There are two sessions on Thursday. Click on a session to view the workshops in each.

 Session 7 (Early Bird) | 10:30AM – 12:00PM

Session 8 | 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Session 7 | 10:30AM – 12:00PM 

Participants will choose one workshop in this time slot to attend. 


 Beyond HQ – Fostering Corporate LGBTQ+ Culture to Satellite Locations | Track: General; D&I Expert

The journey to workplace diversity and inclusion has been long and arduous but successful for so many companies.  Our corporate offices have gender-neutral bathrooms and we proudly march in Pride.  But our auxiliary locations often do not enjoy the same strides.  Many factors such as local cultural climate, lack of resources and direction or misunderstanding by onsite leaders, hold back our satellite locations from fully implementing the inclusive culture enjoyed by our co-workers at headquarters. In this engaging and authentic session, you will hear individual stories from companies that are mastering this challenge.  Our panelists will include Wil Lewis, Diversity and Inclusion Executive, Bank of America, Kevin Bleye, Procter & Gamble Senior Supply Chain Leader and GABLE (P&G’s LGBT+ Employee Resource Group) Global Affinity Team Leader and Rae Stuart, Site Diversity Focal / Boeing – Heath, Ohio. They will share successes, hurdles, best practices and strategies for effectively establishing, fostering and advancing inclusive cultures at auxiliary facilities.   The panel will be moderated by Ted Speaker, Ash Beckham.


Piloting Your Company Towards Inclusivity| Track: General

At American our employees are the source of our success, with a clear connection between the quality of our team and the quality of the experience we can give our customers and team members. Our pilots play a key leadership role in this space. So it’s important for the flight deck to be a place of inclusion and respectful communication. Pilots set the tone for all involved (flight crew, ground personnel, flight attendants and customers) on all flights. Learn how company efforts around inclusivity drive brand perception for any industry and explore with LGBT pilots, Captain David J. Pettet and Captain Jan Anderson, life in the cockpit at American. Whether your office is at 38,000 feet or the 38th floor of an office building, inclusion is fundamental for success.


Networking With Pride – Leveraging networks to drive inclusion in India | Track: Global

In a country with hostile laws & social stigma, LGBT+ inclusion is a big challenge.Learn how an informal network helped four organizations start their Pride ERG journey and has helped many more in getting best practices, resources & most importantly a sense of belonging.  The collective provides a structured and safe environment to share knowledge & methodologies in creating an inclusive workplace for LGBTQ+ community in India, helps HR, D&I, Business leaders connect with LGBT+ community members & get a firsthand account of challenges at the workplace and an opportunity to collective find solutions, helps create a community for organizations which helps them leverage resource, peer legal perspective, and a collective voice and strength and engages organizations, LGBT+ community, vendors, suppliers, community run organizations to provide an end-to-end solution.


Building Rural Pride – Merging Pockets of Influence for Greater Change| Track: General

Whirlpool will review an ongoing, close-to-home, case study where the Whirlpool Pride ERG steering committee members are independently leading discussions and actionable proposals on how to incrementally improve the acceptance of LGBTQ+ people in a small town in rural, Southwest Michigan. Though the case study will be specific to the corporate town and company, and the tools taken away will be actionable in any situation. You will learn how to leverage existing local progressive groups to build community acceptance and visibility of LGBTQ+ citizens, increase attendance/participation for your ERG community events, and ultimately bolster talent retention by creating a welcoming, affirming environment for diverse employees to live.


SAP takes you to Latin America, Asia and Africa | Track: Global

At SAP, diversity and inclusion is a strategic component to our ability to innovate, understand our customers, and maximize employee engagement. We have more than 80 Employee Network Groups (ENGs) which support or implement initiatives that help attract, retain and develop people of diverse backgrounds. Since the launch of Pride@SAP in Germany in 2001, SAP’s LGBT+ ENG chapters have expanded all over the world. Besides many activities in North America and Europe, SAP has sponsored LGBT Inclusion conferences in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Kenya and the Philippines and participated in Pride Parades in many different locations. Join this session to learn about SAP’s experience and the type of LGBT+ initiatives that can be implemented in three key continents: Latin America, Asia and Africa.


Employers and Trans-inclusive policies: Empowering everyone to advocate | Track: Transgender & Gender-Expansive

Could transgender-inclusive policies, practices, and healthcare coverage really be good for the bottom line? Join this interactive session to learn more about trans-policy best practices and the skills we all need to conduct an informed discussion with employers. Whether promoting progress in the workplace or for families at home, participants will gain tools for discussions about how transgender-inclusive policies, practices, and healthcare coverage is a win-win, driving results for the business and doing what is right for employees and their families.


