2012 Workplace Summit Leadership Seminars

Leadership Seminars (lunch included)
Monday, October 29

9:00AM - 5:00PM
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Employee Resource Group Leadership Seminar
Facilitators:  Jennifer Brown, Robyn Terrell
In the morning, we will examine the inclusiveness of our ERGs and organizations and consider ways to better understand LGBT employees whose identities include experiences underrepresented in many workplaces.  We will have the chance to explore our own unseen perceptions, understanding, biases and questions, and how those show up in our practice of leadership.  We will plan for making our ERGs more inclusive, and explore how to better collaborate with other ERGs within our organizations.  And we will look at the impact that ERGs can play in their workplaces becoming more fully inclusive.  During the afternoon, we will incorporate what we have learned about inclusive leadership into a conversation around strategic planning, succession planning and business ROI for our ERGs.

Communities of Color Leadership Seminar
Facilitators:  Robyn Terrell
The business case for Inclusion differs from the business case for Diversity. Even when diversity is happening, inclusion is not guaranteed. It requires thoughtful strategies and actions on the part of leaders. Research has consistently demonstrated the impact of bias in organizations. In any organization bias is built into decision-making, and sometimes creates blind spots in output and program planning. Inclusive leadership starts with acknowledging social biases in order to successfully establish and create a truly inclusive environment. In order for people to feel included, valued and appreciated, they must first know that their views and thoughts are accepted. Organizations that proactively create and foster inclusive leadership effectively integrate multiple perspectives and alternate voices, and produce higher performing teams.

In the morning, we will join with leaders from employee resource groups and Out & Equal regional affiliates for a dynamic and interactive exploration of inclusive leadership. We will explore our experiences as LGBT employees from communities often underrepresented in ERG and regional affiliate activities, and discuss the factors that could make engaging with these organizations more accessible and valuable. We will work together to understand the visible and invisible barriers throughout our community that can serve as obstacles to full inclusion. This workshop strives to bring together leaders of LGBT organizations in the workplace, with underrepresented voices in rich dialogue about the missed opportunities of non-inclusivity.

During a joint lunchtime session we will listen and learn from a “fishbowl” conversation among LGBT Leaders of Color about their experiences with organizational leadership, code-switching, and feelings of invisibility.

During the afternoon, we will break from the ERG and regional affiliate leaders to focus on our own personal leadership, including

  • Race and Gender -based consciousness. Recognizing our own internal oppression and assumptions.
  • How to be in an environment where you feel different, and still be powerful and effective.
  • Forming mentor and sponsor relationships across color and gender.
  • How we navigate successful careers through the lens of our multifaceted identities.

LGBT Diversity Leadership: Train the Trainer Course
Sharrin Spector, Q Wilson, Emma Mishel
Have policies? Created an ERG? What's next? Most companies want to expand the discussion around sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace and this course provides the tools! Taking the business case materials used in our national training, this course prepares employees as trainers for Out & Equal to teach in their workplace. Certification is good for 2 years and includes links to the Trainer's Network and monthly Trainer's Forum as well as the most recent updates on LGBT workplace issues.

Ally Leadership Development
David M. Hall Associates
This session for ally engagement and empowerment will include a specific focus for developing a stronger, more vibrant ally engagement program in your workplace. Participants will leave with not just cultural competency but also with concrete steps that can be integrated in your workplace. We will examine the basic language of LGBT inclusion that allies need, the challenges of being out in the workplace, marriage equality and corporate allies, transgender inclusion, ally engagement across the ERGs, roadblocks to ally engagement, and action planning for changing workplace culture.

Transgender Awareness & Inclusion: Getting There from Wherever You Are Now
Jamison Green, Ann Dunkin
The recent inclusion of Transgender Healthcare benefits in the HRC Corporate Equality Index (CEI) has increased focus on Transgender Inclusion across Corporate America.  While Transgender Inclusion is a new concept for some organizations, others have made great strides towards a fully inclusive workplace.   Whether you're making sure you maintain your 100% of the CEI or just beginning the journey towards Transgender Inclusion, this workshop will help you and your organization take your next step. The workshop will include an information session in the morning, an expert panel at lunch and a working session with facilitators and panelists in the afternoon. During the morning session, facilitators Jamison Green and Ann Dunkin will present foundational information that will prepare you to create your action plan later in the day.  Topics covered will include workplace issues for transgender people, handling workplace transitions, benefits implementation, current law and international considerations. Next will be a working lunch where experts from different workplaces and environments will speak about their experiences creating transgender awareness and implementing policies and programs in their workplaces.  Panelists will represent large and small businesses and government from both urban and rural environments, both inside and outside the US. In the afternoon, the class will break out into small groups based on their organization type, where they are in their journey and their interests.  The small groups will work with the session facilitators and panelists to develop action plans for their return to work. Participants will leave the workshop with a written plan, next steps and a support network that can provide ongoing assistance as they continue their journey.

Federal Leadership Seminar
- This course has been approved for training by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
Out & Equal’s Annual Summit attracts almost 3000 attendees each year and offers professional development opportunities through workshops, plenary session and day long Leadership Seminars.  Historically, the conference has focused primarily on corporate perspectives but over the last 4 years, more and more federal employees have attended.  In 2012, the Out & Equal Summit in Baltimore, MD and will provide even greater access to LGBT and ally federal employees, congressional staff and even active duty military.  Under President Obama, the changes for LGBT federal workers with benefits have advanced within the current legal framework.  The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Secretary Clinton’s Geneva speech on LGBT human rights and increased work of LGBT Special Emphasis Programs has created a wealth of possibilities. To this end, Out & Equal sees the opportunity to convene a day-long Leadership Seminar for Federal Employees on October 29, 2012 at the Baltimore Convention Center.