Page 165 - Out & Equal Workplace Summit

Gala Dinner
PM - 10:00 PM
Sponsored by HP / Reception Sponsored by Target
Out & Equal–It Begins With Me
When I came out I held my breath and took the plunge.
I didn’t know how deep the pool was, how cold, but I knew
I had to do it. Today, I swim with long confident strokes and
encourage others to “come on in–the water’s just fine.”
Of course not all of us are Olympic-class swimmers, nor
do we need to be. All we need is enough buoyancy and
enough support to stay in the pool. That’s what
Out & Equal does, year-round. Long after the Summit
tinsel is taken down and stored away for next time, every
day we’re providing the water-wings, the classes and the
encouragement to stay active.
Just like any other well-run business, we need a diverse
portfolio of investors ready to play their part in our success.
That’s why we need your personal support. That personal
support will help us expand LGBT freedoms worldwide
as be embark on global programs; it will provide the resources we need to do a better job of serving
ERGs and regional affiliates; it will mean that when ENDA passes we’ll be sprinting on the track–
delivering the needed services–not fumbling with our shoelaces in the locker room; and it will mean
that we can expand our scholarship program so that our next generation of emerging leaders can
engage with you at Summit.
At this Summit, during our Gala Dinner, we will invite you to be our partner in creating a future where
anyone, anywhere can bring their full self to work.
With gratitude,
Selisse Berry
Founding Executive Director–Out & Equal Workplace Advocates
Join us at the 2012 Out & Equal Workplace Summit Gala
Dinner for a night of celebration and entertainment.
Gala Reception and Dinner will include auctions and a special appeal so that the
work of Out & Equal can continue changing lives in the workplace year-round.