Bullish on Inclusive Retirement | Track: General

We love our jobs….we also look forward to when we can retire, maybe donate more time and $ to the causes we care about. LGBT rights globally and in the USA have steadily moved forward, however planning for retirement and thinking about you and your loved ones financial future can still be confusing and many LGBTQ people fear they will not receive financial advice tailored to them and their rainbow families. In this session we will share high level ideas and insights for LGBTQA+ attendees of O&E who would like to plan for retirement and share the journey we have been on as a leader in providing financial services to the LGBTQ+ community. We will also highlight Wealth Management careers.


Mergers and Acquisitions and Divestitures: Oh My!!! How your Employee Resource Group can navigate through a period of change for the company| Track: Advanced ERG/BRG

Your company announces a change resulting in a merger, acquisition or divestiture, which brings on lots of questions about your role and changes coming but what about the Employee Resource Group (ERG)? ERGs are not on the forefront of priorities during this period.
The ERG can be a resource to ease employee concerns and help move things through the process during this period! In this session we will share guidance on how to turn this process into an empowering and positive experience for everyone involved. Learn how your company can make ERGs one of the first thoughts as they begin to consider mergers or acquisitions. You will hear individual stories that will highlight things that have gone well and those that provided growth opportunities. Communication between ERG’s can be an important factor in this process and can even facilitate a more positive experience for all employees.


Active Executive Sponsorship: How to Walk the Walk | Track: Professional Development

It’s easy to say you’re committed to inclusion, but it’s much harder to show-up and walk the walk. Come listen to Indeed SVP of HR, and Executive Sponsor for the iPride ERG, Paul Wolfe, as he discusses the importance of leadership in action. Sometimes, you need to roll your sleeves up, and Paul will touch on the importance of being an active face for your ERG.


Unintentional exclusion: Illuminate your ERG’s blind spots | Track: Bi+ / Queer; ERG; Allies

Is your ERG reaching everyone? It’s possible that a traditional LGBT ERG is unintentionally exclusive in its outreach. This interactive workshop will offer solutions to make an ERG more inclusive to our pan, bi, non-binary and unlabeled communities.  The presenters will share learnings from their individual journeys in seeking a better understanding of the less visible portions of the community. We’ll explore how these members of our community may feel excluded by the traditional approach of an ERG. Attendees will have the opportunity to brainstorm in small groups, develop and learn strategies to address gaps in their ERG’s inclusivity to the bi, pan, queer, and unlabeled employees at their companies.


Modern Approach to LGBT Engagement: A Blueprint for Success | Track: LGBTQ Marketing

What does the next generation of demand look like in the LGBT community? Where should our focus lie as we forge ahead towards 2020 and beyond? And more importantly, how do we get there? Join Fortune 100 company, New York Life, as we discuss how we, currently and in the future, holistically engage the LGBT market and empower our LGBT employee workforce. This compelling session will explore the origins of why we are in this market, what steps we took to get there and how engaging with the LGBT community externally and internally helps fulfill our mission. In addition, we will explore how creating a new market and revenue stream not only successfully drives our business, but also demonstrates our commitment to diversity and inclusion, embeds LGBT throughout our company – from Supplier Diversity to Employee Resource Groups and ultimately our sales channels – and helps to support and reach the LGBT community.


Unconscious Bias, Intersectionality and “+1” – brought together with PRIDE| Track: ERG

Organizations large and small are evolving their awareness and behaviors about what it means to have a diverse and inclusive workforce.   Earlier definitions focused on visible diversity have been replaced by the more impactful, behavior-based expectation of Inclusion.  This has put our organization on an exciting journey.  Clorox PRIDE is partnering with other ERGs, our Inclusion Studio and corporate leaders to embrace, pilot and bring to their full potential three concepts that are the marks of a truly inclusive workforce:  Unconscious Bias, Intersectionality and “+1”.  This workshop will share how these initiatives came into being, how we are being trained, how leaders are modeling new behaviors, how each strategy is delivering an out-sized impact at different levels in the organization, and what challenges remain.


The Art & Science of Interviews: Become a Master| Track: Career Day; General

With the hustle and bustle of today’s super-connected social media centric world, it’s easy to forget about the power of human connection, especially as it relates to recruitment on your professional journey. In this student focused interactive workshop we will help today’s university talent learn to become interview masters through the art and science of an effective interview.  Students will learn to combine best practice interview techniques (the science) with the unique flare of their own personality (the art) to drive connection and earn their dream job.


