2012 Workplace Summit FAQs

We have assembled a list of commonly asked questions about the Out & Equal Workplace Summit. If you have additional questions, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

What is the Summit dress code?
Business casual is appropriate for much of the Out & Equal Workplace Summit. Many attendees wear shirts with their company logos, and we invite you to show your team spirit. We also have Out & Equal merchandise available at our store in the exhibit hall. The Workplace Awards Dinner is your opportunity to dress to impress. We ask for business formal (suit and tie) or formal attire for the event.

I have to keep in touch with my office/family during the Summit, will this be a problem?
Out & Equal recognizes that Summit participants may need to take work-related or family calls while they are taking part in the week’s events, but we ask that you silence your cell phones and other communication devices during workshops, plenaries and other educational forums. If you must take a call, please leave the room before answering it.

Please feel free to use your phones and laptops to join us online during the conference, as we encourage participants to join in on the conversation. We will also be updating our Facebook page throughout the conference, and invite you to share your experiences and thoughts on our page as well. Be sure to follow us online: Facebook and Twitter.

Can I receive training credit for the Summit through the Federal Government or HR Certification Institute?
The Summit was submitted to the Office of Personnel Management for approval as training for federal employees. The Workplace Summit was approved in 2011 and we will notify our federal employee attendees when we receive approval.

Can I take photos at the Summit?
Out & Equal respects that some Summit participants value their privacy and do not wish to have their photographs taken. Participants with a dot on their name badges have asked not to be photographed during the Summit. Please respect their rights. Generally speaking, please ask for permission before you take someone’s picture.

Will my picture be taken at the Summit?
Out & Equal respects that some Summit participants value their privacy and do not wish to have their photographs taken. Participants with an indication on their name badge have asked not to be photographed during the Summit. Please respect their requests. Please be aware that unless you clearly express your desire not to be photographed and avoid cameras when they appear, your image may appear in press coverage or be used for Out & Equal promotional material.

What do I do if I need to speak with an Out & Equal representative?
There are many volunteers at the Summit who can assist you with common questions and problems. If a Summit volunteer is unable to help you, you may identify Out & Equal staff by looking for “STAFF” ribbons attached to name badges.

What if I have an emergency?

Hotel and convention staff are prepared and trained to deal with most emergencies. Please speak to the nearest Out & Equal staff member or contact facility staff.

What are rules regarding badges?
Name badges must be worn at all times and must be visible. Your name badge serves as your entrance into all events. If your name badge is not visible, conference staff or room monitors may ask to see it before allowing you into Summit events.

What is the seating policy?
Rooms may be crowded and space may run out at popular events. For the featured panels and concurrent workshops, seating is first-come, first served. Once a session room is full, the session will be closed to attendees. Standing will not be allowed.

What is the seating policy for the Gala Dinner?
Seating will be assigned by tables. Preferred seating is offered to sponsors and award recipients.  Out & Equal makes every effort possible to assure attendees from sponsoring organizations are seated with colleagues.

What meals will be provided at the events?
Breakfast is included with the plenary sessions that begin Wednesday morning. Brunch is included in the Tuesday morning plenary session. A light lunch is included in the Thursday plenary session. The Gala Dinner includes supper. A continental breakfast and lunch buffet will be served to Summit attendees who register for full-day Friday Leadership seminars. Summit participants are expected to provide or purchase all other meals. Lunch options will be available for purchase at various locations in the hotel. Also, participants may choose to register and pay for ticketed luncheons.

Please direct your questions about the 2012 Workplace Summit to dsiragusa@outandequal.org or 415-694-6519.