We continually strive to provide resources that will help create better workplaces for LGBT individuals, in our mission for workplace equality for all, inclusive of all sexual orientations, gender identities, expression, or characteristics.

In addition to the resources listed below, Out & Equal offers a monthly Town Call series, events and programming at the local level through our Regional Affiliate program, and a comprehensive listing of LGBT employee resource groups in our ERG registry.

New Anti-LGBT Laws in Russia: What Should My Company Do? - Executive Briefing 10.22.13

Новые законы в России, направленные против ЛГБТ — что моя компания должна делать?

Creating a more equitable workplace environment:

On being "out" at work:

Marriage equality:

Bullying and teen issues:

Discrimination as a customer in a business:

  • Have you been discriminated against as a customer of a business? Respond constructively, and use this template to write a letter of complaint and recommend they educate staff on LGBT issues.