There are three sessions on Tuesday. Click on a session to view the workshops in each.

 Session 1 (Early Bird) | 9:30AM – 10:30AM

Session 2 | 1:30PM – 3:00PM

Session 3 | 3:30PM – 5:00PM

Session 1 (Early Bird) | 9:30AM – 10:30AM 

Participants will choose one workshop in this time slot to attend. 


Partnering for Progress: A Vision for LGBT+ Inclusion in the Global Marketplace | Track: Global; D&I Expert

This session will provide specific action items for how companies and their employee resource groups can participate in advocating for global LGBT+ inclusion through existing programs with the United Nations, World Economic Forum and other global groups which are undertaking this work. Representatives from the United Nations will highlight the importance of the Standards of Conduct for Business, Deutsche Bank and other partners will highlight ways in which companies can join the partnership to create a similar initiative with the World Economic Forum and Open for Business will provide highlights from the recent inclusive cities report and action items how companies can leverage this research in their own LGBT+ inclusiveness work.


Speakers: Fabrice Houdart (United Nations), Drew Keller (Open For Business), Jon Tilli (Deutsche Bank)


Dear White Gays | Track: Bi+ / Queer

The conversation is changing. Instead of just showing up when something affects us personally, we are being called on to show up for others. As an LGBT+ community, we should understand this better than anyone and we should be happy to do so. So, what’s happening? Join us in a conversation meant to call out blind spots, identify areas of opportunity, and to have meaningful discourse around internalized racism and misogyny and how to end the cycle.


Speakers: Shamaill Ross (Allstate), Tami Gorodetzer (Allstate), Jamie Fujinaka (Allstate)


Where in the World…. Are your Allies? | Track: Allies

This workshop shares leading practices on maintaining and expanding your ally program. The team created and executed “Global Ally Day” in more than 17 countries and 120 locations worldwide. This concept provides a powerful way to reach new allies and engages existing allies through education and networking opportunities. The objective is to expand the reach of the existing program and give all allies an easy way to become visible to other associates to create an inclusive culture. Through extensive marketing and enthusiastic volunteers, the program generated tremendous Ally awareness worldwide. The team will walk through the program from start to finish and show participants how to execute a program that will extend your reach.


Speakers: Mike Stommel (Lucky Break), Phillip Sontag (Lucky Break)


Best practices for talking with your company about LGBTQ+ Marketing | Track: LGBTQ Marketing; First Timer

We all want companies to market their products and services to our community.  Especially the companies we work for. But how do you have the conversation?  Especially if you’re not in marketing.  Who do you talk to?  What do you actually say? This round-table discussion will invite participants to have that conversation live, in real time. We’ll discuss what’s needed, talk about real obstacles you’re having, role play and arm you with the right facts and materials.  You’ll walk away ready to have the conversation and be one step closer to having your company start to or increase its marketing to our community. Now that’s a conversation worth having.


Speakers: Fabrice Houdart (United Nations), Drew Keller (Open For Business), Jon Tilli (Deutsche Bank)


Applying AI to LGBTQ mental wellness support in the workplace | Track: Law, Policy, & Benefits

Mental disorders are the leading cause of disability worldwide, costing the global economy $1 trillion/year in lost productivity. An estimated 1 in 4 adults in NA suffer from mental illness in any given year. LGBTQ individuals are almost 3 times more likely than others to experience a mental health condition such as major depression, PTSD, or generalized anxiety disorder. Using the latest AI technology, IBM built a chatbot, a virtual agent trained to guide employees to services and resources to help with work, health, family, and life challenges. Learn how the anonymous and confidential chatbot allows LGBT+ employees to ask questions in a safe and private space, reducing shame, fear, and any societal or associative stigma.


Speakers: Kimberley Messer (IBM), Colleen McDowell (IBM)


LGBT Housing Intersects with Income, Employment | Track: Intersectionality

The presentation will explore the LGBTQ community’s relationship to owning a home and how income, employment, discrimination, mobility, and marriage equality all factor into the “American Dream.”  Freddie Mac’s Pride ERG commissioned a first of its kind nationwide study around LGBT and housing trends. The results?  Internally – a true BRG.  The study findings?  Fascinating.  Come learn more about LGBT community trends of renting and owning homes. The session will explore unique insights about the LGBT community’s housing preferences. By exploring the reasons why unique preferences and trends exist for this diverse community, we’ll discuss and what this means for American business.


