2011 Workplace Summit Schedule

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


  8:00AM   -   7:00PM:   Registration Open

  8:00AM   - 10:30AM:   Optional Meeting Time

11:00AM   -   1:00PM:   Opening Brunch Plenary

  1:30PM   -   3:00PM:   Workshop Session 1

  3:30PM   -   6:00PM:   Workshop Session 2,

                                     Optional Extended Sessions 

  5:30PM   -   7:30PM:   Opening Reception


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


  7:30AM  -   4:00PM:   Registration Open

  8:30AM  - 10:30AM:   Breakfast Plenary II

11:00AM  - 12:30PM:   Workshop Session 3

12:00PM  -   6:00PM:   Exhibit Hall Open

 1:00PM  -   2:30PM:   Human Resources Luncheon

 1:00PM  -   2:30PM:   Women's Leadership

  3:00PM   -  5:30PM:   Workshop Session 4,

                                    Optional Extended Sessions 

  7:30PM:                     Night Out!


Thursday, October 27, 2011


  7:30AM  -   7:30PM:   Registration Open

  8:30AM -  10:00AM:   Workshop Session 5

10:30AM -  12:00PM:   Workshop Session 6

12:00PM  -   6:00PM:   Exhibit Hall Open

12:15PM  -   1:15PM:   Regional Affiliate Luncheon

  1:30PM  -   3:00PM:   Afternoon Plenary III

  6:00PM  -   7:30PM:   Gala Reception

  7:30PM  - 10:30PM:   Gala Dinner


Friday, October 28, 2011


8:00AM  - 10:00AM:     Registration Open
9:00AM  - 10:30AM:     Breakfast of Champions

9:00AM –  5:00PM:      Out & Equal Leadership Seminars


About the New Workplace Summit Schedule

The schedule for the 2011 Out & Equal Workplace Summit will have a new and improved flow this year with core programming earlier in the week. 

The opening session of the Summit will be on Tuesday, October 25th and will be a brunch plenary beginning at 11:00 am.   Following the opening plenary will be the first two workshop sessions.  A general reception will celebrate the end of the first day, followed by optional “Night Out” evening activities. 

Wednesday’s schedule will follow the same pattern as in previous years:  a breakfast plenary, followed by a workshop session,  ticketed luncheons, an afternoon workshop session, and optional “Night Out” evening activities.   This schedule will provide both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings as opportunities for groups to plan internal networking dinners or industry receptions that have been growing in popularity over recent years.

Thursday will begin with two morning workshop sessions. An early  afternoon plenary will be followed by several hours allocated for networking meetings and industry roundtables.  The  VIP and a gala receptions will precede the gala dinner plenary which will close the main programmatic portion of the Summit.   Presentation of the Outie Awards will be split between the afternoon and dinner plenaries on Thursday.  Thursday will continue to be the focus for executive participation. Distributing the awards over the two plenary sessions will provide the opportunity for more meaningful programming during the gala closing dinner.

Friday programming will include a ticketed breakfast in addition to leadership seminars which had historically been offered on Tuesday.  This will provide an opportunity for company meetings, and also allow attendees to make travel arrangements to return home without needing to miss incredible closing plenary speakers.