Out & Equal Workplace Advocates Announces its Solution to Nation’s Increasing Unemployment Rate


WHEN: 8-9:30 a.m. Thursday, March 19, 2009 (Interviews can be arranged for later time to suit reporting schedules)
San Francisco Hilton Hotel – Financial District, 750 Kearny, San Francisco, CA
Out & Equal Workplace Advocates announces unique solution to help the unemployed find work and help decrease the unemployment rate

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates will unveil its solution to the nation’s down economy and increasing unemployment rate at its second annual LGBT Executive Forum, an event that brings together out and successful executive leaders from across the country.

“The nation’s increasing unemployment rate – more than 10 percent in California and nearly 12 percent in Michigan – cannot be overlooked, especially as LGBT executives gather over the next two days to discuss, among other topics, how to cultivate future workplace leaders,” said Out & Equal Executive Director Selisse Berry.

Berry on Thursday morning will announce the nonprofit organization’s unique job search and professional networking website, designed to expand members’ career-building networks by connecting them directly with other jobseekers and employment recruiters, who are looking for top-notch talent.

Unlike other job boards, LGBTCareerLink allows users to upload job ads, articles, and tips, as well as other career-building resources. Users make these tools available to help others in their professional advancement, creating a vast network of people working together to land jobs and learn essential career skills. The site is free for users.

“As businesses close and the number of available jobs decrease across the country, it is becoming crucial for job searchers to turn to their professional networks – former colleagues, friends, family members – to find job leads,” said Berry. “LGBTCareerLink is a one-of-a-kind site that allows users to expand their existing professional networks by connecting with others who are also searching for jobs, posting leads for others to use, and interacting directly with recruiters.”

The LGBT Executive Forum is a unique opportunity for out and successful executive leaders to learn together and share their best practices. The leading conversations will include the relevance of LGBT inclusion in a challenging economy and the imperative to resolve LGBT inclusion for global companies.

Participants will deepen their practices in the coaching of ally executives and influencing leaders within their organizations. They will share success stories of coaching and mentoring upcoming LGBT leaders. Together with experts, LGBT leaders will discover how to make Employee Resource Groups relevant to the next generation of LGBT employees and allies and demonstrate how LGBT inclusion is integral to their business’ core mission.

Press Contacts: Erik Olvera, 415-694-5612, eolvera@outandequal.org

In addition to the Executive Forum, Out & Equal offers a wide range of programs and services to promote LGBT workplace equality. Upcoming activities from Out & Equal include the second annual National Celebration on June 11; and the 2009 Out & Equal Workplace Summit-the world's premier conference on LGBT workplace equality-Oct. 6-9, Disney's Coronado Springs Resort Florida.

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Out & Equal Workplace Advocates™ is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Out & Equal champions safe and equitable workplaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. The organization advocates building and strengthening successful organizations that value all employees, customers, and communities. See our website, www.outandequal.org, for more details.