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Leadership Day is a unique opportunity to develop in-depth expertise, increase professional development, and enhance best practices for you and your organization. Click on a session to view the workshops in each. 

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Morning Sessions (9:30am – 12:30pm):

  1. LGBTQ+ Marketing 101
  2. ERG Success – Start Local, Grow Global
  3. Global Leadership in LGBT Diversity & Inclusion (1)
  4. LGBT Diversity & Inclusion Leadership in the Government Sector
  5. Intersectional Ally Skill-Building
  6. Building Trans Leadership
  7. Building Q-mmunity: Engaging Queer Identities at Work


Afternoon Sessions (2-5pm):


  1. Everyone (not just HR & Talent) has a stake in talent engagement, attraction and retention…even your BRG
  2. Leadership in BRGs and Advanced ERGs: Progressing to Greater Business Impact
  3. Driving Global Engagement of LGBTQ ERGs
  4. Meet them where they are: Creating an Ally Engagement strategy that is engaging, empowering and executable
  5. LGBTQ and Ally Leaders Navigating the Changing National Climate
  6. Inclusive Leadership Practices: Uncovering and Fighting Unconscious Bias
  7. Transgender Policy & Benefits in Action

MORNING SESSIONS (9:30am – 12:30pm)


  1. LGBTQ+ Marketing 101

A comprehensive orientation to the marketplace, based on 25 years of experience and insights, including case studies, research, historical perspectives, best marketing practices, and an interactive “How-To” manual of the tools you need to better understand, reach and serve LGBTQ consumers. This session is perfect for corporate leaders developing an LGBTQ marketing plan; and for those already engaged in the market, it’s an opportunity to update and refine approaches for improved return on investment. Plus, as ERGs explore becoming BRGs, this session will present the business case for LGBTQ outreach, and help you take efficient and practical steps to ensure success.

  1. ERG Success – Start Local, Grow Global

Understanding and developing the key elements of a successful framework to build and grow an Employee Resource Group (ERG) from local values to global strength will be the focus of this seminar. Exploring the elements that should be in your global strategy and understanding how quantifying versus qualifying success is important. Leaders from OUTWest, Bank of the West’s LGBT employee resource group, will go beyond awareness to explore how to build accountability through communication, content development, internal/external resources and positioning vision and mission statements that impact everyone from top executives to frontline employees. You will learn ways to respond to common challenges from existing ERG members, executive sponsors and the general employee population, and provide you with a variety of templates, timelines and processes that are adaptable in any business environment.

  1. Global Leadership in Global LGBTQ Diversity & Inclusion (1)

Drawing on Out & Equal’s increased international engagement over the past year in Brazil, China, and India, this session will feature three consecutive panels—each with a specific country focus—to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of how companies in each of these geographies are developing innovative ways to advance workplace inclusion. Brazil is Latin America’s largest economy and a key player on the global stage; China will soon surpass the United States as the world’s largest economy; and India is home to the world’s second largest population, a fast-growing economy, and a booming global tech sector, yet each country faces unique obstacles—and opportunities—in advancing LGBTQ inclusion. These panels will describe the legal and cultural contexts in each place, and highlight the growing efforts on the ground advancing LGBTQ inclusion.

  1. LGBTQ Diversity & Inclusion Leadership in the Government Sector

Designed specifically for government employees, this seminar brings together different federal agencies to share best practices on promoting LGBT inclusion and equality at work, including strategies for securing agency- and department-level support, developing business plans, improving LGBT recruitment efforts, and strengthening special emphasis programs.

  1. Intersectional Ally Skill-Building

This introductory session will review the concept of “intersectionality” and how it is relevant for professional allyship. Participants begin the seminar by exploring their own dimensions of diversity and the ways in which they present or cover aspects of themselves at work, before being introduced to the concept of ‘intersectionality’ and then examining allyship through an intersectional lens, asking how straight people can be allies to LGBTQ people; men can be allies to women; white people can be allies to people of color; gay, lesbian, and bisexual people can be allies to transgender and gender non-conforming people; etc. Through dynamic exercises and group discussions, participants will learn how they can act as intersectional allies in their own workplaces, including by leading conversations around identity with colleagues and collaborating across multiple ERGs/BRGs within their company.

  1. Building Trans Leadership

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  1. Building Q-mmunity

Focusing on the “Q” in “LGBTQ,” this session will introduce and define queer identity as well as make the business case for its inclusion in workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives. In the process, it will review the shifting landscape of terminology within the LGBTQ community (covering terms like “non-binary,” “gender fluid,” and “pansexual) and explain the importance of queer identification in the workplace, especially amongst Millennial and Generation Z employees. Participants will leave with a better understanding of queer terminology, as well as how to make queer-identifying employees feel welcome and counted in organizational initiatives.