Speakers: Angie Wilen (Freddie Mac), David Paisley (Community Marketing & Insights)


ERG, BRG, Then What?: The evolution of a mature ERG | Track: Advanced ERG/BRG

Your company created an ERG. That grew to a point that you were then able to advise the business. What happens when the organization begins to innately own diversity and inclusion based work? Do you go back to being an ERG or do you reach beyond the outlined path and expand your impact? In this session, we will discuss what it looks like to progress beyond a BRG, and the steps to achieve this evolution.


Speakers: Billy Price (Target), Christopher Jordan (Target), Andie Olthoff (Target), Alexis Kantor (Target), Colby Lowrey (Target)


The Advancement of LGBTQ Employees in the Workplace | Track: General

Are there barriers restricting your potential growth and success? In today’s workplace, attracting and retaining the best talent is a top priority with most successful employers. There are also unique challenges LGBTQ people of color experience every day, like social stigma and racial bias.  This workshop will empower LGBTQ employees and allies to navigate advancement in their office and provide practical ways that can help foster a more comfortable workplace.


Speakers: Derrick Grissom (Comcast Business Services), Derek Tarcza (Comcast Cable)


Connecting Trans Families – Got Storytelling? | Track: Transgender & Gender Expansive

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace includes a wide variety of family members that are supporting transgender youth, young adults, and other family members as they traverse transition, school, college, work, and life. Please join us as we talk about using our voices to connect with families in the workplace. MassMutual’s PRiDE transgender liaison and her transgender daughter will discuss how telling our story created a community that supports families that are supporting transgender loved ones.  Hear how the story opened hearts and minds and created a culture of greater acceptance and connection.  One of our listeners will also be joining us to tell how hearing our story changed hers.


Speakers: Samantha I. Brank (Student, UMass Amherst), Renee G. Degon (MassMutual), Irene Brank (MassMutual)


FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Valuing the power of individuals | Track: Professional Development

We all want to change the World and every single LGBTQ+ person has an enormous value on the process of creating social impact on his/her/their community, independently of the organization in which the person works for. The main objective of this workshop is to help participants to identify their strengths in order to generate impact inside and outside the company.


Speakers: Salomão Cunha Lima (TOTVS / GAMES / Divercitizens), Eliezer Silveira Filho (Stefanini / Divercitizens)

Session 2 | 1:30PM – 3:00PM 

Participants will choose one workshop in this time slot to attend. 

ERG Mentoring: Partnering to address career, advocacy, and identity challenges | Track: ERG

This session explores the power of employee resource group (ERG)-specific mentoring programs and the value of creating personalized, one-on-one connections between LGBTQ employees and allies. Wells Fargo’s PRIDE Network established a mentoring program for its members aimed at developing employees as professionals, diversity and inclusion advocates, and as out and proud LGBTQA persons in the workplace. Participants partner to work towards specific career goals and challenge themselves to be more supportive, authentic leaders. Their mentoring conversations are a safe, caring environment to explore a variety of topics important to professional and personal development. In this panel workshop, the program manager will facilitate a discussion about how ERG-specific mentoring programs offer distinct benefits and detail how to create such a program.


Speakers: Wendy Cortez (Wells Fargo), Pamela Trezevant (Wells Fargo), Donald Wilson (Wells Fargo), Chris Arnst (Wells Fargo)


Corporate-Community Partnerships: From Rural to Metropolitan | Track: Advanced ERG/BRG

LGBT populations face unique challenges in employment and community life whether in metropolitan areas, medium-sized cities, or rural America.  Corporations/businesses play key roles in community support. Strong partnerships better community relationships and also build environments that promote employee satisfaction and retention. Dow Chemical and Consumers Energy will highlight successful partnerships with community organizations in these three environments.  Mid-Michigan non-profit Perceptions will offer its experiences partnering with both corporations to better its rural region. The audience will break into groups by community type and, through facilitated discussion, identify their communities’ opportunities, barriers, and past learnings.  Results of key takeaways and actionable avenues will be summarized and shared.  Participants will leave with community action plans and new contacts to meet Corporate-Community goals.


