There are two sessions on Tuesday. Click on a session to view the workshops in each.

SESSION 1: 1:30 – 3 PM

SESSION 2: 3:30 – 5 PM

SESSION 1 | 1:30 – 3 PM

An Intimate Conversation with Women of Color leading LGBTQ Strategies | Track: Intersectionality | Level: Intermediate

This roundtable discussion will feature diverse women, some of color, who lead LGBTQA initiatives at their companies. The audience will learn about various strategies and initiatives at each company, plus the impacts of being out in the workplace on career path trajectories. This discussion will lean in to various levels and ethnicities of “out” individuals as well as allies and their experiences in the workplace. The discussion will be led by an ally woman of color who is responsible for LGBTQ corporate strategy at AT&T.

Speakers: Blaine A. Kebede (EY), Cindy Cordoba-Koziel (General Motors), Deneen L. Garrett (AT&T), Kimberly King (TI), Katherine Martinez (Walmart)

Bank of America: Engaging both allies and out at work employees | Track: Intersectionality; Allies | Level: Intermediate

Are you looking for better ways to engage your allies and also encourage LGBT teammates to be out at work? Wondering how to bring the message of workplace equality back to your workplace? Is training the answer? Do you have an Ally Program that feels like it’s in a rut? Are your allies visible but are asking what’s next or what else can I do? Having ongoing conversations about how to move past diversity toward inclusion for LGBT teammates? Leaders of the Bank of America’s LGBT Pride Ally Program and Training Program share keys to successfully engaging allies and OAW teammates through a one-two punch – LGBT focused training aligned to a game thinking Ally Engagement Portal to increase visibility and engagement across the globe.

Speakers: Aimee Broadhurst (Bank of America), Crystal Howard-Doliber (Bank of America), Haley Blaska (Bank of America), Lauren Alleman (Bank of America)

Breaking Up is Hard to Do! – Managing Major Corporate Change | Track: ERG/BRG | Level: Intermediate

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when it’s happening to your company as well as your own ERG. Companies (and their employees) go through tremendous change and distraction as they face a corporate merger, divestiture or acquisition. How can your ERG keep it all “together” when it comes to workplace equality? Hear stories and practical advice from LGBTQA ERG leaders representing DuPont, Chemours and other companies, and learn how to double down on workplace equality even in the face of overwhelming organizational change.

Speakers: Carol Lowrie (Chemours), Kirsten Mucha (DuPont), Mark Kennedy (DuPont), Tammie Lynn (Chemours)

Connecting Through Stories | Track: General | Level: Introductory

Connecting Through Stories is a 90 minute session for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender and their Allies (LGBTA) to tell their stories in ways that motivates the listener to action. Our stories – when they’re well-told – have the ability to inspire others to take action that creates the change that we want to see around us, whether at home or at work.

Speakers: John Laveck (Sodexo), Julie Fox (Sodexo)

Engaging Your Company in Public Policy: Lesson’s Learned | Track: Law, Policy & Benefits | Level: Intermediate

As we continue to monitor pro-equality and anti-LGBT bills across the US and around the globe, Corporate engagement is increasingly becoming essential to influence the debate. This session will highlight best practices and lesson’s learned by companies that have a proven track record of public policy engagement.

Speakers: Bill Hendrix (The Dow Chemical Company), Cory Valente (R&D Leader, Janet Boyd (The Dow Chemical Company), Ken Janssens (JP Morgan)

ERG/BRG Best Practices & Inspiration from Outie Winners | Track: ERG/BRG | Level: Intermediate

Recent winners of the ERG of the Year Outie will share the best practices from their companies about what led to receiving the award, with an aim towards inspiring future Outie award winners.

Speakers: John Stotler (Wells Fargo), Liz Pandya (Johnson & Johnson), Alexis Kantor (Target)

Featured Panel: Allies 

This panel explores the role of allies in in LGBT inclusion and shares best practices for encouraging allies to be engaged advocates. This panel is aimed at discussing the benefits of coming out as an ally, responsibilities of allies in the workplace, and strategies for including and leveraging allies in your workplace’s LGBT employee resource group.

