Out & Equal Chicagoland Citywide Pride

Citywide Pride is excited to offer a year-round series of presentations and networking events sponsored by Chicago area companies and organizations to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, share best practices, raise awareness of important issues, and celebrate the contributions of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) workforce and community. Citywide Pride, now in its 13th year, is organized by the Out & Equal Chicagoland Council. View events here.

Events are open to employees and friends of Citywide Pride partner organization on a first-come basis; register using the links provided. Contact for more information or to find out how your organization can become involved.

About Out & Equal Chicagoland

The Out & Equal Chicagoland Regional Affiliate (the “Affiliate”) was formed in 2005.  Since it's inception, the Affiliate has worked with leading Chicago area companies and organizations to promote LGBT workplace equality.  The Affiliate achieves this by consulting on workplace best practices, by offering learning opportunities around workplace and community issues and by facilitating networking and connections that enhance business opportunities and the career aspirations of LGBT employees.

The highlight of the Affiliate's work is the organization and production of the annual “Citywide Pride” series of events.  These events are generously hosted/sponsored by leading Chicago area corporations and organizations and include opportunities to learn, network and celebrate.  Though the events have been historically concentrated in June, they now occur throughout the year.

Out & Equal Chicagoland Vision

To be the recognized authority for regional companies and organizations on LGBT workplace equality issues and to provide them and their employees with opportunities to learn, to network and to develop satisfying and successful careers.


1. To be a clearinghouse for LGBT workplace equality and diversity issues for companies, organizations and individuals that assists them in addressing those challenges and in capitalizing on the opportunities that addressing them can provide.

2. To enable companies, organizations and their employees to connect with each other and to leverage those connections to improve LGBT workplace equality and enhance business and career opportunities.

3. To facilitate learning about the needs of LGBT employees and to articulate the value of creating and maintaining a fair and equitable workplace for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. 

4. To develop LGBT individuals in ways that enhance their leadership skills, contribute to their career aspirations and add value to the companies, organizations and communities they serve.

5. To engage and partner with other community-based organizations so as to leverage the strengths of each organization and efficiently deliver services that improve the lives and opportunities of LGBT community members.

Out & Equal Chicagoland Leadership Council

Trung Tieu, Pepsico

Council Member
Robert Arredondo, Edelman
Stephanie Chin, CNA
Matthew Carter, Allstate
Tim Emond, Kraft
John Mach, Deloitte
Ryan Rodriguez, PWC
Jim Huberty (Chair Emeritus – O&E Chicagoland)
Lori Fox (Out & Equal Board of Directors)

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