2019 Workplace Equality Fact Sheet

The 2019 Workplace Equality Fact Sheet is an overarching snapshot of the state of LGBTQ workplace equality in the United States. Download the 2019 Workplace Equality Fact Sheet.

Q&A: Perspectivas desde América Latina: Inclusión LGBTQ en el Lugar de Trabajo

On February 13, 2019, Out & Equal hosted its first-ever Spanish language webinar entitled, “Perspectives from Latin America: LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion (Perspectivas desde América Latina: Inclusión LGBTQ en el Lugar de Trabajo)” as part of our bimonthly global webinar series. The presenting panel featured Debora Gepp – Responsible for Diversity and Inclusion at Braskem, Jose Alberto Pino Andrade

Checking the Pulse: LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion in Post-377 India

Last year, Out & Equal host the first-ever Out & Equal LGBTQ India Forum Powered By IBM in Bangalore, India.  This took place only one month prior to the landmark Supreme Court decision to strike down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which had been used to criminalize homosexuality.  Now, nearly six months later, we’re checking in with our

Out & Equal is proud to welcome Deena Fidas as the Managing Director of Global Stakeholder Engagement

Deena is an extraordinary leader with a strong legacy of impact and expertise in stakeholder engagement, community building, global programing, and public policy – a combination that will drive Out & Equal’s vision and goals forward domestically and around the world.   After spending nearly 12 years leading the Workplace Equality Program at the Human

Open call to Trump Administration to Respond to Latest Atrocities Against LGBT People in #Chechnya

February 8, 2019 President Donald J. Trump The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear President Trump: We write to ask that you and your Administration take urgent and immediate action to press the Government of Russia to stop a new wave of discriminatory detention, violence, torture and murder being carried out

3 Ways to Practice Intersectional Allyship in 2019

We all remember the magic of Summit – inspirational storytelling, D&I insight, and a newfound sense and dedication to belonging in the workplace. We want to keep the momentum of that transformative energy of Summit in the New Year. And we could not think of a better way than to revisit the powerful keynote by

Q&A: How Younger Generations are Approaching LGBTQ Workplace Issues Around the World

On December 12, 2018, Out & Equal hosted a webinar entitled, “How Younger Generations are Approaching LGBTQ Workplace Issues Around the World” as part of our bimonthly global webinar series. The presenting panel featured Neelam Jain, Founder & CEO of PeriFerry based in Bangalore, India; Tiago Marinho, Customer Success with Salesforce based in São Paulo,

Out & Equal traz mágica para o Fórum Brasil 2018

Nós frequentemente descobrimos nossas maiores fortalezas, criatividade e desenvoltura quando encaramos desafios – tanto individuais quanto em comunidade. Esse foi um dos maiores aprendizados para os 400 participantes de 140 empresas e organizações que se reuniram no Centro de Eventos do WTC em São Paulo na última sexta para o terceiro Fórum anual do Out

Out & Equal Brings Magic to the 2018 Brazil Forum

We often discover our greatest strength, creativity and resourcefulness when facing challenges – both individually and as a community. This was one of the key takeaways for the 400 attendees from 140 companies and organizations who gathered at the WTC São Paulo Event Center last Friday for the third annual Out & Equal Brazil Forum.

Op-Ed: For Bermuda, the Arguments over Marriage Equality are Settled; It’s Time to Accept the Results

  NOTE: OUTBermuda and its co-plaintiffs won a crucial victory for marriage equality in November at Bermuda’s highest court. Nonetheless, the Government of Bermuda is weighing whether to appeal this outcome to the Privy Council in the U.K. – one last attempt to divide the nation and stand in the path of equality for Bermuda’s