Implementing and Leveraging Self- ID | Track: General | Level: Intermediate

Join us to explore the power LGBT+ self identification (self ID) can have as a method for driving change. Using best practice examples from both sides of the Atlantic, it will provide insight into not just the impact and benefits LGBT+ self ID can have, but also the practical approaches to and challenges of introducing LGBT+ self ID in the current climate. We will explore ways to self-ID, wording of questions, access to information, use of data and examples for overcoming challenges. Bring your challenges for an interactive discussion about breaking down barriers, including efforts that doubled response rates in the last year.

Speakers: Bryan Keirn (EY), Chris Crespo (EY), Wil Lewis (Bank of America)

Reinventing the Standard: HP Case Study on LGBTQ Inclusion | Track: General | Level: Intermediate

HP has always been a leader in LGBTQ inclusion and they are more committed to this now than ever. Since their company split in November 2015, HP has been reinventing the standard for diversity. Come learn about some of the strategies and initiatives they are deploying to create the support and structure necessary to drive impactful inclusion initiatives. HP employees will share best practices in how they’ve used leadership, culture, Business Impact Networks, and broad visibility to make a real difference in inclusion at HP. You will leave with concrete examples of things you can do to make a difference in your work environment too.

Speakers: Annette Friskopp (HP), Beth Miller (HP), Dawn Vigil (HP)

ROI for LGBTQ-Inclusive Workplaces: Recruiting, Optimizing, and Improving Advancement | Track: Recruitment, Retention, Executive Promotion | Level: Advanced

As employers try to recruit, retain, and foster career advancement for LGBTQ-inclusive workforce, this presentation will address how organizations can develop and foster a work culture that is truly supportive of LGBTQ employees. The panel’s legal and HR professionals will discuss how their organizations are working to ensure that they attract, retain and work to provide pathways for the success of their LGBTQ employees. They will discuss real-world examples LGBTQ-focused initiatives they have adopted to try to optimize the work life of their LGBTQ employees. They also will discuss initiatives where success has proven to be elusive. In addition, they will provide pointers on ways to ensure that companies’ D&I initiatives operate within the confines of the anti-discrimination laws.

Speakers: Denise Visconti (Littler Mendelson), James Frederick (Littler Mendelson), Jeremy Hawpe (Littler Mendelson), Mark Phillis (Littler Mendelson), Robert Conti (Littler Mendelson), Sean Radford (CNA)

Talking LGBT Diversity in India | Track: Global | Level: Intermediate

Workplace diversity is not a popular topic in India. The gender disparity is considerable and the LGBTQ population is almost invisible. Coming out at work is seen as a career risk and the discussion about LGBTQ diversity is complicated when the country’s law and social attitude is hostile towards LGBTQ community. This workshop brings out the fabulous journeys of different ERGs, which were born in a post December 2013 India when Section 377 was re-instated by the Supreme Court of India. We bring the best practices of starting and running successful ERGs. We share tools to make a significant impact for LGBTQ employees in a challenging environment.

Speakers: Chandramoulee (Moulee) L U (Symantec), Ramkrishna Sinha (Intel), Srini Ramaswami (Cisco), Suresh Ramdass (HP Inc)

The Art of Inclusive Leadership | Track: General | Level: Intermediate

Nearly anyone can be a good leader. But can you be extraordinary? In this session, learn how to master the Art of Inclusive Leadership. By turning the lens inward first, we can fully explore our own unconscious biases and exclusionary practices. Our ability to personify the inclusion we are striving for is critical to our personal success and the success of our companies. Only then can we truly lead. In this entertaining and provocative talk, Ash will explore the Pillars of Inclusive Leadership. With wildly funny and poignant stories, and a tough yet deeply compassionate stance, Ash elevates her audience beyond empathy into the realm of personal discovery, and challenges every listener to take personal responsibility for creating a much bigger societal shift.

