Out & Equal Workplace Advocates and No Dumb Questions Launches “Get Your Story Out” Website

San Francisco, 2/13/2012 – Out & Equal Workplace Advocates and NoDumbQuestions.org announces today that Get Your Story Out, a new website devoted to personal stories of coming out, and being out, in the workplace, is now live: bit.ly/getyourstoryout or http://getyourstoryout.wordpress.com.

The telling of our personal stories is one of the most powerful ways we can communicate, make personal connections, and create change. Coming out, and being out, as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) in the workplace can be daunting, and that everyone has a different experience.

This website is a virtual center where people can share their experiences, address challenges and find sources of support. By telling their personal story, participants can help others on their own path to being out–and equal–in the workplace. Out & Equal believes that this type of sharing, in addition to training and education, is the best way to keep the conversation about equality going, and can move us all towards safer, more supportive workplaces.

Have a story to share? Out & Equal invites you to submit a short video or written story to our Get Your Story Out project.  Those interested in submitting a video can do so via their YouTube account. Use the title “Get Your Story Out ” and include your name – ex: “Get Your Story Out – John Doe.” Use tags to describe your video so that other people can find it. Email us at jbaker@outandequal.org to let us know your video has been posted. It will then be added to the Get Your Story Out website.

Those interested in submitting a written story via email, or that are open to being interviewed by a member of the Out & Equal staff, please email ahawkins@outandequal.org.

Questions to Consider for Submissions
If you are out at work: what steps did you take to come out, and stay out, at work? What were your challenges, and how did you overcome them? Did your Employee Resource Group (ERG) or Human Resources (HR) department support you, and if so, how? How has Out & Equal impacted you? If you are not out at work: what roadblocks or challenges are you experiencing? Have you approached your ERG or HR departments? Have you experienced resistance or harassment? How can others help support you?

About Out & Equal
Out & Equal Workplace Advocates™ educates and empowers organizations, human resources professionals, employee resource groups, and individual employees through programs and services that result in equal policies, opportunities, practices, and benefits in the workplace inclusive of all of sexual orientations, gender identities, expressions, and characteristics.

About NoDumbQuestions.org

Inspired by the HBO / PBS Sundance award-winning documentary film No Dumb Questions, NoDumbQuestions.org is an innovative online global network and outreach campaign to support anyone asking their own "dumb questions” and telling their own stories about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) and "ally" experiences. Led by Sundance award-winning filmmaker Melissa Regan, NoDumbQuestions.org partners with leading LGBTQ equality organizations, foundations, and corporate sponsors to create safe, equal, “no dumb questions” environments in workplaces, schools, colleges, faith communities and families.

NoDumbQuestions.org: Melissa Regan, Producer / Director, melissa@NoDumbQuestions.org

Out & Equal / Get Your Story Out Project: Judi Baker, Senior Communications Associate, jbaker@outandequal.org