Speakers: Christopher Lauckner (Perceptions), Allison Matthew (Consumers Energy), Tricia Eddy (Consumers Energy), John Crawford (Dow Chemical), Greg Gwaltney (Dow Chemical)


Companies Share How They Implement Transgender Medical Benefits Globally | Track: Transgender & Gender-Expansive

Global companies are increasingly trying to expand their inclusive health benefits across their global footprints.  Sometimes there can be cultural and legal challenges to overcome.  There can also be tactical hurdles with insurance providers, service delivery partners and other vendors.  Gaining knowledge from other companies who have successfully implemented transgender medical benefits in a country, including their lessons learned, timeline and employees’ experiences can be invaluable.  Why recreate the wheel, when working together is so beneficial? Come hear from companies including Bank of America, IBM, AMEX, Accenture, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Chevron, Deloitte, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield about where we have been able to implement transgender medical benefits and what is on the horizon.


Speakers: Andrew McCartney (Bank of America, N.A.)


Leveraging Senior Ally Leaders to increase inclusivity and middle-manager engagement | Track: Allies; First-Timer

While many companies have engaged executive (C-Suite) leaders and D&I professionals that fully support diversity and inclusion initiatives within their organizations, there remains a pervasive problem with effectively/consistently reaching middle management (the “frozen middle”), successfully embedding inclusion into all aspects of an organization and with addressing external advocacy. During this session, senior ally leaders outside of traditional D&I roles from multiple companies will share stories of how they have successfully motivated other leaders and managers to embrace and enhance inclusion, as well as advocated within their organizations for greater external engagement. Guidance will be provided about how to approach known allies to deepen and broaden their engagement to help enhance management support throughout all levels of an organization.


Speakers: Sergio Villar (Target), Lisa Stevens (Wells Fargo), Tamara L. Peterson (Wells Fargo)


How LGBTQ Senior Executives visibility influence company culture | Track: Professional Development

While many companies are embracing voluntary self-identification, perhaps fewer have thought about the significant role that visible LGBTQ executives can have on their overall culture and support for LGBTQ inclusion.  During this highly interactive session, panelists will share stories of how out and visible LGBTQ executives have been a catalyst for culture change, and lessons learned on their own respective journeys.  The impact of their leadership and engagement on recruitment, retention, and development will be explored.


Speakers: Bryan Gingrich (Wells Fargo), Michael Ormonde (Wells Fargo), Ken McNeely (AT&T), Peter Kouzmov (Wells Fargo), Jennifer Brown (Jennifer Brown Consulting)


Intersection of LGBT and Differing Ability: supporting all of us | Track: Intersectionality

Through a workshop session create a conversation/exploration of the intersectionality of disability and LBGTA identity, the marginalization of both communities, the activism of both communities, and the need for allies in both communities.  Also an opportunity to touch on the T (trans) issues of gender dysphoria as a medical condition and the leverage of ADA to accommodate gender transition further deepening the connection between the communities.


Speakers: Ryan T. Gibson (Boeing), Kirsten E. MacPherson (Boeing), Trinity Downing (BEPA-PS (Boeing))


OUTreach – Six Steps to LGBT+ Inclusion at Indian Workplaces | Track: Global

Participants will gain 360 degrees perspective of Indian landscape for LGBT+ inclusion with real world events on the ground.
Law: Nuances of the law, Third gender identity, Rights of Trans persons Bill
Employee perspective: Challenges of transitioning at the workplace, coming out at work
Business case in action: Data from recent viral ads with strong LGBT representation
Leadership onboarding: Getting Indian leaders on board with LGBT+ inclusion, Reverse mentoring.
Culture of inclusion: Best practices which have delivered results for creating inclusive workplace
Policies & Benefits: Creating inclusive policies and benefits, insurance negotiations: challenges & opportunities.


Speakers: Srini Ramaswami (Cisco), Ramkrishna Sinha (Intel Corporation)


“Religious Refusals”: Masterpiece Cakeshop and the Future of Anti-Discrimination Law | Track: Law, Policy, & Benefits; D&I Expert

An in-depth discussion of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission: what this U.S. Supreme Court decision means for LGBTQ people and the fight for equality.