Speakers: Ash Beckham (Ash Beckham)

Transforming Transitioning: A candid round table discussion from individuals sharing their experiences of transitioning in the workplace | Track: Trans | Level: Intermediate

Transitioning is a difficult journey for team members going through the process, and for those contemplating it. The way employers work with and support their transgender team members can make a whole world of difference. Many companies do not have a formal policy/process to follow. They are creating it as they go, relying on individual situations and experiences. Our workshop, presented as a Round Table Discussion, will feature Dell team members sharing their experiences of transitioning in the workplace.  You will hear real-life stories…what worked, what could have been better. This session will also provide some guidelines, process and steps to help the individual, HR professionals and leaders – who would all be part of the process – during the transition.

Speakers: Gabriel Rodarte-Miller (Dell), Jody Ellis (Dell), Michelle Soares (Dell-Brazil), Christine Yarger (Dell-EMC) and Nicole Gibson (Dell)

You Can Play: LGBTQ D&I in the Sports Oriented Workplace | Track: Allies | Level: Introductory

You Can Play ( is dedicated to ensuring equality, respect and safety for all athletes, without regard to sexual orientation and/or gender identity. This workshop will highlight the importance of creating a safe and open work environment for all athletes, coaches, league executives and front office personnel in the sports oriented workplace that includes the field of play, league offices, sports media companies, and athletic apparel and equipment companies. We will highlight work done in collaboration with You Can Play ambassadors and our corporate and league partners and discuss issues faced by LGBTQ athletes and executives in the sports oriented workplace.

Speakers: Brent Weakley (Teva Pharmaceuticals), Chris Mosier (You Can Play), Jessica Berman (National Hockey League), Kimberley Messer (IBM), Layshia Clarendon (Women’s National Basketball Association), Monica Diaz (ESPN (part of The Walt Disney Company)), Andrew Ference (NHL)

SESSION 2 | 3:30 – 5 PM

A Decade of Inclusive Leadership: Lessons Learned in Financial Services | Track: General | Level: Intermediate

Leaders from BlackRock will tell stories linked to key moments in the development and expansion of the OUT Network, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary in December. BlackRock is a global leader in investment management, technology, and advisory services with 13,000 employees in over 30 countries, and the OUT Network has grown to 1,000 members across the Americas, EMEA and APAC. The panel will explore a) how an ERG can drive brand development and commercial success, b) the importance of inclusive allies in social movements, and c) how to espouse a company’s values while operating in a complex geopolitical environment. Special attention till be paid to the workplace stories of diverse asset management and technology professionals.

Speakers: Alan Mason (BlackRock), Jonathan McBride (BlackRock), Erica Seremeta (BlackRock), Alexis McKeown (BlackRock), Joe Crowley (BlackRock)

Bank of America’s transgender framework: improving the employee experience | Track: Trans | Level: Intermediate

To better serve our transgender employees, Bank of America implemented a comprehensive transgender framework to connect the dots both within the company and externally. Let us share our model which makes resources readily and confidentially available, our newly improved transition guide, how we provide personalized support to both transitioning employees and employees supporting transitioning family, our training approach for managers and associates of transitioning employees, and how we assist employees to understand and navigate insurance benefits. You will walk away with a feel for external resources we consulted as we scoped our work, lessons learned from our journey, and what’s next.

Speakers: Andrew McCartney (Bank of America), Crystal Howard-Doliber (Bank of America), Lauren Alleman (Bank of America)

Diversity Marketing Demonstrating Boldness – Leaning In & On their LGBT ERG | Track: LGBT Marketing | Level: Intermediate

During this video/panel experience, you will learn how to lead and create programs that generate specific, impactful, and measureable campaigns that increase awareness, visibility and market share by leaning in and on ERGs to positively impact the company’s bottom-line from AT&T and other marketing experts. Several short video vignettes will provide a real life view of what creating a campaign, engaging ERGs and/or execution looks like. Marketing experts will walk you through their (We Are Bold) campaign as well as other diverse opportunities, sponsorships, programs and activations. To enhance your learning experience, there will also be an interactive workshop to teach you how to create your own campaign, engage ERGs and execute through defined Pride, and other diverse opportunities, sponsorships, programs and activations. Panelists who are market experts from various industries will discuss their models and return on investment (ROI) and manufacturing functions continuously track metrics such as EBITDA, asset utilization, patent filings and recordable in

