Out & Equal provides on-site training with nationally certified trainers. Building Bridges and Train the Trainer are core courses we teach around the world. Contact partnerships@outandequal.org  for more information.

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Cutting Edge LGBT Diversity & Inclusion

Out & Equal is the world’s largest organization working with more than 800 Fortune 1,000 companies and nearly every Federal Agency in the country. When your company trains with Out & Equal you’ll benefit from our unparalleled knowledge of the global LGBT D&I landscape.

LGBT Cultural Competency Across Regions and Business Lines

LGBT cultural competency is unique in different regions of the US and the world—Out & Equal customizable and comprehensive training is tailored for employees at different career positions, in shifting geographic regions, and within varying business sectors.

Competitive Recruitment and Retention Among All Diverse Communities

We know that members of diverse communities often use how a corporation engages and welcomes their LGBT workforce as a litmus test for how they will engage and welcome all communities—prioritizing LGBT training that focuses broadly on unconscious bias creates a ripple effect across dimensions of diversity.

A Global Workforce Aligned with your Company’s Values of Inclusion and Equality

Through Out & Equal’s multi-platform training opportunities, your company is able to train significant portions of your workforce around the world in an efficient and affordable manner using Train the Trainer, online technology, and virtual working groups.