Leadership Seminars

Out & Equal Leadership Seminars

Friday, October 28

8:00AM - 5:00PM
Continental Breakfast & Lunch included

Cultural Competency/Humility for Leaders
Laurie B. Lippin, Ph.D, Stephanie Puentes
The 21st Century LGBT leader must understand the important intersections of race and ethnicity with sexual orientation in order to create inclusivity and strengthen their organization. In the service of LGBT solidarity, the cultural diversity we represent frequently is ignored or marginalized.Using a five stage model of Cultural Competency participants in this experiential workshop will examine the impact of the multiple social identities we carry and the role privilege plays within those identities. This workshop delivers a roadmap of action steps for the attitudinal and behavioral changes necessary for living and working together synergistically, effectively and productively in an increasingly more diverse world. Participants will assess the state of their own organization in the areas of non-discrimination policies, workplace inclusiveness, benefits equality and support of international employees.   During the class, each participant will develop an action plan to move their organization forward. Cultural Competency is not a specific endpoint but a lifelong engagement and commitment for individuals to appreciate the complexity of diverse cultural norms and work actively against the often invisible pervasiveness of majority cultural imperialism. Those who participate in this pre-summit seminar will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the day.

Developing a Strong LGBT Ally Program
Dr. David Hall
The key to full inclusion in the workplace for LGBT employees is the development of allies. Whether these allies are in management, HR, within our Employee Resource Groups or in our work groups, LGBT allies provide a voice and an outreach that directly impacts the policies, procedures and climate of the workplace. This course will discuss and develop action plans for engaging and working with LGBT allies to work toward LGBT workplace equality.  The course will focus on identifying the concrete steps to take in changing corporate culture. Dr. David M. Hall, author of the book, "Allies at Work: Creating a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Inclusive Work Environment" will help examine the unique challenges of being out at work as LGBT people and analyze the ways to influence the culture, not just the policy and procedures. Using lecture, discussion and action planning work, the course will develop plans that can move from planning to results.  Course topics include:

  • Come Out, Come Out: Heterosexual Privilege and Workplace Culture
  • Uncovering Diversity: Connecting LGBT Across Corporate Diversity Initiatives
  • About that T: Assessing and Creating a Trans-Inclusive Workplace Culture
  • I Love You, May It Please the Court: Allies and Marriage Equality
  • Allies Changing Corporate Culture

ERGs Working towards Success Across Affinities
Facilitator(s): TBD
This seminar is designed to bring together ERG leaders from not only LGBT groups, but from other diversity groups as well.  You’ll engage on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ different ERGs can work together, find common cause and be a positive force within the company.  As our companies increasingly recognize the power of employee resource groups, we too recognize the power of working across all types of diversity groups - whether women, people of color, generational groups or more.  LGBT ERGs can improve our effectiveness by learning from – and teaching – other employee resource groups how we operate and build support.  We also know that bringing allies to the LGBT movement is so important – and easier when we reach out to help others as well.  You are encouraged to have your peers from other groups at your company register for this full-day seminar as well.  Registration includes a ticket for the Executive Sponsor Breakfast to start the day.

Implementing Transgender Inclusion: Comprehensive Programming to Ensure Workplace Equality
Ann Dunkin, Jamison Green
Gender Identity in the workplace is a new concept for many. Having the latest updates and trends on Transgender employees provides senior executives, managers, human resources, diversity professionals, customer service representatives, and the general employee population with the tools to create and implement programs based on the culture and business concerns for transgender employees. The course breaks down barriers between transgender and non-transgender people, provides essential information for human resources professionals who work with employees in transition, and encourages participants to reflect on how their gender roles in society affect their own experiences in the workplace. The training helps participants gain a better understanding of the unique concerns of transgender employees, best practices on transitioning in the workplace, information on addressing benefit and health care issues and how to support inclusion of gender identity/gender expression in federal non-discrimination legislation and in the workplace.

Inclusion at All Levels - From the Board Room to the Stock Room
Steve Salee, Elena Deutsch
Frequently a company's diversity & inclusion policies sound great on paper, and are well executed at headquarters. However, the further away from the executive suite, the more diluted the practice of those policies becomes.  Often the lived experience of inclusion is quite different than even the best company's intentions, leaving employees in remote locations and more junior roles with an experience that doesn't at all reflect the organization's intentions.  This full day leadership seminar will provide Senior Managers, HR and Diversity & Inclusion leaders with a toolkit to help them execute company D&I policies at all levels of the workforce, and truly bring inclusion to life.

LGBT Diversity Leadership Train the Trainer Course
Pat Baillie, Sheryl Dagang, Q Wilson
Have policies?  Created an ERG? What's next?  Most companies want to expand the discussion around sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace and this course provides the tools!  Taking the business case materials used in our national training, this course prepares employees as trainers for Out & Equal to teach in their workplace.  Certification is good for 2 years and includes links to the Trainer's Network and monthly Trainer's Forum as well as the most recent updates on LGBT workplace issues.