Champion Award - Ramkrishna Sinha, Intel Corporation

Ramkrishna Sinha is the Graphics Hardware Engineer at Intel Corporation. Ramkrishna organized Intel’s first participation in the Bangalore Pride Parade for 2016. He believes that as an individual has the journey of coming out from denial to tolerance to acceptance, organizations go through a similar journey. He helped Intel come out as a LGBT friendly employer in India, which is impressive given the legal challenges and social prejudice. Ramkrishna has presented at the 2016 Out & Equal Workplace Summit and has also spoken at various forums like the Diversity Best Practices conference, the Community Business’s ERG Summit etc.

“Ram has been such a strong advocate and voice for the LGBTQ community in India and globally. I mentioned earlier that India is a country where there is social stigma about the LGBTQ community. Yet, Ram has stepped forward, standing up for what he believes in and came up with programs to bring visibility to the LGBT ERG, engage senior leadership, reach out to the larger employee base and create a culture change. He is a global role model and example of what one person can do to make a difference.”