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The GLBT Professional Community Celebrates the Success of the First CandidateFive GLBT Career Forum in Los Angeles

By James Francisco

The race is on for top GLBT talent as CandidateFive’s GLBT Career Forum launched their first event in Los Angeles last Friday. As the only national GLBT employment series in the country for experienced candidates, the company is looking forward to an even more productive schedule of events spanning 7 cities.

The highly well-organized and aesthetically proficient event, which was produced by CandidateFive, the nation’s premier provider of GLBT recruiting products and resources, was held at the beautiful and unique Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. The event attracted over 250 sharply-dressed and professional candidates who met with representatives from Wells Fargo Bank, AT&T, Nike, Whirlpool, Ernst & Young, Clearchannel, Bank of America and many others to seek employment across many levels of experience.

Speaking at the reception afterwards which was also hosted by CandidateFive, Patrick Diamond, president and founder of CandidateFive, stated “The success of today’s event shows Our minority has reached a critical point in its evolution… one where the driving forces of our economy not only stand and recognize our strength and uniqueness, but also the viable portion of the business community that our minority makes up.” Mayor John Heilman was also on hand to recognize and commend CandidateFive for producing such an important event. “CandidateFive recognizes the important role that corporations have to play as instruments of social change and allies of the community… and the City of West Hollywood commends CandidateFive for their service to GLBT professionals”, stated Mayor Heilman.

GLBT employment has grown into an attractive talent pool for Fortune 500 companies for a variety of reasons. This past year, GLBT employment studies produced by Out and Equal Workplace Advocates, Witeck-Combs, Harris Interactive, Lambda Legal and The Gay and Lesbian Census can all attest to how the recruitment of GLBT candidates is a strategic imperative.

Although many companies have implemented diversity programs to include GLBT employees, job seekers still wonder when the time is right to come out during the hiring process. “While attending a session presented by Kirk Snyder, author of "The G Quotient", I heard a participant ask an important question: ‘When is it safe to come out? On my resume? In an interview? Or after I'm hired?’ The fact that he was struggling with this question points out the great need for a career forum specifically for LGBT candidates,” stated Dan Tussey, Program Director with Out and Equal, who was also in attendance as a seminar presenter
As the largest GLBT recruiting series in the country, CandidateFive’s GLBT Career Forum has tapped into a stream of corporate recruiters who have responded with a resounding “yes” when it comes to hiring. "At Wells Fargo, our company is proud of our commitment to the GLBT community, and we are delighted to work with CandidateFive to sponsor the recruitment fair to support GLBT professionals," said Michael Newmyer, Wells Fargo community banking district manager for the Mid-City area.

“I was proud to see the high caliber of GLBT candidates come through Candidate Five’s Career Forum. It was clearly a meaningful event for employers and participants alike, with unlimited growth potential," stated Jocelyn Seid, Intern Program Manager for Nike Inc.

“The event went really well… It was good to see diversity on many levels from career path to areas of interest as well as ethnicity… this event has the potential to grow and be even better as it travels to it's different locations,” added Seid.

CandidateFive is anticipated to launch their recruiting and job-board system in the weeks to come, and has their next GLBT Career Forum scheduled for August 24th in San Diego, CA. For more information on CandidateFive, visit

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