Speakers: Deneen L. Garrett, BA, MSA, CCLC (AT&T), Mark Barfield (AT&T), Robert Hebert (AT&T), Adam Bernard (GM)

Driving Growth in R&D and Manufacturing via LGBT Inclusion | Track: General | Level: Intermediate

R&D and manufacturing functions continuously track metrics such as EBITDA, asset utilization, patent filings and recordable injuries. In this metric driven environment, can workplace inclusion help? The value proposition for linking diversity and inclusion (D&I) with performance is a strong one, provided organizations understand what leads to inclusion; how inclusion fosters productivity and safety; and in its absence, how metrics and morale suffer. Inclusive LGBT work climates are paramount to driving growth – fueling productivity, employee engagement and safety. This workshop explores ways to improve LGBT inclusion by educating organizations on the current state of the LGBT matters in the workplace, the business case for D&I and what employees must do to shape a safe, inclusive, engaging and productive workplace.

Speakers: Greg Fulmer (Whirlpool Corporation), Ken McLellan (The Clorox Company), Miriam Lewis (The Clorox Company), Randy Maples (Whirlpool Corporation), Tabor Pearson (The Dow Chemical Company), Trevor Ewers (The Dow Chemical Company)

Featured Panel: Intersectionality 

This panel highlights the ways in which sexuality, gender, race, and other identity categories shape our workplace experiences. Panelists will share strategies for bringing our full, authentic and intersectional selves to work. They will also explore how different E/BRGs and/or affinity groups can work together to promote workplace inclusion and better align with business objectives.

Global Perspectives: The journey towards global LGBT+ benefit equity | Track: Global | Level: Advanced

Recognized as a global leader for implementing LGBT inclusive programs and policies, IBM is committed to providing a safe, open and inclusive working environment for its 375,000 employees worldwide. This workshop presents best practices and lessons learned on IBM’s journey towards global benefit equity for all LGBT employees in all regions of the world. As of today, 86% of IBM’s global employee population is covered for domestic partner benefits, including medical and leave benefits. IBM offers gender affirmation surgery benefits in four countries and provides LGBT+ employees the ability to voluntarily self-identify in over 40 countries.

Speakers: Kimberley Messer (IBM), Sofia Bonnet (IBM), Marijin Pijnenburg (IBM)

Intersections: Corporate Community Collaborations with LGBT Asian Americans / South Asians | Track: Intersectionality | Level: Introductory

Asian Americans and South Asians are the among the nation’s fastest growing minority groups. Asian and Pacific counties are the largest feeders of new immigrants and professional workers to the U.S. More and more APIs are coming out as LGBT in their companies, families, and communities. Yet there is a frustration that LGBT employee resource groups are mostly white and Asian American ERGs are mostly straight. Where do LGBT AAPIs belong? This workshop will explore the intersectional issues facing the LGBT AAPI community, discuss ways that ERGs be more inclusive of racial diversity, explore allyship with Asian American affinity groups, and finally survey effective and mutually beneficial corporate and community partnerships.

Speakers: Clara Yoon, Glenn Magpantay, Michael Dumlao

LGBT Issues in the Workplace: The Trump-Era Legal Landscape | Track: Law, Policy & Benefits | Level: Introductory

Our workshop addresses the latest legal developments concerning gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation in the workplace. We will explore how the state and federal legal landscape on LGBT workplace issues has changed in recent years, with a particular focus on changes since President Trump took office. In particular, the workshop will examine the state of the executive orders and federal and state laws on issues pertinent to transgender/gender non-conforming individuals in the workplace. In reviewing the law in this area, we will address the diverse perspectives and interests at play. We will utilize presenter roleplay and audience participation to illustrate how courts and legislators have addressed the sometimes competing demands of the LGBT community and allies, employers and the general public.

Speakers: Christopher Repole (Jackson Lewis P.C.), Ezra Cukor (New York City Commission on Human Rights), Michelle Phillips (Jackson Lewis P.C.)

