LGBT Diversity Leadership in the Workplace Lunch & Learn Program

Using 90-minute Lunch & Learn discussions, employees who have completed the Out & Equal Train the Trainer course provide an overview of the business case for the inclusion of LGBT employees in their own workplace. Out & Equal provides the slide deck materials that can be customized for your workplace. Trainers address expanding the diversity in the workplace as well as reviewing LGBT related policies, benefits and workplace climate of their business or organization.  Using skills to open discussion and providing facts, trainers assist fellow employees to assess the workplace environment and develop action plans to create equality in the workplace.  These courses serve the basis of breaking down barriers and foster communication between LGBT employees and allies and their co-workers.  A trainer’s network is available to support the trainers as questions come up or to provide best practices as discussions about the next step in advancing LGBT equality in the workplace occur. 


  • Upon completion of the training, program participants will be able to:
  • Evaluate myths and stereotypes about LGBT people
  • Discuss the effects of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and heterosexism on workplace relationships
  • Assess the workplace environment from the perspective of LGBT employees, clients, and customers
  • Understand the impact on recruiting, retention and engagement in an inclusive LGBT workplace climate
  • Generate a personal or organizational action plan to address targeted problem areas 

These courses are provided at no charge in the workplace.  Trainers are certified to teach this program for two (2) years after completing the Train the Trainer program.

Contact Pat Baillie, Training & Professional Development Manager at or (415) 694-6521 for more information.