AFTERNOON SESSIONS (2:00 – 5:00pm)


  1. Everyone (not just HR & Talent) has a stake in talent engagement, attraction and retention…even your BRG

Keeping your employees happy, engaged, and willing to recommend your company are all vitally important to its success. (Can I get an ‘Amen’?) But we all know that it takes work and commitment from people throughout the company to make positive culture unique and ownable to the organization. Hear from Publicis Groupe business leaders across various functions within the organization about how they each contribute to our talent and people strategy. Additionally, learn how Égalité, Publicis Groupe’s business resource group (BRG), supports our company goals through programming, leadership opportunities and LGBTQ policies and best practices that ensure every color of the rainbow is included when thinking about employee culture, engagement, talent and recruiting. Learn strategies and best practices for engaging and attracting talent and providing positive employee experiences from various levels and positions throughout the company.

  1. Leadership in BRGs and Advanced ERGs: Progressing to Greater Business Impact

JBC’s ERG Progression ModelSM can help accelerate your ERG/BRG journey, providing a framework that makes visible the multiple growth phases of development. This not only allows members, leaders and executives to see the impact, but also helps create sustainable growth in other areas by driving results through your resource groups. What began as organic communities of like individuals has blossomed into expert networks on LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices that are also growing and developing the next generation of LGBTQA talent, as well as beginning to measure their success in business terms. In this interactive session, Jennifer Brown and Katie Mooney of JBC, will present the model, discussing goals, measurement and business impact at each stage for LGBTQ networks specifically, and enabling the sharing of best practices from JBC clients and also across multiple companies in the audience.

  1. Driving Global Engagement of LGBTQ ERGs

SAP has been a strong leader in advancing LGBTQ diversity and inclusion in the global workplace.  During this session, SAP representatives from around world will share their strategies on organizing global LGBTQ ERG structures.  Discussion topics will center around how to navigate both internal and external stakeholder engagement, effective collaboration with NGOs, business partners, and other ERGs, and how to keep colleagues engaged when working remotely.  Whether a company is beginning its journey towards LGBTQ inclusion or looking for ways to strengthen its existing structures, ERGs are essential components of a safe and welcoming workplace. Examples from various geographic and cultural contexts will be used to highlight the strategies can be implemented to overcome unique obstacles that exist in different places around the world.

  1. Meet them where they are: Creating an Ally Engagement Strategy that is Engaging, Empowering and Executable

How many times have you created strategies and vision statements for employee engagement, only to find these strategies months or years later collecting dust in a notebook on your credenza? During this session, Bank of America Ally Program Co-Leads, along with Technology and Training Leads, will share the secrets to creating a dynamic, innovative and executable Ally Engagement strategy to meet your organization’s unique needs, while taking into account your organization’s size and the current level of your Ally programs. Participants will gain best practices learned through the development and implementation of Bank of America’s own Ally Program, while developing their own concrete Ally engagement strategies for their companies.

  1. LGBTQ and Ally Leaders Navigating the Changing National Climate

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  1. Inclusive Leadership Practices: Uncovering and Fighting Unconscious Bias

Unconscious biases are shaped, and often reinforced, by our environments and experiences. Elfi Martinez of JBC will help participants understand how our brains work when we think about difference and sameness. This seminar will identify potential individual and organizational biases, and explore techniques that can be implemented for responding to unconscious bias, improving ERG/BRG effectiveness in combating Unconscious Bias and limiting microinequities, while also introducing inclusive behaviors and practices and sharing examples from JBC clients.

  1. Transgender Policy & Benefits in Action

Do you feel like your company has a disconnected array of transgender resources through which employees, employees who have transgender dependents, managers and HR professionals must navigate? Maybe you need to make sure your policies and benefits cover transgender employees at all. Do you cover medically necessary procedures for transgender employees like you would for diabetes care or heart disease or pregnancy? How do you assist with workplace transitions including name changes and team communications and bathroom use?

Let Bank of America share our model for how we provide consistent while personalized support to our employees when they have questions, transition, have transgender dependents or need ongoing support. You will learn from our journey as well as understand our policy language, transition guide and other resources we use. We will provide a feel for our efforts to expand globally, how we are tackling gender expansive/non-binary scenarios, tactical examples of how we support employees who sit in sites far away from our corporate offices and how we use training, employees’ personal stories and our Ally Program to shift culture. While we don’t claim to have it all figured out, we will gladly share learnings and suggestions that can simplify things for you and will create a space for other companies to share their best practices as well. Participants will have time to work on their own action plans during the session, and we commit to hosting a follow up call after the summit to answer additional questions that may arise when you propose changes or start to implement in your own workplaces.