Speakers: Christy Mallory (Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law), M’Alyssa Mecenas (Paul Hastings LLP), Scott Klausner (Paul Hastings LLP)


Discussion with Mike DeFusco: first gay elected-official in Hudson County | Track: General

Moderated by Anthony Campanelli, Partner, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, Councilman Mike DeFusco, the first openly gay elected official in Hudson County, NJ, will share his personal stories on coming out –  experiences and reactions received.  Also, Councilman DeFusco will dive into what he is currently doing regarding education and support for LGBTQ individuals.


Speakers: Michael Defusco (City Councilman, Hudson County), Anthony Campanelli (Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, LLP)


Authentic Storytelling – Using personal narratives to create inclusive cultures | Track: General

Our brains are wired for stories…not facts. Individuals with diverse racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation backgrounds have made significant advancements in building inclusive cultures; yet, more can be done to enhance our inclusive culture, including fostering deeper interpersonal connections with colleagues and clients and leveraging our individual authenticity to advance our careers. To continue the momentum and enhance our inclusive culture, diverse individuals should share our stories. Storytelling is a powerful vehicle to create emotion, drive lasting impact, and energize change within the workplace. This workshop will give participants practical techniques and time to create, practice, deliver, and refine personal, authentic narratives, which can be used to enhance our inclusive culture, help facilitate career discussions (e.g., promotion), and support meaningful relationships.


Speakers: Karen Henderson (Deloitte Consulting LLP), Heath H Clayton (Deloitte Services, LLP), Andrew Engber (Deloitte & Touche LLP)


The Art of Inclusive Leadership | Track: Professional Development

Nearly anyone can be a good leader. But can you be extraordinary?
In this session, learn how to master the Art of Inclusive Leadership. By turning the lens inward first, we can fully explore our own unconscious biases and exclusionary practices. Our ability to personify the inclusion we are striving for is critical to our personal success and the success of our companies. Only then can we truly lead. In this entertaining and provocative talk, Ash will explore the Pillars of Inclusive Leadership. With wildly funny and poignant stories, and a tough yet deeply compassionate stance, Ash elevates her audience beyond empathy into the realm of personal discovery, and challenges every listener to take personal responsibility for creating a much bigger societal shift.


Speakers: Ash Beckham (Accidental Advocate, Ash Beckham)


Bi My Side:  Allies, do your part to eradicate bi-erasure | Track: Bi+ / Queer

Bi-erasure is the explicit or implicit questioning, reexplanation, minimization, dismissal, or denial of bisexuality as a legitimate identity, and it is pervasive. Bi individuals cannot eradicate bi-erasure alone: allies must rise to the challenge as well. In this session, we will explore: what is the “cost of the closet” in terms of personal experiences and business impact; why bisexuals need allies outside and inside the LGBTQ+ community; what it looks like to “act in visible allyship” (including to bisexuals in particular); and tips and tools to change hearts and influence others. Allies, both outside and within the community… come learn how to step up and be Bi Our Side!

Speakers: Laura Martin (Northwestern Mutual), Ryan Everson (Northwestern Mutual)


Big Ideas! Session One | Track: TED; General

This session will showcase four 15-minute presentations on various topics in LGBTQ diversity and inclusion, as part of the 2018 Workplace Summit “Big Ideas” series. This segment focuses on new initiatives for company’s LGBTQ Employee Resource Groups. Presentations include:
• “Global Social Advocacy—How SAP joins LGBT+ inclusion initiatives worldwide”
o Join this TED-live talk to learn how to identify the right counterparts within and outside your organization to take your company’s commitment with LGBT+ Diversity to its countries of operations.
• “Growing Your ERG in Europe”
o Want to learn how to expand and grow your ERG in Europe? Learn how Salesforce created an LGBTQ ERG in Europe and accelerated growth to over 10 countries with over 800 members in less than 2 years.
• “We’re here, we’re queer (at work). Now what?”
o This presentation will present some history and explore generational views on what being Queer means in order to create a context for your company’s strategy to recruit, support and retain queer associates.
• “Making Fridays Queerer.”
o It was Uli’s volunteer work with Yelp’s LGBT+ group that stimulated the idea to create a network of like-minded group leaders at other Bay Area companies: a quarterly breakfast meet-up called Queer Mornings. Since its inaugural meeting in 2016, more than 200 members from over 75 different companies have joined the Queer Mornings group. Uli will talk about this experience setting up this group and he will share tips and tricks on how to create a similar network elsewhere.


