Out & Equal provides on-site training with nationally certified trainers. Building Bridges and Train the Trainer are core courses we teach around the world. Contact Pat Baillie at pbaillie@outandequal.org or 415-694-6521  or Daniel Lawrence Smith at dsmith@outandequal.org or 415-694-6508 for more information. You can also take these programs online.

Building Bridges Toward LGBT Cultural Competency

Targets senior executives, managers, human resources/diversity professionals, customer service representatives, and the general employee population. The course is designed to help employers get the most from all employees. This training fosters increased awareness to develop a healthier and safer workplace where all employees are engaged in the mission of the organization, increasing the level of comfort for all and improving communication between LGBT and straight employees and the customers they serve.  The high level goals of this class are:

Out & Equal University will be updating their webinar courses on allies, gender identity, Employee Resource Groups and adding some new courses such as Unconscious Bias in 2017.  If you would like to learn more about these courses or are interested in classroom trainings on these and other related LGBT Workplace Equality course, please contact the Out & Equal Training & Professional Development Department:

Pat Baillie – pbaillie@outandequal.org or Daniel Lawrence Smith – dsmith@outandequal.org