Workplace Excellence - Bank of America

In 2016, Bank of America launched the LGBT Executive Leadership Council. The council is made up of top executives who are out at work. The mission of the council is “be visible to our employees, connect with our leadership team and make a difference for the LGBT Community and our Clients.” The first year has focused on visibility, organizing the approach, and harnessing the power of the leadership team. In 2016, the council nearly doubled in size, from 26 members in the U.S. and EMEA to 51 members in four countries. The council will be accountable for increasing the engagement of other out leaders at Bank of America, invest in and support LGBT teammates, serve as the voice of LGBT issues to leadership, and influence business strategies that impact our LGBT clients.

In Their Own Words: “Through Bank of America’s LGBT Ally Program, LGBT employees and their allies are visible throughout every line of business, across 36 countries and 48 U.S. states. Currently, more than 21,000 employees have made themselves visible as allies or by being out at work.”

Our Favorite Moment: In 2015, Bank of America began offering specialized support for transgender employees through its Life Event Services team, a dedicated team of Bank of America HR specialists with a simple mission- to help employees navigate significant life events. Support for employees includes retirement, embarking on or returning from a leave of absence, bereavement, dealing with a critical event like a natural disaster or house fire, living with domestic violence and gender transition.