Speakers: Miguel Castro (SAP), Mark Darby (Salesforce), Jennifer J. Henderson (Capital One), Uli Bilke (Yelp)


Transgender and Gender Expansive Community Roundtable (Transgender and Gender Expansive Participants Only)| Track: Transgender & Gender-Expansive

This roundtable will provide a space for transgender and gender expansive attendees at Summit to discuss the specific challenges they face in the workplace. This session is open only to transgender and gender expansive individuals.


Featured Panel: LGBTQ Marketing – Trends and Insights| Track: LGBTQ Marketing

This panel will focus in part on the role that Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Resource Group leaders play in shaping LGBTQ marketing strategies.  It will also feature case studies of successful LGBTQ marketing campaigns as well as best practices for ERG leaders/members looking to help shape marketing at their organizations.


Speakers: TBA

Session 3 | 3:30PM – 3:00PM 

Participants will choose one workshop in this time slot to attend. 


Your Authentic Self – a DIY solve for remote employees | Track: General

Challenged with trying to reach a nationwide audience on a shoestring budget? Trying to engage individuals who are many different places on the spectrum of support? Not sure where to start? We had the same problem. Come hear how we developed, marketed and distributed a simple, sharable, powerful tool to address this and how you can replicate this at your organization.


Speakers: Jacob Clark (Altria)


Pride Connects the Dots between D&I and Social Responsibility | Track: ERG

MassMutual’s Pride BRG successfully navigates the intersection of Corporate Citizenship and Diversity & Inclusion. This interactive workshop will invite participants to explore similar opportunities for partnership, discuss the levers of Corporate Citizenship, find a common language, and learn how to connect with the right people to expand your BRG’s resources to increase impact. Hear MassMutual Pride BRG’s story on successfully influencing MassMutual to be a trailblazing corporate citizen within the LGBTQ+ community through human rights advocacy, philanthropy, and ethical responsibility. Within the framework of Corporate Citizenship, this interactive workshop will discuss how your BRG can influence and focus CSR around LGBTQ issues, including law, philanthropy, policies, and the employee experience.


Speakers: Nicole Starks (MassMutual), Mo Reed-McNally (MassMutual), Bernadette Harrigan (MassMutual)


The Power of LGBTQ Storytelling in a Corporate Environment | Track: General

This session will showcase the work that Wells Fargo’s PRIDE TMN/ERG has undertaken in the last 4 years to utilize storytelling in the workplace as an avenue for increasing workplace inclusion and enhanced understanding. We will share our experience putting on company-wide LGBTQ panel events, including discussing the process of determining panel topics and engaging diverse participants, sharing strategies for leveraging the panels via livestream and on-demand video access, as well as discussing the impact that such events have had on employees within and outside Wells Fargo.   Our goal is to create a workshop where participants from other organizations can learn from our experience and walk away with the tools to execute similar events in their workplaces.


Speakers: Adriana Fominaya (Wells Fargo), Alic G. Shook (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), Kevin Custer (Wells Fargo), Ghada Sailba-Malouf (Wells Fargo), Madelyn Gelpi (Out & Equal)


Storming the Statehouse: How to Educate & Empower Your Workforce | Track: Law, Policy & Benefits

Are you concerned about LGBTQ discrimination and want your elected officials to do the right thing but don’t know what to do? This session will provide you with the basic advocacy tools to effectively prepare to mobilize your colleagues, educate policymakers, tell your and your company’s story, listen to policymakers’ hopes and fears, and successfully build support for your position.