Transgender and Gender Expansive Allyship Roundtable (Open to All)| Track: Transgender & Gender-Expansive

This roundtable will provide a space for all attendees to discuss the specific challenges that transgender and gender expansive employees face in the workplace, as well as ways in which we can work to overcome these challenges. This session is open to all Summit attendees.


Featured Panel: Corporate Leadership in the Post Masterpiece Era| Track: Law, Policy & Benefits

This panel will gather industry leaders to discuss the role that companies can play as corporate activists and advocates following the Supreme Court’s Masterpiece Cakeshop decision earlier this year.


Big Ideas! Session Two| Track: TED; General

This session will showcase three 15-minute presentations on various topics in LGBTQ diversity and inclusion, as part of the 2018 Workplace Summit “Big Ideas” series. This segment focuses on three individual stories and the power of storytelling for developing understanding. Presentations include:
• “From Cubicle to Team USA: The role of allies in a high-performance workplace”
o Chris will share observations from his experience moving from mid-level management to Team USA, the different ways allies impacted his experience of coming out and navigating the workplace and the world as a trans man, and how sharing his story across the world has created change.
• “Balancing My Demanding Day Job and My Amazing Gay Job”
o As someone with billable responsibilities required for my day job, co-leading my company’s global business resource group can be a challenge. I’m really lucky to have a brazen ally to lean on as we grow our group, but I’ve also picked up some tricks to keep sane along the way. I want to share my go-to tacics for keeping one of our company’s premier BRGs on track while expanding and growing our chapters around the world, while continuing to do awesome creative work for my clients.
• “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queer.”
o The journey of a teenage drama queer that learned his leadership and social skills on the high school stage that led to his success in founding two LGBTQA Employee Resource Groups, authoring a Gay Leadership book, and launching his own company to help others tell their stories

Session 8 | 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Participants will choose one workshop in this time slot to attend. 

Improving our Future – Preparing LGBT Graduates for Corporate Life | Track: Career Day; General

Like many corporations, Florida Blue attends job fairs and supports local colleges and universities in order to cultivate the next employees and leaders of our company.  While working with one local university we realized that LGBT graduating students wanted to understand more about corporate life and how to navigate how supportive a corporation may be.  The employees of our LGBT ERG put together a workshop to help them navigate the entire process of applying, interviewing and starting a new corporate position and how to determine if it would be the right fit for them.  Attend this session to gain knowledge and insight on how to attract top LGBT talent.


Beyond the Blame Game: Religion and LGBTQ Inclusion at Work | Track: Intersectionality

Internationally, conflicts between religious and LGBTQ communities make headlines, from the debates around marriage equality to the fight for basic civil rights. When we bring our whole selves to work, outside tensions influence workplace interactions. In the workplace, these conflicts manifest in many ways, from uncomfortable conversations to overt discrimination. The resulting assumption is that these conflicts are inevitable and unavoidable. Mark Fowler of Tanenbaum and Jean-Marie Navetta of PFLAG will unpack this assumption by identifying the misconceptions and oversimplifications that too often derail constructive conversations about this topic and result in blame shifting. The session will provide participants with parameters and possibilities for mitigating conflicts and creating cultures of inclusion for everyone at work, regardless of how employees identify.


Financial Wellness for LGBTQ Communities | Track: Law, Policy & Benefits

Unique financial planning needs still exist for LGBTQ communities. What are the considerations around life insurance for transgender individuals? What options exist for titling accounts and homes and how has this changed since marriage equality? Should you revisit beneficiary designations? How can employer-provided benefits best be leveraged for healthcare and family planning? In this session, Ayco and Goldman Sachs will explore how company-sponsored financial wellness benefits can be more inclusive in their content, delivery and overall message. Join for a thoughtful converastion on best practices and real-life examples of the nuanced needs specific to the LGBTQ communities.


Representing Intersectionality – How collaboration with minority ERGs increases inclusivity | Track: Advanced ERG/BRG; D&I Expert

To improve representation of intersectionality and increase employee engagement of our diverse work force, Dow has pursued collaboration between its LGBTQI+ ERG and other minority ERGs. By listening to perspectives from LGBTQI+ and Ally employees from different ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, we have molded our LGBTQI+ ERG to be as diverse in its structure and planning as the LGBTQI+ workforce we support. We’ve seen more engagement with different audiences, increased exposure of our ERG, and more comprehensively understood the diverse range of the LGBTQI+ employees we support. Attendees of this interactive session will take away ideas and tools to recognize intersectionality of their employees, increase collaboration with their minority ERGs, and leverage learning experiences from Dow Chemical’s collaborative efforts.


