Out & Equal is Accepting Workshop Proposals for Acclaimed Annual Summit

San Francisco, CA – March 21, 2007 -Out & Equal Workplace Advocates announced today that they are accepting workshop proposals for the 2007 Out & Equal Workplace Summit. An estimated 2,000 participants are expected to convene at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C. September 27-29. The Workplace Summit is the premier conference on LGBT workplace equality, providing a unique opportunity to build alliances that foster safe and equitable work environments for everyone.

LGBT history is being made every day. As LGBT employees, straight allies, and human resource and diversity professionals gather in Washington, D.C. from around the world, Out & Equal’s 2007 annual Summit will offer the chance to unite and share the information needed to advance LGBT workplace equality. Out & Equal workshops are invaluable tools to keep pace with the multitude of changes happening around us and in the workplace.

“The annual Workplace Summit, and the workshops at the Summit in particular, have long been a source of pride for us,” said Ryan Crowder, Summit & Events manager at Out & Equal. “When it comes to the evolving issues that LGBT people face in the workplace—from early issues like nondiscrimination and domestic partner benefits, to complex and advanced topics like crafting inclusive international HR policies, addressing issues like gender fluidity in the workplace or advanced transgender health care coverage—we seek out the most innovative and educated experts in the world. We’re always looking for that person who will challenge us and say, ‘Hey, here’s something new to think about.’”

Out & Equal is seeking proposals for workshops that increase insight, skills and resources in supporting the value of LGBT members of the workplace community. In particular, they are looking for workshops from a diverse slate of presenters that educate participants on best practices and the evolving issues that surround the LGBT workforce and its employers. They encourage workshop proposals that focus on today’s “hot topics,” as well as proven workshops that challenge and enlighten newcomers to LGBT workplace issues.

Presenters will have the opportunity to teach and interact with hundreds of workplace leaders from around the nation and the world, representing dozens of top organizations. HR and diversity professionals, employee leaders, consulting professionals and educators are encouraged to submit proposals.

Out & Equal specifically encourages presenters from communities that have been historically under-represented—including but not limited to persons of color, bisexuals, physically challenged persons, veterans, transgender persons, intersex persons, allies and senior members of the community.

Anyone with unique experiences, insight or knowledge related to workplace equality are encouraged to visit the Out & Equal website ( and read through the call for proposals and guidelines for submission.

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