2009 Summit Leadership Seminars

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

8:30AM - 5:00PM
Continental Breakfast & Lunch Included

LGBT Leadership Diversity: Train the Trainer
Sheryl Dagang, Ph.D., Terry Hildebrandt

For over ten years, Out & Equal LGBT Workplace Diversity training has been one of the critical elements in advancing policies, benefits and equality for LGBT employees.  Today, there is still a need to develop a training cadre who can continue to bring the LGBT Diversity discussion into the workplace.  Train the Trainer provides a foundation for the trainer in LGBT concepts, history, the business case, creating action plans and how to be an Out & Equal trainer.  Those who complete the course are certified for two years to present O&E LGBT Diversity Leadership materials in their workplace and become part of the trainer network.


Transgender Seminar: Adding the T in the Workplace
Ann Dunkin, Jamison Green, Donna Rose

The advances made around sexual orientation in the workplace have been going on for almost 15 years.  Transgender inclusion in the workplace reached a pivotal point on the national level in 2007 with the inclusion of gender identity in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).  For many of us, the issues, concerns and best practices for transgender employees is a new fronteir to learn about.  The Transgender Seminar includes the basic understandings of LGBT workplace equality through the Building Bridges course in the morning and then expands to a focused discussion on Transgender workplace issues in the afternoon.


The Online Brand Called You 
Julie Beach, Lori Fox, Robb Puckett

You've heard the buzz about online networking.  Maybe you've created your own LGBTCareerLink and other professional profiles.  Now people you don't know are inviting your friendship and sending you "John Smith is coming his hair" emails.  Some of you are reluctant to get online thinking, "I'm already so busy, how will I find time to deal with this and most of all why should I?"  This hands-on, interactive workshop will teach you the practice way to brand yourself online and develop and maintain your online professional network.  You'll learn the features of professional networking sites like LGBTCareerLink and others, which ones to use and why you want to use them.  You'll be able to connect your entire experience in a way that will have you connected and using your network by the time you leave the seminar.  Bring your laptops.

Sponsored by Out & Equal's LGBTCareerLink.com

ERG Leadership Seminar

James Huberty, Tim Wikstrom


In this interactive full-day seminar, employee resource group (ERG) leaders will gain an awareness and better understanding of their unique abilities to develop strong relationships with others and to influence outcomes that serve their needs and those of their ERG, as well as their organizations and community.  During In the workshop, participants will first explore leadership and effective ways to influence others and outcomes.  They will actively engage each other in ERG peer-to-peer learning, discussion and demonstration of skills that can enable them to build rapport, to listen actively to understand needs, to position the value of engagement and to build and maintain authentic and lasting partnerships.



Regional Affiliate Leadership Seminar
Stephen Gould

The Regional Affiliate Leadership Seminar is open to current Out & Equal Leadership Council members. This FREE full-day session will be an intensive day to gain a deeper knowledge about the programs and direction of the Out & Equal organization, as well as learn about how Leadership Council can be local spokespeople and ambassadors for the Out & Equal organization. There will also be an opportunity for Leadership Council members to learn from and share with each other on the best practices that make their Regional Affiliates successful, whether it’s communications, programming or Council structure. This session is offered free of charge to confirmed Leadership Council members, and includes lunch.