Erin’s Letters: Global Voices

As an American who has worked overseas in an environment where it’s not OK to be out, I personally know the courage – and sometimes the risk – that it takes to live an authentic life. I also know the amazing power and fulfillment that comes from being out and equal at work, both for us

Keeping Up With the Out & Equal Global Fellows

  In 2017, Out & Equal launched its inaugural Global Fellowship, a six-week intensive program designed to empower advocates for LGBTQ workplace equality around the world. Fellows spent the majority of this time at the Out & Equal offices in San Francisco, developing projects to advance workplace equality in their home countries and gaining exposure

Erin’s Letters: Open Letter to Federal Agency Colleagues, Friends, and LGBTQ ERGs

My name is Erin Uritus, and I am the new CEO of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates (O&E).  Many of you know O&E through our annual Out & Equal Workplace Summits,  educational programs, and annual Executive Forum.  Some of you may even know me through my previous work running pre-Workplace Summit workshops for ERG leaders

Erin’s Letters: Erin’s First Message

Wow—what a start! I feel so welcomed by the team at Out & Equal and our supporters around the world!   During my first week, I was reminded of my own start with the organization and personal journey as a member of the LGBTQ community—starting with my own “magical Summit moment.”   In 2002, I

Perspectives on LGBT Workplace Equality in Singapore

  On January 10th, Out & Equal hosted a webinar entitled “Perspectives on LGBT Workplace Equality in Singapore” as part of our bimonthly global webinar series. The speakers—Leow Yangfa, the Executive Director of Singaporean LGBTQ advocacy organization Oogachaga, and Sophie Guerin, the Head of Diversity and Inclusion for Asia Pacific, China and Japan at Dell—gave

Erin Uritus responds to the creation of the Division of Conscience and Religious Freedom within the Department of Health and Human Services

“The Division of Conscience and Religious Freedom highlights the need for federal non-discrimination policies that protect LGBTQ individuals in all areas of life—from healthcare to employment. This measure threatens the advancement of Business to provide LGBTQ inclusive healthcare, especially for those residing in rural areas who already face difficulties in accessing healthcare free from discrimination.[1] Life

Michel Cox, Board of Directors, Welcomes New CEO – Erin Uritus

It is both an honor and a privilege to have my first message as the 2018 Chair of the Board of Directors for Out & Equal be to introduce you to our new Chief Executive Officer, Erin Uritus. Erin has a long and rich history with Out & Equal— she first became involved with us

Out & Equal Welcomes New CEO

  (San Francisco, CA) –Out & Equal Workplace Advocates is thrilled to announce the new Chief Executive Officer of the 20+ year organization, Erin Uritus.   Board Chair and Comcast Senior Vice President Michael Cox shared, “Erin joins Out & Equal with unparalleled domestic and international experience as an executive in the corporate, government and

Five Great Things that Happened in Support of LGBTQ Workplace Equality in 2017

  As the remaining days of 2017 dwindle, our team at Out & Equal can’t help but reflect on what this year has meant for our LGBTQ family and those who support us.  2017 was an undeniably difficult year for our community, and while we cannot ignore the reality of such hardships, we must also—and

The L-Word: Revolution & Revival

  Dear Ilene Chaiken and Marja-Lewis Ryan,   The L-Word graced the screens of our televisions all across America in 2004 ushering in a new era of LGBT visibility in the media. Your show explored the lives of a close circle of queer women and their friends, taking a deep dive into an otherwise invisible