Out & Equal Announces Its 2018 Global Fellowship Recipients

Tiago Marinho (left) and Ananda Puchta (right), both from Brazil, join Out & Equal as Global Fellows.   Last year, Out & Equal announced its inaugural cohort of Global Fellows from Kenya, India,and Latvia.  This year, we are pleased to announce the second annual cohort of Global Fellows: Ananda Puchta and Tiago Marinho from Brazil. 

Principles for Building a Solid Foundation for Self-ID Data Collection: Expertise from Gretchen Ruck, AlixPartners, LLP

In the age of big data, concerns surrounding data collection and privacy are at an all-time high. While the need for data regarding the LGBTQ community is critical in understanding the magnitude of issues faced by LGBTQ individuals, as well as the solutions to those issues, many companies are understandably uncertain about how to collect

First-ever Out & Equal China Roundtable Brings Together Corporate & NGO Leaders to Move LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion Forward in China

  Excitement is in the air after what was truly a fantastic and trailblazing Out & Equal China Roundtable, held on June 14th at the GE Technology Park in partnership with ShanghaiPRIDE.  The China Roundtable was a unique, one-day gathering of LGBTQ and Ally leaders aimed at advancing discussions around LGBTQ workplace inclusion in China

Does it Even Count? LGBTQ Data and the 2020 Census

For years LGBTQ advocates, researchers, and federal agency leaders have urged the Census Bureau to add sexual orientation/gender identity questions to the decennial U.S. Census to deepen overall understandings of the LGBTQ community. While many had waited in hopes that the 2020 Census would include questions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity—many were dismayed to

Erin’s Letters: Out & Equal + Brazil

Out & Equal’s global work is a key growth area in our organization. And as the largest country in Latin America and one of the world’s largest economies, Brazil is a key player on the global stage and a strategic focus market for Out & Equal. We’re planning our third annual Brazil Forum there in November, and

Post-Marriage Equality: Why Your Company Should Continue to Provide Domestic Partner Benefits

In 2015, Obergefell v. Hodges was victorious in bringing nationwide marriage equality to the United States. While the LGBTQ community and its allies celebrated the victory after a civil rights battle that lasted decades, many businesses then assumed that the need for domestic partner benefits had been eliminated, and, thus, removed these protections from their

Erin’s Letters: An Open Letter To My Children (introduction)

I was doing my first interview after accepting the position as Out & Equal’s new CEO when the reporter asked me why I wanted to do this work. After we talked about my core belief in equality, that we need all hands-on deck to succeed, that I am inspired by so many of you—I got

An Open Letter To My Children On Being An Ally

My beautiful children, your world is a magnificent playground of all kinds of people – of cultures, and music, and food, and cities with lights. The world is shrinking too, as we share our cultures much more intimately, thanks to social media and travel being much easier than ever before. You have entered a generation

Webinar Summary: U.N. Initiatives to Engage the Private Sector in LGBTQ Equality

  The United Nations (U.N.) serves as one of the premier advocates for LGBTI human rights around the world through both research of abuses and guidance for businesses and governments to adopt better practices, including around employment. To help our partners better understand existing U.N. initiatives, Out & Equal hosted a webinar on Wednesday, March

Indonesian Legislators Debate Amending Country’s Criminal Code to Outlaw All Same-sex and Extramarital Relations

  In recent years, attitudes towards Indonesia’s LGBTQ population have become increasingly hostile as support for conservative Islamist forces has grown. In 2008, the country passed a national Anti-Pornography Law that classifies same-sex relations as “deviant behavior” and since 2016 police have begun enforcing this law widely by arresting LGBTQ people both in well-known LGBTQ