees, to provide a home for LGBTQ storytelling. The Xfinity LGBTQ Film & TV Collection includes some of the community’s most important and unique stories. This could not have happened without OUT@ComcastNBCU’s employee resource group (ERG) partnership. Learn how our ERG’s helped enhance business results including valuable lessons learned that you can apply in your organization

Speakers: Jean-Claire Fitschen (Comcast), Alba Guzmán (Comcast), Cecilia Isaacs-Blundin (Comcast)

Featured Panel: Transgender Leadership

Inclusive and welcoming organizations want to support their transgender and gender-diverse employees to be their authentic selves at work and do so through various policies and initiatives, including: providing transition benefits, mentoring trans youth, developing transgender leadership, and pushing back against discriminatory legislation. How do these policies and initiatives shape the work lives of transgender and gender-diverse employees? This panel of out professionals will share their personal stories of success and discuss the personal impact of inclusive workplace cultures.

Health, Wellbeing and Life Experiences for LGBTQ Employees | Track: Law, Policy & Benefits | Level: Intermediate

Two years ago, the LGBTQ BRG in San Francisco noticed disparities in the benefits provided by employers to their LGBTQ employees. In order to understand these gaps, Mercer, the global HR consulting firm and subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, conducted a survey of corporate LGBTQ benefits across 50 countries in 7 regions, including the US. We found that along with the legal and cultural barriers and budget limitations, a significant portion (40%) of companies that did not provide these benefits also did not know where to begin with implementation, and reported a lack of capable carriers and partners to work with. In this session, Mercer will share the results of that survey, and offer perspective as to what is behind the gaps identified in our research and what must be done to close those gaps. Further, we will be joined by SAP, the 85,000-person enterprise software leader that has been recognized as one of Fortune’s 50 Best Workplaces for Diversity and, for the fourth straight year, scored a perfect score of 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2017 Corporate Equality Index. Together with SAP, we will showcase the work we’ve done jointly to enhance SAP’s transgender benefits in 2017 and we’ll share best practices for building and implementing a benefits package that seeks to be inclusive of all employees and their families. SAP will also provide insight into how its diversity initiatives have been received by employees, and key takeaways that may be useful for companies of all types seeking to strengthen their own diversity & inclusion initiatives.

Speakers: Diego Ramirez (Mercer)

LGBTQ for Employers 101: Managing LGBTQ Issues In Today’s Workplace | Track: Law, Policy & Benefits | Level: Introductory

Not only are employees coming out and being out at work, but organizations are championing their LGBTQ inclusivity. With such progress, employers must consider how to manage LGBTQ-related issues in the workplace. This presentation will provide an overview of some of the myriad LGBTQ-related issues that arise in today’s workplace, including recruiting/retaining an LGBTQ workforce, managing both national and global mobility of LGBTQ employees, transitioning at work, and dealing with pushback, often under the guise of religious objections. The panel will discuss how organizations can navigate through these common issues and will provide examples of successful (and unsuccessful) approaches to them. This interactive program will engage participants and encourage discussion of how their ERGs and companies have (or have not) addressed these issues.

Speakers: Denise Visconti (Littler Mendelson), James Frederick (Littler Mendelson), Jeremy Hawpe (Littler Mendelson), Mark Phillis (Littler Mendelson), Robert Conti (Littler Mendelson), Sean Radford (CNA), Lance Emery (Willis Towers Watson)

OUTTalks! Leveraging TEDTalksTM to expand Ally & Management Engagement | Track: Allies | Level: Intermediate

Our success and history of Diversity progress has often come by telling our stories. Use of TEDTalks are a fresh model and dynamic means to engage audiences. Telling our LGBT stories in compelling ways can serve to accelerate buy-in, tying the professional with the personal. TedTalks formats can be melded into diversity programs and outreach for stronger engagement toward evolving diversity initiatives. We will outline components for successful OUTTalks: exploring story-telling models for: lunch and learns, management roundtables, advocating legislation or changing HR policies. We will then role-model by delivering 3 engaging OutTalks; then workshop your own brainstorms for OUTTalks!

1) Allies: View from the Outside In

2) Transgender Acceptance and Key Support of Allies

3) Superheroes Need Sidekicks! The Power of Allies

Speakers: Connie Rice (IBM), JOHN CURTIS (XEROX / GALAXE ERG), Linda Fairchild (Xerox / GALAXe ERG)

Pride Connection LATAM: Diversity Multiplier Effect | Track: Global | Level: Intermediate

LATAM is always considered a developed economy for several global companies. Besides of the economic context, it is also a region where the development of social rights and LGBT inclusion is being built day by day. Pride Connection was the first association of companies in Mexico launched in 2014 to create a community to share good practices on term of LGBT inclusion and also to detonate links through different value chains and how can they impact to the business and social ecosystem in Mexico. Nowadays in Mexico Pride Connection includes 29 companies (between global an national companies) and stands out with several activities to build a safer and inclusive work environments for the community, through participation on the most relevant City Parades and also with an annual summit in Mexico City. Recently, Pride Connection extended their impact with launches on Chile and Colombia.

