Pat Baillie | Director of Training & Professional Development

Pat Baillie joined Out & Equal in January 2008 after retiring for the second time in her career from Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies in Albuquerque, New Mexico, US. Prior to that, she served in the US Air Force retiring in 1993 as a Major. Her entire career has been involved with training, adult education, and activism and she is ready to pull all those parts of her history together at Out & Equal to make a difference for those in the workplace. Pat graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Master’s Degree in Physical Education, Biology and Psychology. After college, she joined the Air Force and worked as a Weapons Controller and Space Operations Officer. She was also active in LGBT causes her entire career and decided to retire from the military on the day that President Clinton announced that the federal government would continue to discriminate against gay and lesbian service members with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” She was then able to publicly come out and was the featured speaker at the Veteran’s Day memorial in Sacramento, California in 1993 and has never looked back. She has also worked extensively with sexual freedom issue as a spokesperson and educator and has work on national grass roots organizing. In Albuquerque, Pat worked within Honeywell on their Diversity Council and was asked to present on LGBT issues at the statewide EEOC conferences as well as being the only “out” employee that could be a resource. She also helped to grow the local and statewide LGBT community as the Co-President of Albuquerque Pride for over 10 years. She continued to be involved in community events from political to social until she realized she was ready to return to California. Her career path took her back to California in 2007 where she began her work at Out & Equal on educating on LGBT workplace equality. She brought her government experience and build a solid foundation working on global issues including developing the programming for 2012 Out & Equal Global Summit. She is a requested speaker and consultant for Executives, HR and Diversity & Inclusion Professionals and Employee/Business Resource Groups around the world. She lives in Oakland with her partner and travels extensively teaching, presenting and discussing the issues impacting LGBT equality in and out of the workplace. The opportunity to influence the workplace is truly a dream job bringing together her political/activist passion with her love of teaching.