Speakers: John L. Howard (Dell), Daniel Foster (Dell), Carla Contreras (Dell), Bonnie McGuire (Dell)


Promoting Inclusive Workplaces for LGBTQ+ People in Colombia: Case Study by Pride Connection Colombia| Track: Global

Colombia has faced several years of internal conflict and securing peace in every environment and for all Colombian population is a must for our society. We need to contribute to build it based on respect and tolerance. According to the CNC in Colombia 70% of LGBT employees do not feel comfortable enough to reveal their sexual orientation at their work place. We launched Pride Connection Colombia in April 2017 the first corporate network in our country to promote safe and inclusive workplaces for LGBTQ community.  One year after, we want to share with you the biggest challenge that we have faced: How to effectively promote an inclusive workplace for LGBTQ in Colombian Companies.


Speakers: Thania Blanco (Dow Chemical), Andres Lopez (Citi), Sebastian Fandino (Accenture), Natalia Rodriguez (SAP)


PRIDE 2.0! Create a Symphony Between Your ERG & Marketing Team| Track: LGBTQ Marketing; FIrst Timer

Annual Pride Parades & Festivals are one the best places for a company to activate locally to large numbers of LGBT consumers. But what is the value for a company to showcase products and services to LGBT consumers if they don’t believe the company really cares about the community? Conversely, how can you showcase yourself as an employer of choice and engage your employees across diverse geography? In this interactive session, learn how Comcast NBCUniversal as well as agency IMRE are bringing marketers and ERGs together to execute holistic Pride Parade and Festival entries that lift brands and corporate profiles. Hear from marketers and ERG leaders with successful case studies of major Pride activations.


Speakers: Mike Pirone (NBCUniversal), Kristin Wygal (NBC Entertainment), Derek Tarcza (Comcast)


Signals from the Edge: Diversity at the Speed of Culture| Track: TED; General

Signals from both “fast” and “slow” culture provide us with many clues about the state of belonging, the future of diversity and the moral imperative for inclusiveness. Improving our ability to tune into emerging trends, mapping data and interpreting patterns and opportunities will equip us to better navigate our careers as LGBTQ leaders and guide our organizations towards truly practicing diversity and inclusion beyond the hiring statistics. Join Jennifer Brown, Author of Inclusion: Diversity the New Workplace and the Will to Change , and Kendra Clarke, Vice President of Data Science and Product Development at Sparks and Honey for a fast-paced, real-time analysis of current conversations in social media, research and policy about sexuality, gender intelligence and norms. The take-aways will provide large and small brands with a roadmap of opportunities to evolve and get real about inclusion and diversity.


Speakers: Kendra Clarke (Sparks and Honey), Jennifer Brown (Jennifer Brown Consulting)


Transgender Experiences: Workplace Transition and Inclusion | Track: Transgender & Gender-Expansive; First-Timer

A panel of four transgender Boeing employees of various locations and roles within the company will answer pre-determined questions regarding the process Boeing has implemented to support its transgender employees and their individual workplace transition experiences. A question and answer session with the audience will follow.


Speakers: Trinity Downing (BEPA-PS (Boeing)), Carter MacDuffie (BEPA (Boeing)), Susan Morris (BEPA (Boeing)), Adair Gearhart (BEPA-PS (Boeing), PFLAG Everett, and APSC)


Reverse Mentoring and How it Enhances Relationships Internally and Externally with Customers | Track: Professional Development

Mentoring the management and leadership around LGBTQ inclusion at your organization can lead to improved business results and an enhanced corporate culture. This panel discussion will examine the progress made at Eli Lilly over the last 5 years through the lens of Lilly Field PRIDE’s Reverse Mentoring Program. Learn best practices from mentors and mentees at Lilly around how to engage your own leadership and develop a similar program within your own organization. Through reverse mentoring, you can connect your leadership with LGBTQ employees and provide leadership with valuable insight around the LGBTQ experience at your organization while impacting change within your industry.


