Site Spotlights Nonprofit and Corporate Collaborations

September 7, 2011—Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, in collaboration with the Gill Foundation, announced today that it has launched the Business of Change website,, a digital platform which provides LGBT nonprofit organizations and potential corporate supporters or sponsors with tools they can use to form fruitful partnerships.

The website offers practical and actionable recommendations for nonprofits and corporations, citing concrete examples of successful partnerships—large and small.  Associated Business of Change social media sites—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—were created as venues in which participants can contribute, discuss, comment, and connect in real time.

The “Business of Change: A Resource Guide for Corporate-Nonprofit Collaboration” was researched, written and produced by members of the Donor Resources team of the Gill Foundation and the Social Innovation team at Weber Shandwick. It was published in 2009, and distributed at no cost to thousands of nonprofits and corporate leaders across the country. Out & Equal Workplace Advocates participated on the Advisory Board of the Business of Change project, and was selected to become the long-term partner to lead the Business of Change digital platform project.

“We are very excited to embark on this project that will strengthen both LGBT corporations and nonprofits,” said Selisse Berry, Out & Equal Founding Executive Director. “Patricia Evert and the whole team at the Gill Foundation, along with Social Innovation team at Weber Shandwick, set a high bar with the incredible research they did for the Business of Change resource guide. We are proud to continue the charge with the establishment of a digital platform that will allow nonprofit and corporate professionals to continue the conversation about strategic philanthropy programs.”

Highlights of the website include: a Start Here section, where nonprofit and corporate representatives will find direction and tips; a Ratings section that offers background information on a few notable organizations that evaluate, rate, support or promote companies advancing LGBT equality in their work or workplace; Case Studies that includes nine case studies that embody the spirit of the Business of Change; and the Blog, which offers resources, news, Q&As, and guest bloggers. A downloadable PDF of the original Business of Change guide is available on the homepage.

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