2011 Workplace Summit: Workshops

Workshop Resources

Thank you to the more than 275 volunteer workshop presenters and panelists that were the core of the most successful Summit to date. Many presenters have provided their Power Point presentations, handouts, resources, videos, and references as a resource for Summit attendees. When provided, the materials have been posted below. Please note: All posted materials are the property of each author and presenter.

Tuesday, October 25

Session 1: 1:30-3:00PM

Gender Virtualization: Biology and the Bathroom - The Touchy Issues in Gender Transitions
Riya Suising

Session 2: 3:30-6:00PM (optional extended session)

Building Bridges Towards LGBT Diversity: LGBT Cultural Competency
Pat Baillie, Q Wilson

Comprehensive Benefits: Changing the Face of Transgender Healthcare
Zoe Kuznia, Lisa Tealer

Health Care Reform: Helping Understand the Impact to the LGBT Community
James Campbell, Mike Terry, Albert Conrad Snell

Results of the Groundbreaking National Transgender Discrimination Survey: Documenting Discrimination in the Workplace
Justin Tanis, Russell Roybal

Wednesday, October 26

Session 3: 11:00-12:30PM

Session 4: 3:00-5:30PM (optional extended session)

The Philippines: Ripe for LGBT Employee Networks
Adam J. Baron, Ronil R Reyes Villacorta, Dana F Rosete, Kelly Miller

Targeted AND Privileged: The Importance of Examining Whiteness Within the LGBT Community
Stephanie Puentes, Laurie B. Lippin

Thursday, October 27

Session 5: 8:30-10:00AM

The ABC’s of a Successful ERG: Allies, Business Focus and Community
Mike Bloch, Jeff Snook, Paul von Wupperfeld
PDF (attendee materials)

A Matter of Time: Resources, Tips, and Services for LGBT Retirement and Beyond
Kenneth Cox, Chandler Mercer

Growing Your Network: An Australian Perspective
Graham Cowan

Session 6: 10:30-12:00PM

Driving Affinity Group Outcomes through Metrics
Brian Fruchey, Jason Webb, Ryan McKee
PDF (handout)
PDF (handout)

Hooking Up: Mingling Your ERGs
Ang Pracher, Leticia Godwin, Matt Keys, Clinton Holland, John Wagner

Social Media and Mobile Strategies to Engage LGBT Employees and Customers
Steven M. Bailey
Word Doc

For questions regarding Workshops, please contact Dani Siragusa at dsiragusa@outandequal.org or (415) 694-6519