Greater Philadelphia

About Out & Equal Greater Philadelphia

Out & Equal Greater Philadelphia meets local needs to educate and empower organizations, human resources professionals, Employee Resource Groups, and individual employees through programs and services that result in workplace equity regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, or characteristics.

In addition to offering support for Fortune 500 companies that are evaluated by the HRC Corporate Equality Index, the Greater Philadelphia region is home to a number of large, successful corporations and businesses that are too small to be evaluated by HRC. In the Greater Philadelphia region, if you do not work for a Fortune 500 company or perhaps a large municipal government, then you may find yourself without any protection or institutional voice on your behalf. Out & Equal Greater Philadelphia will collaborate with corporations and businesses of all sizes to ensure that all employees in the Greater Philadelphia region have a local champion for workplace equity.


Out & Equal Greater Philadelphia Leadership Council

Ray DiFrancesco, Merrill Lynch
Derek Tarcza, Comcast

Corbett Klein

Matthew Woodcock

Council Members
Brian Green, Safeguards Project
David Hall, David M. Hall Associates
Drusilla Quilley, JPMorgan Chase
Brent Reinhard, JPMorgan Chase