Transgender Inclusion: Aerospace & Defense Industry | Track: Transgender & Gender-Expansive

This workshop is intended to address transgender issues that are unique to Aerospace and Defense contractors. We will address how the business model and environment complicates transgender inclusion. Transgender employees and HR professionals from these companies will discuss difficulties ranging over topics such as obtaining and keeping top secret clearances, travel, passport issues in foreign countries, bathrooms, the bureaucratic culture of our main customer and even corporate mergers. The moderator will address panelist from Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Rockwell Collins, and United Technologies Corporation. These companies represent approximately 400,000 employees. Handouts will be provided with a set of initial questions and reference information pertaining to the corporations. There will be opportunity for the audience participation throughout the discussions.


Holistic Corporate and Non-Profit Partnership | Track: General; First Timer

Holistic Corporate and Non-Profit Partnership will explore the ways in which non-profits and corporations can collaborate holistically to create mutual value within the LGBTQ diversity and inclusion space, through a deep-dive into the 30 year partnership between Chevron and San Francisco AIDS Foundation.


Marketing Strategies for a Successful ERG | Track: LGBTQ Marketing; ERG

In a single day, we can be exposed to OVER 10,000 messages. This demonstrates how paramount it is to cut through the noise and provide communications that educate, engage and excite your audience. This session will discuss how Outforce(Salesforce’s LGBTQ+ ERG) uses data-driven technology, dynamic personalized content, multi-channel implementation and intersectionality to create a targeted and effective global marketing strategy. Jeff will demonstrate different methods Outforce uses to keep members engaged and informed about the resources provided to LGBTQ+ employees and their allies. By using these techniques, you too will be able to expand your marketing program and ensure the success of your ERG.


Winning the Freedom to Marry Around the Globe | Track: Global

How can multinational companies advance the freedom to marry? Currently more than 1 billion people live in countries where gay and lesbian couples can freely exercise their right to marry. Still many countries around the globe are struggling. At the moment a heated discussion is taking place in Taiwan, and campaigns are advancing in the Czech Republic and Japan. The workshop will discuss how can multinational companies help to make the fight for marriage equality victorious.


Compassionate Leadership: Leading all-in from the heart. | Track: Professional Development

This session focuses on cultivating a culture of compassion and empathy in the workplace by exploring how we communicate, how we listen and how we connect with each other. When we remember we are dealing with human beings that walk through the door everyday in the workplace craving connection, we can better drive engagement, happiness and a positive work environment. Diversity and inclusion is about much more than just acceptance. It’s about compassion and love for humanity. The research behind how this plays out in the workplace is eye-opening and how it plays out is the difference between turn-over, call outs and productivity.


Big Ideas! Session Three | Track: TED; General

This session will showcase four 15-minute presentations on various topics in LGBTQ diversity and inclusion, as part of the 2018 Workplace Summit “Big Ideas” series. This segment focuses next directions in diversity and inclusion, including growing definitions of allyship and expanding community terminology. Presentations include:
• “Workplace Allyship Through the Wisdom of Whitney Houston”
o As a straight ally co-leading LGBT market initiatives at Northwestern Mutual, Michelle Hyde has learned a few lessons along the way. What better way to share those lessons than through the eternal wisdom of Whitney Houston’s music? If you have ever wondered “how will I know” how to to be a good ally, this TED-style talk will provide a place for you to “exhale”, get “so emotional”, and spend “one moment in time” growing in our allyship through stories, laughter, and some really fantastic songs.
• “Covering, Intersectionality, and Allyship: The next way we need to advocate for inclusive organization”
o To give their fullest contribution, employees must feel they can bring their full selves to work; however research shows many do not feel comfortable doing so. They are spending valuable energy every day minimizing or managing aspects of their own diversity – of identity, background, experience – in order to succeed. This takes a particular toll on diverse talent – women, people of color, LGBT individuals, people with disabilities – at a time when organizations are struggling to recruit, retain, and develop those same individuals. But all of us, and the business, pay the price. How can we build more inclusive workplace environments where all kinds of talent feel welcome?
• “Your experience, your story…So tell it!”
o Is it possible to change the minds of those with ideas, opinions, and values diametrically opposed to yours? Join this dynamic talk to hear how one person’s commitment to authenticity is changing minds, one conversation at a time.
• “QQIAAPP+: The Other Rainbow Meat”
o Want to know what’s the deal with all of these “new” labels? Do you know the difference between gender assigned at birth, gender identity, and gender expression? Sexual and romantic attraction? That there is a third leg on each of these spectra, and it’s “Not Applicable?” Explore the growing world beyond and between LGBT in this quick talk by an agender/gender-fluid, asexual, quoiromantic woman. Learn why the first and last part isn’t an oxymoron, as well as what that weird word with a “q” means.