The Regional Affiliate program brings the Out & Equal mission of workplace equality for all to the local level. It provides networking and educational opportunities throughout the year and around the United States. For additional information on how to start a Regional Affiliate, please emailOut & Equal.

How to start a local affiliate

  1. Do some research to determine initial interest and need
    Become familiar with Out & Equal’s educational programs, constituents and vision. Determine if there is a need in your community for the type of work Out & Equal does. Are there other programs — LGBT networking groups, educational groups, professional organizations — in your area doing related work with whom you can partner, or that would help support the affiliate?
  2. Network, network, network
    Find dedicated individuals in your community who are interested. To start an affiliate, you will need a minimum of five people from five separate organizations/employers. We recommend gathering a minimum of 10-15 people for initial conversations to learn more about the responsibilities and benefits of having an Out & Equal affiliate.
  3. Informational meeting with Out & Equal
    Contact Out & Equal to have representatives meet with your group by phone or in person to outline benefits and expectations. We will discuss the impact of Regional Affiliates on a national and local level, provide examples of initial documents, and supply information about how other affiliates were created.

Regional Affiliate Application

This is the start of the application process for creating an Out & Equal Workplace Advocates Regional Affiliate. Before reaching this phase you should have already spoken with staff members of Out & Equal national about what being an Out & Equal regional affiliate means. Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge. We recognize that you may not have finalized all the answers.
  • Answer this question if you responded "Yes" to the previous question.
  • Section 1: Purpose

  • Name and Describe your region here
  • Out & Equal "Region Name"
  • The Out & Equal mission

    Out & Equal Workplace Advocates™ educates and empowers organizations, human resources professionals, employee resource groups, and individual employees through programs and services that result in equal policies, opportunities, practices, and benefits in the workplace regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, or characteristics.
  • The Out & Equal Vision

    Workplace equality for all regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, or characteristics.
  • ie: HR professionals, Employee Resource Groups, executives, large corporations, medium-sized or small businesses
  • Section 2: Leadership Council

    Each Out & Equal affiliate is required to have a minimum of five members on their Leadership Council who represent a minimum of five different companies. We request that each Leadership Council member’s employer have knowledge of and generally support their volunteering. We encourage each affiliate to have diverse industries, occupations, gender identities, ages, ethnicities, physical abilities, and sexual orientations represented on their council.
  • Please provide information for each individual committed to the Leadership Council of the new affiliate.(make sure to list a minimum of five people)