Speakers: Alberto Pino (The Dow Chemical Company), David Ugalde (P&G), Monica Roldan (SAP), Alfredo Esqueda (IBM)

Pride Marketing Campaigns: Exploring the intersection of commerce and community | Track: LGBT Marketing | Level: Intermediate

How does your company balance the business objectives of participating in LGBTQ Pride season with the sensitivity required for an authentic presence? Wells Fargo and Johnson & Johnson share the stories behind their recent Pride campaigns, including the strategic approaches they took to integrate community-enriching elements into multi-channel brand-building endeavors.

Speakers: Andrew Bristow (Johnson & Johnson), Danica Breton (Johnson & Johnson), John Lake (Wells Fargo), Reed Harris II (Johnson & Johnson), Stacy Smithers (Wells Fargo)

Raise Your Game – LGBT BRG Communications with a Purpose | Track: ERG/BRG | Level: Intermediate

How can your LGBT business resource group (BRG) more effectively communicate to its members and to our allies? Participants in this session will learn effective strategies and techniques to transform their BRG’s communication approach. Join us for an interactive case study session to learn:

Speakers: Dan DeLong (Deloitte), Eric Euting (Deloitte), Parker Baum (Deloitte)

Recruiting Empowerment: Advancing LGBT+ recruiting through internal and external networks | Track: Recruitment, Retention, Executive Promotion | Level: Intermediate

You have a great ERG, benefits, policies and welcoming culture – are you doing all you can do to recruit the great LGBT talent in the market to take advantage of it all? In order to be successful in LGBT+ recruiting, companies must refresh and further their recruiting strategies. Join EY for an interactive discussion on the “next wave” of LGBT+ recruiting, on topics such as targeting LGBT+ prospects in the market and hiring top talent. This discussion will include how the landscape is changing, liaising with both internal and external networks, creating or leveraging existing employee referral program, and engaging in social media strategy.

Speakers: Ashley Ebersberger (EY), Courtney Scott (EY), Michelle Tzoulafis (EY), Wu Wu (EY)

Supporting LGBT+ families in the workplace | Track: Law, Policy & Benefits | Level: Intermediate

Family has always had a unique meaning in the LGBT+ community – often our chosen families being more familial than those decided by law. As we experience greater opportunities to form legally recognized families, there are more ways for businesses to show support beyond domestic partner benefits. Join EY as we share successes of expanded equitable benefits that help start LGBT+ families and how EY Unity (LGBT+) and Today’s Families networks are teaming on programming. As families expand to include aging parents and newborns, how can your business support team members, while reducing loss of talent and institutional knowledge? Learn how you can invest in your workforce with programming and benefits that impact morale, loyalty and the bottom line.

Speakers: Ali Cook (EY), Ben Littell (EY), Juliane Kaden-Botha (EY), Ray Cheng (EY), Ellen Williams (EY)

The Power of One: Talent Engagement and Inclusion for All | Track: Intersectionality | Level: Intermediate

In a world where 28 states don’t have workplace protections against discrimination of the LGBT community, it takes corporations to be safe havens for employees who may face discrimination through legislation. Publicis Groupe—the third largest advertising and marketing communications company in the world—is one of those havens. This an organization that celebrates diversity and inclusion. It’s a place where the CEO asks “Where are the black people?”, where you can be “The Next Drag Superstar,” women outnumber men, or a place that not only has trans health benefits, but people actually use them. It’s an organization where diversity isn’t just an idea, it’s the reality. Hear stories of inclusion about LGBT, people of color, women, people needing flexible work situations, and more.

Speakers: Amir Diwane (Heartbeat Ideas), Brian Berg (Publicis Media), Aubri Qian (Digitas), Robert Camilleri (Publicis Groupe Re:Sources), Alicia Case (Publicis Health)

Transition in Progress 2.0 | Track: Trans | Level: Intermediate

Join EY for a discussion of a transition in progress that looks at the process of a young professional in the process of transitioning genders, professionals with children transitioning genders, and what your company can do to be better prepared for a gender transition and trans*gender diversity. We will explore what it is like to be trans* in a generation that acknowledges the spectrum of identities and respects visibility. Team members involved throughout the process from Human Resources to executive leaders play an important part in building an accepting and welcoming culture. We will share leading practices, resources and tools you can take back and implement into your company’s culture. Come be a part of the transition journey.

Speakers: Chris Crespo (EY), Deb Randall-Gresham (EY), Riley Cable (EY)