Out & Equal and Levi-Strauss Submit Amici Curiae Brief in California Marriage Case

Supreme Court of California Told Marriage Equality is Good for Business and Economic Growth

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- October 12, 2007 - Recently, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates and Levi Strauss & Co. submitted an amici curiae brief in support of challenging the marriage exclusion for same-sex couples in California law. The brief outlines the business and economic advantages to allowing gay, lesbian and bisexual couples to marry for the Supreme Court of California as it takes up the issue in the coming months.

"Ending discrimination in California's marriage laws is not only good law - it also makes good business sense," explains the paper. "Ending marriage discrimination will improve businesses' ability to attrat the best and the brightest to California and enhance California's reputation as a diverse, inclusive and innovative community, both of which are key factors to continued economic growth and prosperity in this state."

The brief outlines why many businesses have joined the fight for marriage equality, pointing to the competition for top talent and showing examples of businesses in Indiana and Wisconsin who fought to prevent anti-LGBT marriage amendments in those states.

The brief also points to California's existing reputation for diversity and the impact it has had on the state's economic success. "In its treatment of same-sex couple, however, California now lags behind not only Massachusetts and our neighbor to the north, Canada, which offer marriage to same-sex couples, but also Vermont, Connecticut, and New Jersey, whose civil union laws offer more protections than California's domestic partnership laws." The brief cites evidence that talented gay and lesbian couples have already left the state in search of jurisdictions with more inclusive relationship recognition.

"California must continue to stay on the cusp of diversity issues to retain its competative advantage," concludes the brief.

Read the entire amici curiae brief (PDF) for examples of why marriage equality is good for business and the state's economy.


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Press Contacts: Jere Keys, Communications Manager
Out & Equal Workplace Advocates