Virtually experience the most popular workshops from the Out & Equal Workplace Summit.

2018 Virtual Summit Series

(Based on workshops presented at the October 2017 Workplace Summit in Philadelphia, PA)

1. Stakeholder Engagement in Today’s Polarized Environment: Knowing How to Respond

Stakeholder Engagement in Today’s Polarized Environment: Knowing How to Respond
In today’s shifting political environment, an organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is being judged against how/when they respond to external events impacting underrepresented communities. The LGBTQ community is concerned that reversal of legal protections for transgender people may indicate other rights are at risk – including those enacted by employers. Lately, leadership teams are being asked from multiple stakeholders to publicly state their commitment to workplace equity/inclusion. Being prepared to respond in a timely way is key to protecting your reputation as a best place to work. This session will use real case studies that demonstrate what’s at stake and provide tips on how to respond effectively while balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders.
Apoorva Gandhi, VP of Multicultural Affairs,  Marriott International
Wesley Combs, Founder, Combs Advisory Services
Bob Witeck, Founder and President, Witeck Communications