Speakers: Jeffrey M. Meyer (Eli Lilly), Michaela M. Murtagh (Eli Lilly), Pam Elmore (Eli Lilly), Andrew Oxtoby (Eli Lilly)


Think Differently! Celebrating Psychological Diversity with Deloitte Business Chemistry | Track: Intersectionality

Expressly designed for use in a business context, Deloitte’s proprietary Business Chemistry tool is a personality system that draws upon the latest analytics technologies to reveal four scientifically based patterns of behavior. The system is designed to provide insights about individuals and teams based on observable business behaviors. Deloitte teamed with scientists from the fields of neuro-anthropology and genetics to develop a personality system that leverages modern computational techniques to bring a data-driven approach to observing and understanding personality differences. The resulting system is easy to remember, but with a sophisticated underpinning that highlights statistically relevant behavioral cues in a business environment. Over 150,000 users around the world have completed the assessment and now use Business Chemistry in their workplaces.


Speakers: Edmund Armstrong (Deloitte), Jake Lewitz (Deloitte), Joshua R. Chappell (Deloitte)


Where do we go from here? The Evolution of Employee Resource Groups in the age of Inclusion Councilsy | Track: Advanced ERG/BRG; D&I Expert

Companies are beginning to evolve from individual ERGs to intersectional Inclusion Councils. Many ERGs grew out of a uniting cause for equality and visibility in the workplace. Progress has been made in many countries – employee non-discrimination policies, ever-expanding benefits programs, legal triumphs – and organizations are now focusing on inclusion to address concerns of self-segregation and intersectionality. How do ERGs navigate this transition and stay relevant to their core constituents while serving the broader umbrella of inclusion?


Speakers: Steven Bailey (Deloitte Consulting, LLP), Kenneth Marzin (Deloitte Consulting, LLP), Tasha Loven (Deloitte Consulting, LLP), Kashif Rahamatullah (Deloitte Consulting, LLP)


Breaking Through: Using Story Telling to Break the Intersectionality Barriers | Track: TED; General

A story, in its most basic form, is a connection of cause and effect.  A well told story engages  on multiple levels, educating and transforming both the hearer and speaker.  In this session a cross section of LGBTQ+ employees from across Microsoft globally will share stories of how they have faced barriers due to their intersectionality of diversity.  In using the story framework the session will help others build a better dialogue on the intersectionality of diversity both in work and life.


Speakers: Roland White (Microsoft), Tom Eddings (Microsoft), Lydia Edwards (Microsoft), Sera Fernando (Microsoft)


Bi the Way, There is a B in LGBTQ | Track: Bi+ / Queer

Are you struggling with programming about Bisexuality in you organization? This session will prepare you to create and run learning sessions. Participants will walk away with a Bisexuality “Program in a Box” to be customized for their company and culture.


Speakers: Natalie Sanchez (State Street Corporation)


Driving Growth in R&D and Manufacturing via LGBT Inclusion| Track: General

R&D and manufacturing functions continuously track metrics such as EBITDA, asset utilization, patent filings and recordable injuries. In this metric driven environment, can workplace inclusion help? The value proposition for linking diversity and inclusion (D&I) with performance is a strong one, provided organizations understand what leads to inclusion; how inclusion fosters productivity and safety; and in its absence, how metrics and morale suffer. Inclusive LGBT work climates are paramount to driving growth – fueling productivity, employee engagement and safety. This workshop explores ways to improve LGBT inclusion by educating organizations on the current state of the LGBT matters in the workplace, the business case for D&I and what employees must do to shape a safe, inclusive, engaging and productive workplace.


Speakers: Trevor Ewers, PhD (The Dow Chemical Company), Randy Maples (Whirlpool Corporation), Greg Fulmer (Whirlpool Corporation), Bill Hendrix, PhD (Valent U.S.A. LLC)


Self-Identification Data Roundtable: Charting the Journey TogetherB123 | Track: General

Attendees with experience in the implementation and execution of LGBTQ Self-ID data collection will convene and explore the intricacies of this process in a facilitated discussion with Gretchen Ruck, Director at AlixPartners and cybersecurity expert, and Out & Equal Research Manager, Madelyn Gelpi. Through the sharing of best practices, challenges, and successes, participants will gain greater insight on how to shape the overall success of LGBTQ Self-ID initiatives.


Featured Panel: Intersectional Allyship within the LGBTQ Community | Track: Allies

This panel will gather industry leaders to discuss the importance of going beyond frameworks of allyship that ask how straight and cisgender people can be allies to the LGBTQ community, to also ask how LGBTQ employees can be allies to others both within and outside of their community.


Speakers: TBA