The Outies: Champion Award Finalists

The Champion Award recognizes any LGBT person or Ally who has made a significant contribution to advancing equality in their workplace.The Champion Award nominees have shown a unique commitment to LGBT workplace rights and have used their talents to further that cause, even at some risk.   Jose Berenguer Jose Berenguer is CEO of Brazil and

The Outies: LGBT ERG of the Year Finalists

The Outie for LGBT Employee Resource Group of the Year recognizes a particular employee resource group (ERG) that has a proven track record of success in advocating for LGBT equal rights in its own workplace.   IC Pride – US Intelligence Community IC Pride was created in 2009 with only a vision, a chairman, and

Strength in Diversity, Courage in Crisis

Our communities are stronger when all are welcome and when we uphold the values of dignity, equality, and respect. And it’s incumbent on all of us—especially those in positions of power, leadership, and privilege—to speak out against hate and bigotry in all its forms. At Out & Equal, we’ve worked for 20 years with incredible

Perspectives on LGBT Workplace Equality in Canada

  Out & Equal hosted a webinar on July 12, 2017, entitled “Perspectives on LGBT Workplace Equality in Canada,” as part of our bimonthly global webinar series. The panel provided insights into Canadian business’ LGBT inclusion efforts, and at the end, audience members had a few questions that panelists were unable to answer. We have

DOJ: The Civil Rights Act Doesn’t Cover Discrimination Against Sexual Orientation

“The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) announcement today weighing in against protections for LGBT people in the workplace, shows that President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions will go out of their way to support—even sanction—discrimination against LGBT employees.  Trump claims to be an ally of the LGBT community, but actions speak louder than words. No one should have

Trump Announces Ban on Transgender People in the U.S. Military

“This is unabashed workplace discrimination. By prohibiting transgender people from serving openly in the military, Trump is not only attacking the LGBT community, but the very values of freedom and justice upon which this country is built. No one should have to choose between serving their country and being their authentic self at work.  This

CMI publishes 11th annual survey on LGBT community trends

  Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) recently published the findings from their 11th Annual LGBT Community Survey, which collects consumer research from LGBT-identifying individuals in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The survey is meant to provide industry leaders with a picture of relevant trends in the LGBT community. Among the key findings, CMI provides

Perspectives on LGBT Workplace Equality in India

  On May 10, Out & Equal held a webinar entitled “Perspectives on LGBT Workplace Equality in India,” as part of our bimonthly global webinar series. Audience members had a number of interesting questions at the end of the webinar. Below are answers to those final questions, provided by two of our panelists, Ramkrishna Sinha,

Texas Court Undermines Marriage Equality

Marriage equality is about more than a ceremony and a marriage license—it’s about same-sex marriages being treated with equal dignity and recognition under the law. The Texas ruling dishonors the work of those who’ve fought for decades for this victory and threatens the progress we’ve made. It’s not enough to simply be able to get

Germany Wins Same-Sex Marriage!

Germany has stepped onto the right side of history; we can now be married in 15 European countries. We congratulate the German people on this heartwarming victory. But our work is not over.  In nearly 80 countries we can still be arrested, imprisoned, or even killed because of who we are and who we love.