2013 Workplace Summit Breakfasts & Luncheons

HR Breakfast

Moderator: James Campbell
Panelists: Leslie Anderson, Albert Snell, Antonis Antoniou, Scott Williams

The Supreme Court's decision to reject DOMA as unconstitutional in United States vs. Windsor changes the way the federal government recognizes same-sex marriages. The IRS has issued guidance, and now employers and individuals need to understand what has changed and what they need to do in response. This panel will focus on employer sponsored benefit plans for active, formerly active and retired employees. We will discuss the impact to US employees as well as how this change will impact international mobility to/from the US.  In addition to discussing the impact of the regulations, we will discuss potential employer approaches to communicating these changes with employees. Panelists will include Mercer consultants and legal experts.

Women's Leadership Breakfast

Panelists: Elaine Kaplan, Acting Director of the Office of Personnel Management; Rep. Susan Allen, Minnesota House of Representatives.

This year marks the 8th Annual Women's Leadership Program at the Out & Equal Workplace Summit. Open to everyone, and focused on the achievements of LGBT women leaders, this breakfast session offers tremendous opportunities to make valuable connections and learn about the inspiring examples of women leading change from within our community.