Moving From Ally to Advocacy | Track: Allies | Level: Introductory

Ever had an ally ask “But what do you want me to do?” Do you want to engage more people in active participation in your ERG? Would you like to make it fun while also clarifying exactly those things that someone can do as an ally? Join our three companies to explore different fun ways to build skills while educating and engaging allies. Bank of America has an LGBT+ ally program with thousands of members globally. EY learned from them and is applying it to allies for all diversity. S&P is starting their ally program with a more simplified approach. No matter where you are in your ally journey, come learn how we’ve visibly engaged allies by simplifying it for allies and making it fun.

Speakers: Jaclyn Smith (EY), Joe Lakier (EY), Scott Jarrell (EY), Wil Lewis (Bank of America), Jason Ortiz (S&P Global), Joanie Smith (EY)

Preserving EnERGy: How to Keep Your ERG/BRG Afloat During Turbulent Times | Track: ERG/BRG | Level: Intermediate

This session will discuss how to keep an ERG/BRG active during times of unexpected change and uncertainty in an organization. The session will focus on how to keep multiple levels of staff (senior leadership, ERG employee leaders, and ERG members) involved, active and engaged; scale and focus ERG activities to the current phase of the organization’s volatility, budget, and employee concerns; and help support the organization’s goals and objectives to ensure diversity and inclusion are seen as integral to the organization’s success. These lessons will also be applicable to the ‘ups and downs’ of an organization’s normal business cycle.

Speakers: Chiara Engstrom (AIG), Christopher Roehrs (AIG), Jon Tilli (Deutsche Bank)

Rediscovering the Spark: Empowering Allies to Lead Culture Change | Track: ERG/BRG; Allies | Level: Intermediate

This session will demonstrate how Spectrum, the LGBT Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Air Products, went from the brink of dissolution to their current state as a thriving, energized group connected to the company’s goals and objectives and firmly focused on building a more inclusive company culture. Spectrum achieved this turnaround by developing strategic objectives and an internal business case, and by gaining support from the ERG membership, Diversity & Inclusion, and corporate leadership. We will use interactive exercises to engage attendees as we highlight the steps our team took to reenergize our ERG, develop our strategy, and execute our plan. Participants can follow these steps to reenergize or refocus existing groups at their organization or help new groups get started with a strong framework.

Speakers: Monique McCants (Air Products), Stephanie Britton (Air Products), Tracy Denton (Air Products)

The Employee is Our Customer: Putting ERGs on the Customer Experience Journey | Track: ERG/BRG | Level:

In today’s connected world where a company’s reputation can rise or fall with a single social media response, the landscape has shifted to where a leading customer experience is paramount to business survival and growth. Forward-looking companies are starting to change their culture and also measure performance and reward employees based on customer sentiment. We will detail how Comcast has embarked on a multi-year Customer Experience journey and discuss how these concepts should be used to strengthen and re-energize tomorrow’s LGBT ERGs missions and programs.

Speakers: Graham Tutton (Comcast), Tracey Giang (Comcast)

Retaining Diverse Talent: New Research on On-boarding and Engaging | Track: Recruitment, Retention, Executive Promotion | Level: Intermediate

Retaining top talent is an issue every company cares about. How do you create holistic approaches to meet the needs of your diverse talent and help them thrive? Deloitte will provide practical and relevant on-boarding and retention strategies, and also present their new research on the unique learning needs of military veteran hires, exploring it’s applicability to all talent with a special focus on LGBTQ and experienced-hire employees.

Speakers: Heath Clayton (Deloitte Services LP), Karen Henderson (Deloitte Consulting LLP), Jimmy Rollins (Deloitte Consulting LLP)

The Gifts of Being LGBT”: Success Stories from Wells Fargo’s Diverse Leader Program | Track: Professional Development | Level: Intermediate

We will share a synopsis of the Diverse Leaders Program (target audience, participants, structure etc.) and have several graduates of the program share their personal stories of impact on their professional and personal lives at Wells Fargo.  Panelists will show how the program has benefited their career through promotion opportunities, stronger engagement and building future LGBT leaders for the company.

Speakers: Jennifer Brown (Jennifer Brown Consulting), Tamara Peterson (Wells Fargo), Manichan Joy Nguyen (Wells Fargo), Jimmie Paschall (Wells Fargo), Kin Cheng (Wells Fargo)